Glossy russet locks fell over the young girl's shoulders as she lay down, basking in the beautiful scenery. The Kyoto sakura blossoms really were something. Sunlight streamed down, warm without being uncomfortably so. Slate grey eyes closed against the sun's rays, as she lay under the tree, deep in thought.

Some people just don't comprehend that other people matter too. Especially him. The only person he gives a damn about is himself, his needs. Never mine; even when we were together. We're so similar, in a way.

But I suppose that those differences only drove us further apart…

She shook her head gently, sending a heart-shaped sakura petal fluttering down from on top of her head onto the bridge of her nose. She smiled, and watched as the breeze lifted the petal up, sending it dancing along the wind. Even with the circumstances, she was grateful for being able to holiday here, even if it was only for a short time. Her beloved China was always calling to her, where her heart truly belonged, but she would never turn down an adventure, and that was what this trip was proving to be, if nothing else.

Slate narrowed as the memories of that fateful night broke into her consciousness. He had always been renowned for his fiery temper; perhaps that was what had originally attracted her to him. Until she had found out that he had been the one…

Years ago, it was. When she was still a foolish teenager, out to prove herself to the world and show everybody whom she was and what she could do.

Hey, sweetie. Want to kick it along with us for a while? You could have some fun…

She remembered the adrenaline rush. Time to put her martial arts into practise. She could beat these street thugs, and if she could beat them, she could beat anybody! Even as the cold stone of the wall dug into her back, there was no fear. Just determination to prove herself to the world.

That was, until he came.

There had been no warning to his untimely presence. Not until a loud battle cry was uttered, and she realised that she wasn't the only person out to prove herself.

Five minutes later, the fight was over. The street thugs, so confident minutes earlier, were sprawled on the sidewalk, splatters of blood here and there.

He had mistaken her tone of anger for gratitude.

Who are you?

A cold smile, one that made the hairs on the back of her neck prickle and a shiver ease down her spine. You need not know much. Just call me Gi. Little girls shouldn't be walking down the streets of Hong Kong. You should know better. Anybody could try and take advantage of you here. Be more aware for next time. Farewell.

I can look after myself! The words echoed down the alleyway, too late. It was almost as though he had disappeared in the shadows. She knew he didn't hear her.