"Martouf, sweetheart will you knock it off please, this is giving me a headache." Said Jolinar's host Samantha. Samantha was sitting with her back to Martouf looking through her closet for her uniform. "Where the hell is my major's uniform Martouf, I do have to go to work today you know!" said Samantha. Glancing behind her she sighed when she that Martouf was laying on the bed his head turned towards the TV.

"Ring, Ring!!!!!", as the phone rang Samantha ran over there and picked it up. "Hello," she said, on the other end Jack O'Neill did not sound happy at all. "Major, where the hell are you, you were supposed to be here an hour ago!" yelled Jack, "Jack knock it off will you Martouf has hidden my Major uniform, do you expect me to come there not dressed right!?" yelled Sam. She then hung up and glared at Martouf, as he just looked at her and glanced at the TV.

Hours later, Stargate Command SGC:

When Samantha finally walked in she was wearing her uniform and had brought Martouf with her. Jack looked up from his paperwork in the briefing room and sighed at what he saw.

"Samantha get rid of that Tok'ra will you, I will not have you spoil this mission briefing." Yelled Jack, at Samantha.

Of course Sam did not listen to him and waited while Martouf sat then did not protest when he pulled her into his lap.


On the Asgard ship Thor, Samantha, and Martouf were sitting and watching the screen as Jack, Daniel, and T'lec battle the enemy of Cronos, and the Asgard: The Replicators!.

Samantha did not feel Martouf wrap his arms around her anything like that until he started to nibble her ear. "Sigh!"

Thor glanced over at them and waved his hand, they reappeared on earth, at Samantha's apartment. When Sam opened the door after she went in Martouf and she made up for the last time until Samantha's phone started to ring.

"Sigh!, sheesh now who is it?" said Samantha. When she answered it Jack was on the other end, as Samantha listened to his lecture she sighed and reached her arm out her arm to Martouf. Martouf seeing this walked over too her and pulled her against him.

After hanging the phone up she sighed and leaned into Martouf. Smiling she said: "Martouf, I need to get some sleep, you need some two, come to bed with me?" After she said that she left to her room. There she glanced back, and instantly she looked around and remembered that she had to be at work in three hours.

Three hours later:

Samantha woke up and look behind her, Martouf was laying there with his arms around her, Sam found that she could not get up so she dialed Jack and waited for him to answer, when he did she told him that she would take longer to get there than before, because of Martouf, and of course because she was still sleeping.

Five hours later:

Samantha woke up and stretched, she then got up and took a shower, she looked at the clock and found that it was 9:00 pm, she sighed and realized that it was too late go to work. She smiled as she leafed through her closet and found her new outfit, she remembered that she was going to lunch with Jack, her commanding officer. She went to her car and drove to pick up Jack. When she picked him up she was wearing her long black leather skirt, a black leather tub top, her black gloves, her black leather jacket, and of course her black thigh high heels. Still caring her cell phone, while she was at dinner with her commanding officer. Glancing at her watch as she went into the door, she glanced and saw that Martouf was sitting on the couch and sitting watching the TV. When she walked over there and sat next to him he pulled her to him and just sat.

Next Day, Thor's ship, Asgard Home Planet:

"Freyr, Do you really think that Martouf will not realize that I am missing?" asked Samantha, glaring in the process at Freyr. Glancing out the window she smiled and waved her hand, hoping to think she walked away from Freyr and just sat.

Ba'al, Kali, Nuther, Morrigan, and Bastet appeared instantly in front of her. "Jolinar, we need to talk?" said Ba'al. Of course Samantha ignored him, and just sat until she felt the ship shake, she then turned too them and asked: "What is it Ba'al, I am afraid that I cannot talk to you now at least, but however this not the time, as we have Cronos following us and a few Replicators at the moment to deal with it."

SGC, Three days later:

Briefing Room:

"Samantha, Martouf has been going crazy for the past three days, where the hell have you been!"


Gate Room:

They arrived there in time to see Thor, Freyr, Martouf, Freya, Travell, and Lya step through the gate. Samantha went down to meet them


"Thor, Lya, Travell, and Freyr welcome back, what news have you four got?" carter asked.

Martouf watched her as she talked with the allies of earth besides them, that was until another warning went off.

This time Kali, Nuthor, Bastet, and Morrigan stepped through.

Smiling Carter said: "Welcome to earth, Nuthor come with me. Kali and Morrigan go that way. Bastet with me.