Once upon a time in a place where humans and digimon lived together there lived a girl by the name of Yolei. She lived with her wicked stepmother and two stepsisters Sora and Kari. Her life was tough as her stepmother forced her to do all the housework and made her sleep in a small and uncomfortable room.

One day messengers came around to deliver a message from the king himself. They announced a grand ball that was going to be held the next evening at the palace. The two stepsisters were excited because they knew that the prince, who was known for his good looks, was single and they both planned on marrying him in the future.

That day they spent their time looking for their dresses and pretty accessories. Meanwhile Yolei was sweeping the floor and she sighed knowing that she wouldn't be able to go to the ball. She was eligible but she didn't have the time to get prepared and even if she did, she didn't even have a suitable dress to wear. It was rather unfortunate but her stepmother and the stepsisters were pleased with this. Yolei was a rather attractive girl, though sometimes it was hard to tell under the rags she wore.

Soon enough it was time to head off to the ball. Both Sora and Kari wore their most prettiest dress with matching accessories and the stepmother also wore a nice dress to go with them. They headed off in their carriage that was pulled by pegasusmon, leaving Yolei alone in their home.

As Yolei was about to mop the floor there was a knock on the door.

'Hmm, I wonder who could be knocking the door at this time of night,' Yolei thought as she went to open the door.

Standing at the door was a beautiful young woman who appeared to be glowing with a warm, inviting light.

"May I ask who you are?" Yolei asked.

"I am your fairygod mother Mimi and I am here to grant you a wish. So tell me, what is it that you most desire?" the young woman said.

"Well, I would like to the grand ball that is currently being held at the palace," Yolei answered.

"And so you shall," Mimi said, "But first, bring me a pumpkin and eight geckomon*"

Yolei got the pumpkin, no problem but didn't need to get the geckomon as they were all attracted to Mimi.

"Ah, just perfect, hehe," she said as she started her spells. First the pumpkin was transformed into a lovely white carriage and six of the geckomon were turned into footmen.

"Wow, that's amazing, you're the best Mimi!" Yolei exclaimed.

"Now then, there seems to be something missing..." Mimi said, "Ah, the dress!" With that she turned the rags Yolei wore into a beautiful blue gown and a pair of lovely glass slippers.

"This is the prettiest dress I've ever worn, Thank you Mimi!"

"No problem, now then off you go now and remember to be back before midnight, that's when your everything will turn back to their original form!"

"Ok!" Yolei called back as she got on the carriage.

Not long after she arrived at the palace door and she was let in by the guards at the door.

'Now then...I need to find the ballroom...' she thought. And so she wondered around.


Meanwhile the prince, Ken, was getting bored. He knew that the only reason his father had decided to hold the ball was for him to choose a girl to be his wife but so far none of the girls appealled to him at all, they were just so ordinary.

Just at that moment he set eyes on a pretty girl who appeared lost. She wore a lovely blue dress and had long violet hair. She was the most beautiful girl at the ball. The prince wanted to dance with her.

He left his seat and walked quickly towards her. She was even more attractive up close. Once he got up to her he asked,

"Hi, may I have this dance?"

"Oh hi, I guess so," the girl said.

The two of them danced the night away talking of all sorts of things. It turned out that the two of them had a lot in common. They were both were enjoying themselves.

All of a sudden the girl stopped and she appeared worried.

"What's wrong?" Ken asked.

"I-I gotta go!" she stammered.

"But why?"

"I haven't seen the prince yet!" she said before running off.

'Didn't she realise that I was the prince? I didn't even get her name.' Ken sighed.


'Oh dear, it's almost midnight and I haven't left yet, I can't let that guy see me in rags!' Yolei thought as she ran down a flight of stairs. On her way she dropped a slipper but she had no time to pick it up.

'Must get outta here!' she panicked. Soon she arrived at the carriage and headed back to the house. Before she arrived the clock struck twelve and everything changed back. The pumpkin was ruined and the geckomon all ran off. All that was left was the glass slipper which Yolei held and decided to treasure.

The next day there was gossip about a mysterious young maiden who left a glass slipper at the ball. It was said that the prince wanted to marry this young maiden and was searching for her and that whoever's foot fit the slipper would be married to the prince. All the girls in the kingdom were excited knowing that they had a chance to be the handsome prince's wife.

Soon the news spread to the house where Yolei lived. Both the stepsisters Sora and Kari were determined to be the ones chosen. It was then that Yolei realised the guy she had been with the previous night was none other than the prince himself and she blushed at the thought. She was all dreamy for the rest of the day. This got the stepmother suspicious,

'Could Yolei really be the one they're looking for?' she thought.

That evening before the messengers arrived with the glass slipper Yolei went into her room to make herself look a little more presentable. She was very excited about having to try to glass slipper on, knowing that it would fit her. The wicked stepmother used this opportunity to lock her in her own room.

Yolei heard the click of the lock being turned and ran straight to the door and tried to open the door.

'No...' she thought, 'What am I to do now?'


Soon, just as anticipated, the royal messengers came by with the glass slipper. Both the stepsisters shoved each other, both of them wanting to be the first to try the slipper. Eventually after some squabbling Sora got in first.

"Hehehe...," she giggled with glee as she attempted to shove her foot into the small slipper. However, unfortunately it didn't fit her so it was Kari's turn. Kari, who was of a smaller stature, almost fit but it was just that bit too tight.

The messengers were disappointed with the results and were about to leave when suddenly a voice came from above the stairs,

"Wait! Don't go yet!" It was Yolei!

"But how did you escape?!" the stepmother asked in shock.

Yolei then dangled a ring with a key on it, "I had the spare key," she said simply. Then she went to try to glass slipper but the stepmother tripped the messenger with the slipper. The slipper slipped and shattered to pieces on the floor.

The messengers were in dismay but Yolei said calmly, "Don't worry, I have the other slipper." And with that she put it on to prove she was indeed the mysterious maiden that they were searching for.

She was then taken to the palace where she was reunited with Prince Ken.

"I thought I'd never see you again," he said as he hugged her.

"Well, I'm here now!" Yolei exclaimed as she hugged him back and gave him a kiss.

Not long after the two got married and when the king passed away the two of them ruled the kingdom happily together.


Author's note:

*I'm assuming that geckomon are those froglike digimon that admire Mimi.

This is my second digitale and I hope you enjoyed reading it and please leave a review even if you didn't. All feedback is appreciated.