Tricks of the Trade

Summary- I was in the middle of writing a chapter with Rei and Trowa when I got to thinking, what would happen if Trowa had to go under cover in Japan and he had to go to Rei's school. As we all know, Rei attends an all girl school, so Trowa would have to pass as a girl-which would mean wearing a skirt. I had to do this!

Disclaimer- I know I own this idea, I don't own Rei, Trowa or a laptop.

Chapter One: Mission Accepted

            Trowa Barton sat at the table in his trailer staring blankly at the laptop screen in front of him. He had been told to get Heavy Arms ready since he would be receiving orders for a new mission very soon. Trowa had no idea when the message would be sent, or where he would be sent for that matter, all he knew was he had to be ready for his mission.

            "You've got mail." An electronic voice announced to Trowa, breaking the green-eyed man out of his stupor. He clicked on the envelope icon and opened up his assignment.


            Your new mission is to go to Tokyo, Japan, the suburb of Juuban to be exact. You are to keep an eye on a young woman by the name of Hino Rei. Your school will be T&A School for girls. Everything has been cleared.


            Trowa nearly fell from his folding chair. 'T&A School for girls?' he thought to himself perplexed, 'Does that mean I have to be dressed as a girl as well?'

            "You've got mail." Came the reply to Trowa's unanswered wonderings. Sighing, he clicked the icon again and read his new email.


            02 will be joining you on your mission to Tokyo. He will meet you at the circus at 1100 today. That's in two minutes. So get packing and shave your legs!


            "So, I will have to dress like a girl!" Trowa cried grabbing his duffle bag from the closet. Quickly he began tossing underwear, socks and shirts into the black bag with red and orange flames. The green-eyed pilot had finished stuffing his jeans and khakis into the bag when there was a knock at the door. Without waiting for an answer the door swung open and Duo walked in.

            "Hey, bud, I guess we're in this little drag show together eh?" The sapphire-eyed man asked plopping his suitcase on the floor of the trailer.

            Trowa said nothing, just swung his bag over his shoulder and then placed it down again. "I almost forgot my stupid computer." He mumbled unplugging the laptop and sticking it gently into its leather case then placing the strap over his shoulder. "Okay, now we can get going, the sooner I finish this mission, the sooner I can …Duo, what are you doing?"

            The man in question looked up sheepishly, he had been preening in Trowa's full-length mirror. "I was wondering how I'll look in a 'Sera Fuku'" Duo finally replied picking up his suitcase again. "But I guess we'll just have to wait until we get to T&A eh?"

            Trowa groaned loudly and followed Duo out to the cab, which was waiting to take the two men to the local airport. Sitting in the terminal, waiting to board their plane to Tokyo, Trowa began to wonder about this girl he was supposed to be looking out for which lead to him wondering why he had to dress as a girl. Duo still wondered what he'd look like in a Japanese schoolgirl's uniform.

            When they boarded the plane and took their seats, Trowa pulled out a Maxim and Duo pulled out a book called Divine Secrets Of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and started humming Aerosmith's Dude looks like a lady. Trowa groaned loudly and prayed that the flight attendants would soon hand out alcohol because without it, this was going to be a long flight.

Well, I'm going to leave it here and let you all read the first chapter. Let me know what you think and if I should do anything strange to these Gundam Guys. Yes, I know Duo is a bit OC, but he's that way to annoy Trowa! Okay well, let me know what you think.