Tricks of the Trade

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Authoress's Note: This concerns Rei's school. Although she is a Shinto Priestess, Rei attends a private Catholic (I'm guessing it's Catholic because of the nuns) school. I don't know exactly how the whole school system works, so I invented a headmistress which is the same as a principal who've I've made Mother Superior (Which means she's in charge of the convent) Well, okay, there's my big author's note. Enjoy

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Chapter Three: We're men, men in Skirts!

"Hey man, can you help me get this damn bra clasp?" This is what Trowa woke up to; he had almost forgotten where he was unfortunately Duo was there to remind him. "I have no idea how girls wear these things."

Trowa eased himself up from his futon and ambled over to where Duo was struggling with a bright pink lace bra. While fastening the hooks he said in a sarcastic voice, "What's the matter Duo, I thought by now you'd be an expert at doing these things."

"Naw, I'm better at taking these things off." Came the smug reply. "Now, let's do this make-up thing"

"Okay, but could you put on a shirt first? The sight of you with the bra fillers is really freaking me out." Duo complied and began putting on the T&A uniform. 'Hey, shouldn't we make sure Rei's left for school before we begin to dress in drag? I mean, she may get suspicious if she sees two girls come out of a room where two guys were last night?"

"Or she may think we have no morals what-so-ever and just leave it at that."

"All the same, I'm going to check and make sure she left." Trowa left the room and came back a few minutes later. Duo was having trouble with the zipper on his skirt.

"The damn thing's stuck." He told Trowa angrily. "Oh is she gone?"

"Yeah, I guess she left at seven." Trowa took of his shirt and picked up a plain white cotton bra with a white bow. Putting that on he began to look around for his silicone enhancers like Duo was using. After he found those he finished getting dressed. By the time the green-eyed pilot had found his left shoe, Duo had fixed the zipper of his skirt and they were ready for their make up.

Hollywood and Broadway have nothing on the make up that these Gundam pilots had in their possession, but it was still a bit of a trial for these good looking young men to turn into decent looking young women, including a maroon colored wig for Trowa which he ended up securing with about fifty hairpins. But after a good half hour of primping, the g-boys were ready for school.


"Excuse me, Hino san, the new students are here now." One of the sisters said coming into Rei's homeroom.

"Yes, Sister Bridgid, I'm coming." Rei got up from her desk and followed the sister to the headmistress's office.

"Mother, Hino san is here to help out with the exchange students." The sister said when they reached the office.

"Let her in." The Mother Superior ordered, then she turned to the two girls who were also sitting in her office. "Matthews san, Boulyn san. Come and meet Hino san."

The two girls stood up and looked at each other, the green eyed one turned to her friend and said, 'It's show time.'

"Yeah, I know, and these panties are buggin' me." The blue eyed on replied.

"I so did not want to know that Du-I mean Devonney."

"Girls, this is Hino Rei san. She'll show you around and introduce you to the other young ladies." Mother Superior said kindly. "Now, why don't you introduce yourselves?" Two girls, one with long hair the color of chocolate in a braid with indigo blue eyes the other with deep red purple hair that reached her shoulders and moss green eyes.

"I'm Devonney." Said the brunette in a rather deep voice she held out her hand to Rei. "It's nice to meet you."

The red head approached Rei next. "I'm Tatiana, it's so nice of you to show us around the school."

"It's nice to meet both of you. Welcome to Juuban and T*A school for girls. Now follow me to class." The two 'girls' followed Rei through the halls as she pointed out everything. "Here's the chemistry lab. Sr. Mary Lazarus teaches us third years. This week we do stink bombs. Down that hall," Rei said pointing to her left, "Is the cafeteria, you can also bring your lunch if you want. I'd especially recommend doing that on Chili con carne day. The gym is down the other hall and Sr. Francis De Assisi will give you the uniform for that class next period." The raven-haired girl began walking up a flight of stairs and the other two followed. We're having English right now, after that like I said is Gym, outside. Sr. Mary Gregoria is the teacher for the class."

After finishing her whole speech the trio entered the classroom where a plump old woman in a black habit was teaching verb agreement. Devonney (A.K.A. Duo) was hit with a case of reminiscence. The nun turned from the chalkboard to ask a student to complete the sentence when she caught sight of the newcomers. "Good morning Miss Hino, who are your friends?" The aged woman asked.

"The new students that Mother Superior wants me to show around. Devonney Matthews and Tatiana Boulyn."

"Nice, now please take your seats, after," the teacher paused mid sentence then looked over at a girl with garishly bright red hair in two braids secured with green bows, "Miss Akane Takemura does this sentence on the board, I'll get your supplies and introduce these new girls. "

Tatiana and Devonney took empty seats next to eachother; Rei sat in her usual seat at the front of the room. After Akane finished the problem Sr. Mary Gregoria went to the cabinet in the back of the room and took out two English textbooks then took them over to the new girls. "Here you go young ladies." The elderly teacher said kindly, she stared at Tatiana a bit longer than necessary and rubbed her upper lip. It was then that the pilot in disguise realized he had forgotten to wax.

Class went on, Sr. Mary Gregoria was obviously a bit absent-minded and forgot to introduce her new students, but she did keep asking Rei why she was so late. After the fifth time, Rei sighed and tried not to scream. Finally the bell rang and Rei led the new students to the gym.

The three girls walked to the gym in silence, Devonney only breaking in to ask Rei what she did after school and if she had ever had strange people follow her around before. The realization that they would have to change for gym and wear the whole uniform didn't hit until they all reached the locker room.


How will Duo and Trowa get out of this situation? Will they get out of gym class? Will the have to wear those tiny little bloomers? And is someone after Rei? Find out in the next thrill a minute chapter of Tricks of the Trade.

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