Let the Rain Fall

Summary: Romy, maybe a little Lancitty, Jubvan, and Kuroro. Rogue has been having doubts about her life with the X-Men. When the Brotherhood (+ Remy- is he a member of the Brotherhood? *I just started watching a little while ago, and the episode I saw on Tuesday night was the first time I actually saw Remy...::drools::*) show up one day at the Institute's door, bloody and beaten, Rogue finds out what life is really like-and why everyone deserves a second chance.

Before I begin this fic, I'm wondering- what's happened? I know what you're thinking. "What is up with this girl? If she doesn't know what's happened, why is she here?" I'm here because I really like this show, even though I haven't been watching long. Okay, I won't lie: I'm here for the Romy. I'm a sucker for it. Rogue/Remy, Jubilee/Evan (my friend got me started on it...Don't even ask), Kurt/Ororo, Lance/Kitty...I love it. I live for it. Alright, I live for Remy and Robin (Teen Titans) but more to the point. I haven't been watching Evolution for a while. I don't have an inkling on what's going on. Many unanswered questions in my mind: "Remy talks about himself in the third person? o_0" "Who is Amanda?" "Who's Pepper?" "Who's Jamie?" I keep seeing these names and I don't know what the hell is going on here. So, I'd like someone to e-mail me with information-but only if you've seen every single episode and can tell me who the heck the Acolytes are! Alright, now that I have that out of the way, once someone has told me all they know about X-Men: Evolution, I will begin this fic right proper! ^^ But, while you wait, I will say a little about my fics: They are weird to the extreme, IMO, but people say they're good. I'm more used to writing about Robin/Starfire in the Teen Titans section, but I dabble in Final Fantasy X as well. Some people say I suck, but the majority like me. I pride myself on being a good reviewer, so if anyone has a Romy, Lancitty, Jubvan, or Kuroro they need reviewed, tell me! As long as it's not rated R or lemon. ^^