Pain sears through my body.
Scarlet blood flowing down my pale moon skin.
My vision blurs.
But there is just enough sight to see you.
Your raven black hair flowing across your handsome face.
The moon illuminating your ivory skin.
Your eyes.
Your dark eyes tell me that there is sorrow and pain present.
I feel your strong hand hold my head up as I lie
On the cold, concrete stone.
Wanting to just hold my last breath,
So I can stay here with you.
My love,
Time grows short.
How can foolish words explain how I feel?
My heart feels weak.
My head not with this world.
A single tear drops down your slender cheek.
Do not cry, my love.
I cannot bear to see you with tears of sadness.
Here inside my mind, I hold thoughts of you.
Here inside my heart, I hold feelings for you.
Here, right now, I hold my last wishes.
My last wishes to stay in your arms forever more.
Hold onto me.
Hold me in your strong, warm arms
As I leave this world.
The wind begins to grow cold.
I suddenly cannot feel my senses active.
Why does my breath grow so short?
It is time.
Your deep, soulful eyes speak as they say,
"Don't leave me."
"I won't ever leave your side...," I whisper with remaining life.
My hand slowly rests on the side of your face.
So warm, yet moist with tears.
As things begin to darken,
I hold the last image of your loving face in my mind.
Fading to black.
Life flowing off from my form.
I leave you now, my love, with a last,
"I love you."