The man shifted himself to protect the young child on his back, while he faced off five black figures holding short swords. It was a very dire situation, with feelings running high and rampant.

The kid behind the man was in a state of shock. Nearly all his new friends, his caretakers, were slaughtered unmercifully by a pack of ninjas. Blood, flowing red blood everywhere. The pool of slaughter was filled, and only he and his uncle remained. "Uncle..."

The man gave him a sharp pinch to stop him from saying more. In situations like these, silence was a must. He knew their intentions, and would defend himself accordingly, but with his nephew behind him...

One of the figures stepped forward, and had a knife in his or her hand, and he or she bent down, ready to charge.

"Who sent you," the man asked calmly. The shadow figure seem to take the question in consideration, and gave a short reply.

"My master orders your death," the figure replied. The voice was feminine.

"So, he finally snapped," the man replied, bending his knees a bit. With a quick movement, he went to a fighting stance.

"It is your own fault, that everything had to end this way," the female ninja continued talking. "It is our mission to kill everyone in this household."

"If you must," the man replied coolly, "but leave my nephew out of this. He is of no concern in this matter."

The female ninja seem to smirk. "I am afraid it was the master's orders to kill everyone, including that puny kid behind you. But he looks young, and trainable. I'm sure the master won't find it difficult for me to get a new slave. Kami-sama knows, the last one didn't last as much as he did."

The man grimaced. "Keep you pedophilic hands away from my nephew!"

She gave a short nod, and pointed the man. "Get him, and leave the kid to me. Save the best for last."

"You will not have my nephew!" the man replied angrily, and dove to action. With 4 ninjas charging towards him, he felt luck that they were going in a single line. They were underestimating him.

Onno Ikari, brother of Yui Ikari, was old, but not helpless. Being one of the youngest Grandmaster of the Ikari-Ryu Martial Arts, he had practiced, and learnt mostly all of the dangerous style. Using pressure points, he deftly broke the arms of the first attacker, and pushed a fatal hand to the heart, puncturing it. The second came easier, as Onno Ikari dodged the strike aimed to his liver, and gave two light, yet fatal taps to the man's chest. The pressure points were directed towards the heart, stopping the organ at once. Pushing the newly dead ninja, he aimed towards the third and forth one, distracting them.

The third and fourth ninja jumped away, avoiding the body of their fallen comrade, failing to see two knives fly towards their throats. When they did see it, it was too late. The knives got them in their throats, and the two men died drowning in their own blood.

But that proved to be the last move of Onno Ikari, as the female ninja used his own distraction to her advantage...

To the boy's shock, the man who had protected him was finally stopped when the female ninja suddenly lunged at unbelievable speed towards the man, short sword in her hand. It was only for a second, but that was enough to kill him, as the female ninja gave a fatal hit, stabbing the older man in the gut.

"Mission... accomplished," the woman said, and twisted the knife before she took it out. The blade must have hit an artery or two, because blood suddenly sprayed everywhere, covering the boy's shocked face with blood specks.

"Un... Uncle Onno..." the boy said nervously. Going down on his knees, he slowly shook his uncle's body. "Uncle Onno... Uncle, wake up..."

"He won't wake up anymore kid," the ninja declared neutrally. The boy looked up, and stared at the woman straight in the face.

"Why...?" he began. "Why did you kill my uncle?"

"Nothing personal, kid," the woman replied. "So, what are you going to do?" the woman threw a dagger towards the ground, near the boy's feet. The boy looked at it, curiously, and stared back at the woman.

"What is this?" he asked.

"You want to try to defend yourself?" the woman smiled widely. "Its no fun to claim a prize without a fight, no matter how small the fight could be."

"Are you going to kill me too?" the boy asked.

"No," the smiled turned wicked. "I will take you away, and I will do my best to make you pray that you would wish you had died. Come to me, boy!"

Before the boy could do anything, he felt a steady hand in his shoulders, clasping him. "Don't," said a male voice.

The female ninja was surprised as in the shadows behind the boy had hid someone else. The light flickered, and then, it revealed the face of the newcomer. Handsome face, with blue gray eyes, and black hair done in a pig-tail, the woman cursed.

"Saotomes," the ninja took a step back. "Damn."

"Damn is quite correct," a female voice called, and another shadowed figure appeared beside the man. Instead of the face being revealed, a hilt of a katana was revealed first. Then, the face came, and revealed a very beautiful woman with long brown hair. Her face was contorted with coldness as she stared at the ninja.

"Saotome Kasumi," the ninja cursed silently again. The two best warriors that had allied themselves to the Ikari Clan. The woman knew that she was way over her head if she thought she could fend them off.

"Leave, before we make you leave," the woman 'Kasumi' declared, unsheathing her sword.

It doesn't matter, the ninja woman thought. I accomplished my mission. No need to lose my life needlessly. "You two will get yours someday."

"It doesn't matter if we get ours, you little flat chested ninja girl," the man insulted. The mentioned ninja girl twitched, and her smile became plastered. The man smirked. "What, insulted?"

To her credit, she threw a smoke bomb down the ground, and quickly vanished.

The boy looked at the two new adults. "Uncle Ranma... Auntie Kasumi..."

The woman smiled sadly towards the little boy. "I'm sorry I'm late, Shinji-kun..."


"So, how is he?" Kasumi asked her husband as the pig-tailed man made his way down the living room.

"He's going to be okay..." Ranma replied to his wife. He shook his head sadly. "He is still too young to witness death. I think it was placed in his mind forever."

"Should we tell his father?" Kasumi asked.

"No way I'm telling that bastard what happened," Ranma replied coldly. "Knowing him, he'd just throw his son another place with no questions. That man doesn't care for his own son!"

"But what are we going to do with him?" Kasumi asked.

Ranma seem to think about it hard, and twisted his mouth a bit. Then, a bright idea came to mind. "Hey, why don't we take care of him? After all, Ranko needs a sparring partner! We can teach Shinji enough to defend himself, in case someone else comes after him because of his status in the Ikari Clan."

Kasumi smiled at that idea. "Maybe that will work, Ranma! How smart you can be sometimes!"

Ranma facefaulted. "Oy..."

"But oh my, if we want our daughter Ranko to have a sparring partner, shouldn't we train Shinji-kun? After all, Onno-san never mentioned if he trained little Shinji-kun."

Ranma blinked at that. Oh yeah... Then, Ranma smirked. "Hey, it will be just like old times! Like when Ranko started training!"

"Oh my, but doesn't Ranko take it from you, in learning so fast?" Kasumi asked.

"Yeah... I guess that could be a problem... but then, Shinji is still young. He can learn."

Ranma took his arm, and embraced Kasumi with it. Kasumi giggled. "I always wanted a son."

"But he is not ours," Ranma replied.

"Yes, of course. I would not insult Yui's memory like that..." Kasumi bit her lip. Looking up in the roof, she softly whispered, "Welcome to our home, Shinji-kun..."

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