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A flat whining sound shocked Eris from her contented sleep. Groaning loudly, she thrust out an arm and smacked the sleep button down on her Power Puff Girls alarm clock. She lazily stared at the clock face with her sleepy eyes. "Saving the World Before Bedtime!" flitted through her groggy brain and she grinned before flipping the covers over her head.

"One. Two. Th-"


"Yeah ma! I'm up!! And tell me something I don't know!" Eris yawned and snuggled deeper into the warm confines of her blankets.

"Eris, I'm not kidding! We're leaving in 15 minutes, I'm not going to be here to drive you!"

"Alright already!! Give me a break..." a hand appeared, groping around at the surface of her nightstand, knocking the blue, pink, and green clock to the floor, as well as a stack of books and hair clips to finally grab a small remote control. Pushing a little yellow button in the corner, a burst of the last few measures of Vivaldi's "Autumn" came from the speakers on the opposite wall.

"Aw damn!! I missed it!" a few choice words followed this as well as a reprimand from a deep male voice from behind her bedroom door.

"Sorry dad, you how it is!" She called out and fell out of bed, her feet hog tied by her still warm bedspread. She looked at it mournfully before proceeding to untie herself.

The door opened and her father walked in, throwing on his jacket and giving her an amused look. "Yes, you miss your precious 'Vivy' and we're all screwed." His daughter gave him an evil look and he grinned. "How the hell do you manage to do that every morning?"

Eris stood up, scratching though her mussed up black hair and yawned again. "I dunno. Now get outta here! I gotta get nekkid."

"Ack! Leaving!" This earned him a swat and a door in his face. "No really, we're leaving now. We'll see you in two weeks, alright?"

"Yes! Heaven knows you've told me at least 50 times today."

"Ery, it's 8:20 am."

"I didn't say I was awake for the last 49 times." She paused with a white t- shirt halfway over her head. "8:20?! Damnit! Why didn't you tell me earlier!!"

"I did. You just weren't awake."



A loud screech of rubber on stone echoed throughout the hallway as Eris skidded to a stop outside room 305. Opening the door as quietly as possible, she slipped in, hoping to go unnoticed.

"...And to the republic, for which it stands..."

Ah crap.

So much for going unnoticed. Eris turned to her left and placed a hand over her heart to finish the pledge, then seized the nearest desk and sat down. Why did the flag have to be right next to the door??

Placing her hands behind her head and looking up at the ceiling, she listened to the announcements and tried to ignore her homeroom teacher's unhappy glare at her.

"...CCMP members, there is a meeting during fourth period today, please inform the appropriate teachers of your absence. Target Club meeting on Monday. A reminder to those members, please do not sign in your friends if they don't show up..."

Eris snorted. Oops.

"...Today is a short assembly schedule, classes will be 40 minutes and the day ends at 3-" A cheer from every student interrupted this announcement. It took several seconds for the echoes to die down.

"...Ahem. Now that your attention is back, today's' assembly will follow 5th period. There are no bells today, please watch the clocks. Have a great day everyone!"

Eris groaned. No one should be that cheery in the morning-

"Elf! You're late again!"

Wincing, Eris put on a fake smile and scratched the back of her neck. No one should be that pissed off in the morning either..

"Sorry, I killed my alarm clock this morning." She sighed and fished a tardy slip from her jeans.

"Again? My sympathies to the clock. There must be one heck of a mechanical graveyard in your room."

Eris rolled her eyes. "Dang, someone's BTL today."*

Her fellow homeroom mates snickered then went back to their loud conversations and flirt sessions.

The digital clock on the wall turned to 9:05 and a stampede of bodies rushed out the door.

Eris slammed her head against her locker door and yawned. A poke in her side woke her up. Peeking open an eye, the grinning face of her friend Alex greeted her. She closed it then opened her locker in one swift movement, smacking her in the face with the metal door.

"AHH! ELF! What the hell was that for?!"

Eris smirked and grabbed her books. "For awhile."

Alex rubbed the ever-darkening spot on her forehead and glared at her friend while opening her own locker. "Did you do last nights math set?"

"Once again, I'm not in your math class. You ask me this every morning, you know."

"Oh yeah...well did you do the reading for English?"

Eris opened her mouth to answer but Alex cut her off.

"Wait, dumb question. Never mind."

Smiling, she pushed her friend up the marble stairs to their first hour class.


Eris shoved the brush back onto the cluttered shelf in her locker before running a hand through her static hair and walking off with the masses, Alex right along with her, to the theatre for the day's assembly. Her next class's books tucked in one arm, she navigated her way through the crowd, through the doors of the theatre, up the stairs to the balcony, and beating a good part of her homeroom to their assigned section. You had to run to these things. Otherwise you were stuck with a crappy seat on the side of the balcony.

Alex plopped down next to her, panting. "Damn track people..."

Eris just grinned and laughed, burying her nose in her latest book.

"By the Sword, by Richard Cohen. 'A history of Gladiators, Musketeers, Samurai, Swashbucklers, and Olympic Champions.'" Alex read off the cover, her head tilted sideways. "How fitting for you."

"You know it." She beamed and propped her feet up against the balcony rail, waiting for the darn thing to start. "Say, didja watch Trigun last night?"

"Nah, I'm not a night owl like you."

"I lent you my DVD, baka."

Alex sweatdropped and laughed nervously. Eris rolled her eyes and went back to her book, fishing out her mp3 player from her pocket with one hand.

"You're like the ultimate multitasked, did you know that?"

"Yup, I'm just a beaming ball of talent, aren't I?" A low ringing sound started, Eris grimaced. "Cover your ears, incoming!"

Alex's eyes went wide as she heard it too and slapped her hands over her ears just before the ringing increased in pitch and an earsplitting mechanical screech emitted from the nitwit playing with the microphone. The student body groaned and glared at the figure of their principal, Mr. Jenkins.

"Eh, sorry about that. There must be something wrong with this thing." He tugged at his collar and grinned sheepishly. Then, as if remembering his purpose in life, he straightened himself to look more important.

"As you all know, we here at St. Marius' High School started an exchange program with Motomori High School in Tokyo, Japan. Last year, 13 students engaged in the life of an average American student for the whole month of March. In June, it was likewise as 5 of our own students went to Japan and learned the ways of their culture."

"Enter dramatic pause," Eris murmured. Alex snickered as Mr. Jenkins did indeed pause for effect.

"He really needs to stop doing that," a bored classmate yawned behind them.

Mr. Jenkins went on, "We announced at the beginning of first semester that we would be giving this unique opportunity to our students again this year. It is now March again. Please welcome the newest additions to our St. Marius family!"

Loud clapping came from the student body as a line of shy and slightly embarrassed looking teenagers filed onto the theatre stage. A universal swoon swept through the female portion of the school as a tall boy with flaming red hair entered at the end of the line.

Eris nearly choked on her gum.

"Ery? You ok?" Alex looked worredly at her friend, but Eris goggled at the red-haired boy.

"Che, no way..." she shook her head and leaned back into her seat, gnawing on her lower lip. Alex, bewildered, sighed at turned her attention back to the front as Mr., Jenkins introduced each new student.

"...Jun'ko Ichitoku, Akiko Yoshiyama, Miya Mitsu..."

Eris waited impatiently for him to get to the red head, her eyes locked onto his form. As if sensing this, he looked up and turned his head in her direction.

"Eep!" she clamped a hand over her mouth and drew up her legs.

"Elf! Stop acting like a freak!" the kid seated on her right hissed.

"Eat me!" she glared at him and crossed her arms. Alex laughed. Eris whipped out a hand to smack her in the arm.

"Damnit, stop hitting me, Hiei!"

Smiling wickedly at this, Eris fixed herself back on the question at hand. Their principal was now near to the end.

"...Taka Taji, and..."

The boy whispered something in his ear.

"And Shuichi Fujimori."

The small theatre erupted into applause once again, mostly from the girls. A few fanned themselves with their hands and winked at Shuichi. He averted his eyes and flushed.

Eris' mouth hung open. Then she began to laugh, a hand went to her head. Noticing her classmates starting to get up, she practically leapt from her seat and ran to the bathroom.

She stood in front of the mirror, hands leaning heavily on the plastic sink countertop. Her mind was whirring and processing this new line of information.

A kid from Japan was now walking around her school with the name 'Shuichi Fujimori,' and looks exactly how Kurama, aka Shuichi Minamino, would in real life. She frowned. Eris was no idiot, and anime was one of her fortes. Who the hell was this guy trying to kid?

She turned the water knob on the faucet and splashed some water on her face.

"Well, Vivy, you've screwed me over again. I knew this was going to be a screwy day..." she growled and kicked the girl's room door open, shoving her hands into her pockets and closing her eyes in an attempt to calm down.


Hullo, floor, meet my ass.

"Oh! Sorry about that, I guess I wasn't looking where I was going," a smooth voice said. Soon the voice came with a hand that gently latched around her wrist. "Let me help you."

The sensation of being lifted from the ground came over her. Eris found herself staring into a pair of gorgeous green eyes. Suddenly, her legs felt like they'd be more comfortable on the ground.

She mentally slapped herself and nodded her thanks.

Should have seen this one coming.

"So...I guess I'll see you around then..." and with a pleasant smile and a wave he was gone.

"Yeah, see you..." she muttered, 20 seconds later than she should have. Her legs on autopilot left her walking down the opposite way. "Oh God, this is gonna be interesting. I have a possible anime incarnation strutting through my school who happens to be one of my favorite characters and not to mention a top 100 bishounen of all time..."

She stopped in her tracks and blinked a few times.



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