Author Notes: Here is another fic of mine. I am plagued with guilt after I wrote 'A Present for A Friend' and decided to make some amend. See the genre? I'm trying really hard not to include angst here, or if I actually do, only a little. I got the idea to write this when I was watching the 103rd episode where Tezuka was in his bedroom in Germany but don't worry, I have no spoiler here. As for my other Prince of Tennis fic, I'm not abandoning 'Unattainable'. If there is a story that I will finish no matter what, it will be 'Unattainable' and I'm currently writing the seventh part now. I hope you enjoy this story as well. Have a happy reading!

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WARNING: Male/male relationship (Tezuka/Fuji)

Summary: After finishing his junior high school, Tezuka went to London to enroll into a tennis academy. After three years of not seeing any of his former teammates, he finally had a very acquainted roommate.

Italicized words mean the words are somehow important.

/Italicized words in here/ represent the character's thought, whose thought it is I think you can guess.

Symphonies of Life

Author: SIB

Chapter One: Sonata

The bathroom's door swung open, revealing a flow of hazy steams along with a tall figure. Tezuka Kunimitsu walked out of the bathroom, a large thick towel was encircled around his waist and a smaller one was draped on his shoulders. Trickles of warm water traveled along his body, leaving faint damp traces at the lavishly blue-carpeted floor. His bedroom was bright despite the half-closed curtains covering the window. The sunny day was most welcomed, a pleasant interlude of the endless rain which had been plaguing since the previous week.

Tezuka reached for the neatly stacked clothes which he had placed earlier on the bed and started to dress. The morning practice was harsh and strenuous as usual but after three years, he was accustomed to it. Tennis was his life after all and he would do anything for that certain sport. Anything; leaving his life and friends in Japan was no exception.

He walked to his desk and prepared a cup of tea. The silence in his room was relaxing and rather enjoyable, especially at free times like this. Sometimes it was a good thing to not have a roommate; he had never been the extrovert one anyway. Having someone at his side 24 hours a day clearly was not something he would wish for. Of course sometimes he wondered why Kane, his English dormitory's organizer, had never roomed him with anyone since his second year. Not that he was going to complain at any rate, as he had mentioned earlier, it was pleasurable. Being all alone in an empty room awakened a cord of tunes, which he could only hear in his mind. Soothing and gentle, altogether contrite and desolate; a perfect portrayal of his present life.

Alone. Piteously alone.

The hot liquid started to darken, along with his thought. He was aware, extremely, of his companionless state. Here in London, he was notorious of his taciturnity and his absolute satisfaction of being alone. Loveless, only had passion for tennis. Most of his acquaintances liked as well as respected him, but that was all. Tezuka had a detached air enclosing him, which forbid them to come any closer. Envy also was not really avoidable in his case, being one of the top players there. Yet he was hardly concerned by anything beyond tennis.

The tea was almost ready when loud knocks on the door disturbed the absolute tranquility and put an end to the soundless melodies within him. Before he could react, the door had been opened, revealing a blond man wearing casual street clothes with a cigarette on his lips. Tezuka frowned at this.

"Don't come into my room."

The newcomer leant back to the wooden door's frame. Rings of smoke were discernible appearing from his mouth which was forming an amused smirk. "My, getting testy aren't you."

Tezuka gave him an icy glare and walked to the door, pushing his uninvited guest out of his precious bedroom. "Not with that thing on your mouth."

"Understood," the flaxen-haired man answered nonchalantly, watching the former captain closing the door behind him. "It's the same thing whether I tell you outside or inside."

"And? What is this so important thing you're dying to tell me?" Tezuka failed to keep the sarcasm out of his voice.

His companion set a serious mask on his face. "Really, Mitsu, if you don't try to be a little more sociable, I'm afraid I will be the only one left who is willing to marry you."

The brown-haired guy had to suppress his will to shoot the man before him dead. As much as he resented this fact, his 24 year-old dormitory organizer was the closest thing to a friend he had here, in London. He was a tennis player prior to a car accident which left both of his hands severely injured and ever since, holding a racket was as much as impossible for him. He immersed himself in regret along with hatred to the whole world until he met Tezuka in Germany, who was in a treatment of his left shoulder. Watching how the younger boy strived to heal himself in order to bring tennis back to his life, Kane became to be aware of his weak humiliating self. He pulled himself together and although could no longer play, he tried to live as close as he could to what once had been his dream, by being the organizer of one of the most prestigious tennis school in the world.

Tezuka of course knew this history and although he preferred to die than to admit this, sometimes it felt nice to have a friend, even as irritating as Kane. The man with his unstoppable teasing slightly reminded him of someone he used to know before, back in Japan.

Without any word, he turned back to his room and was ready to slam the door closed when firm fingers held his shoulder back. "Wait, wait, Mitsu. Okay, it's just a joke. Of course I won't come just to tell you that."

He halted his strides but made no attempt to come out from his room. His cold questioning gaze fell at the emerald orbs belonged to his friend.

Kane slipped the cigarette back to his mouth and began, "I know this will be a really bad news for you, but you will have a roommate starting from today. Sorry for not notifying you before but that little detail seemed to evaporate from my mind these past days." He grinned at the sour look Tezuka was giving him. "Well, I have to be fair, don't I, Mitsu? I cannot always grant you the privilege of having the room for your own, no matter how much I love you, but since this new guy was also Japanese- "

The door was slammed shut right in front of his face; still Tezuka could hear the delighted laughter coming from behind his door. He hated the man's jokes and above all, he loathed the nickname Kane entitled him. It was clearly feminine, which obviously was the actual motive of the man in calling him that. It amazed him that they could still get along with his so little patience.

The former captain brought his cooling tea to the window and stared at the ancient but beautiful architecture which was his school. The building was perhaps old but the academy was eminent throughout the world. It was no oddity to meet old European architecture here in England; a minor detail which unaccountably brought the memories of his homeland back. There were marvelous old buildings as well in Japan.

His thought flew back to the past he shared with his junior high's friends. Three years. It was relatively a long time but he still could recall the times which he spent with his fellow teammates. And someone in particular among them.

That recollection brought a frown upon his brow. Even after three years, apparently he still could not delete this guy from his mind. They hardly had any relationship apart from friendship back then since the captain kept the unfamiliar feeling guarded only too well. There were times, of course, which he held precious in his heart, when they spent moments together, only the two of them. But that was all. No words of love had ever spoken between them; yet that foundationless emotion still managed to stay alight in his heart after thirty-five months.

Another harmonious melody stirred within him. Cheerless and haunting; a reminiscence of unattainable past. Tezuka closed his eyes for a moment, savoring the poignant piece of wonder. It made him felt like a stiff taut length of string which would likely to snap sooner or later, waiting restlessly to a final shot that had yet to come. In point of fact, not a thing that should happen to someone who was in the run of chasing his dream. He had tennis, his world and his life, yet he felt the half fragment of it wasn't within his grasp. He had lost the part which rendered his existence untaken.

Perhaps he was famed as the figure of a stout fearless leader in the past and present, but there were times when he would let uncertainties to overwhelm him. Of course, when he was alone. Incongruously, it would bring a certain degree of relief and the doubt would fade away for a moment or two. But never did it last long. The andante arpeggio would return.

Tezuka diverted his gaze to the fresh blue sky tinted by snow-white clouds here and there. Blue. He had never admitted that he specifically chose the carpet in his bedroom due to his unvoiced longing toward a pair of azure jewels. Kane teased him once about it, which he totally ignored. The playful remark, however, left a tinge of irony in his heart. Sometimes in his most melancholic hours, a rush of remorse would hit him hard and he would find himself quietly lamenting his obstinacy to keep the anomalous feeling unspoken. If he had actually said it, things might be different now.

For the worse perhaps. Tezuka was not sure even if he were given a second chance to walk his third year at Seigaku once more that he would speak of it to Fuji. The prodigy did not show any indication that he was plagued by the same feeling. There were some times that he could be distressingly seductive, yet considering that it was Fuji, he could say no more. Fuji was always like that.

No, it was for the best that he had left it unsaid. Even if they actually managed to form a relationship, the former captain doubted he would indeed feel better. Perhaps he was relieved up to some extent but then? With his jam-packed schedules containing practices and more practices, he could barely spare some times to call his parents, let alone to fly back to Japan. During his three years of tennis education, he only managed to come home once, in the winter holiday a year ago. It would be arduous for them both to not meet each other in a very long time.

He leant forward until his temple touched the cool glass surface of his window. He might not be able to see Fuji anymore and that thought upset him. Still, that was how life went, unpredictable as well as beyond reckoning.

The wave of regret washed through him and once more he found himself envisioning the smiling tensai there, standing in front of him. He could recall every thread of the light-brown hair framing the angelic face, every shifting of muscles when the prodigy was playing, and every emotion those cerulean eyes rarely displayed. Tezuka always treasured the moments when Fuji revealed his entrancing eyes. Ominous, ruthless, daunting; yet they enthralled him. Fuji possessed the same soul he had, shared the same affection to tennis, but the path which was laid before the prodigy appeared to be turning to another way. He would not leave his life and his friends in Japan for tennis.

The same thunderous knocks on the door cut his train of thoughts and this time, Tezuka was grateful. It was foolish, really, to drown one's self in wistful dream he could never obtain. Foolish and incredibly pathetic.

Tearing his mind from a certain prodigy, the former captain strode to the door and opened it. The person standing before the threshold froze him in his spot.

A smile. "Hello, Tezuka."

Bit by bit he took in the image of the guy before him. Slender figure, light-brown tresses, smiling lips, smooth pale skin. Except for his surprising increase of height and an air of maturity which seemed to engulf him perhaps because of the black suit and beige tie he was wearing, the guy remained as same as he could remember. Slowly, almost softly, he breathed the name out.


The smile went even wider and the smooth merry voice once again pleased his ears. "You still remember me, Buchou. I am flattered."

/Of course./ Tezuka mentally answered. His gaze was fixed on the beautiful face that had been haunting his dreams which filled by longing and sweet touches. He almost reached out his hand to touch the silky skin merely to convince himself if the prodigy was actually there, not only a bittersweet fragment of his imagination. It was too good to be true.

"You two have known each other?" Kane's voice interrupted and for the first time Tezuka was aware of his presence. His blond friend seemed puzzled by the short conversation which had been exchanged in a language he barely mastered.

Fuji turned to the dormitory's organizer and bowed. "Pardon me for being so impolite, Kane-san," he glided into a fluent English. Tezuka raised his eyebrows at this; he never knew that Fuji could actually speak English that well. But what else would you expect from a genius? "Tezuka and I entered the same Junior High School back then in Japan. He was the captain of our tennis team."

"Oh really? Well, he has never mentioned that, or you," Kane replied warmly, obviously impressed by the tensai's aptitude in his language. "Things should be easier then. You know, Tezuka isn't very...companionable."

"I think I have kept that little fact in mind," the prodigy answered in an equally amused tone. All of a sudden, Tezuka had an extremely ominous feeling about the two and the instantaneous understanding they shared. Kane alone was awful enough, but along with Fuji? It guaranteed him that his upcoming days would not be far from what catastrophe truly meant.

"So, aren't you going to let him in, Mitsu?" the teasing voice rang vociferously. "You're not planning to stare at him here all day, aren't you?"

Tezuka shot him a death glare and stepped aside, allowing Fuji to come in. The tensai nodded graciously at the older man and brought his suitcase in. Before the bespectacled guy could shut his door, Kane had added, "Fuji-san, you can ask everything about the academy to Mitsu but please remember one thing," his face went questionably serious, "just one thing. Don't let him molest you."

For the second time that day, Tezuka slammed his door in front of his friend. He swore under his breath that the blondie would get what he deserved one day. Fuji's pleasant chuckle filled the room, but before he could mention anything, the door was opened from the other side and Kane's face once again appeared. "Really, Fuji-san, you have to be extremely careful for being in this room."

"I believe I will have everything under control, Kane-san," the prodigy's voice was harmlessly sweet, "including Tezuka's sexual desire."

"Ah, that's really good to hear," the man replied in complete satisfaction, liking his new friend even more. "Do you hear that, Mitsu? Don't you try to molest your frie-"

"Get out."

His pale-haired friend backed away under the death threat with a very audible laughter. At this rate, Tezuka knew his prophecy was going to be true; the two would ruin his sanity for sure.

"An interesting friend you have here, Mitsu," Fuji commented playfully, stressing the particular nickname which really amused him to no end. If Kikumaru or Momoshiro could hear about it, he was certain that the two would end up rolling on the floor laughing. The former captain gave him a tart look, which apparently was a very wrong thing to do in his case. For the first time after three years, at last he discerned into the bottomless pair of cerulean orbs again. He could not distinguish any identifiable feeling in them, all was artfully concealed behind the mask of seduction. And he noticed, very uncomfortably, that the prodigy's slender fingers were undoing his tie –or were they toying? If he didn't know Fuji better, he would say that the tensai was trying to seduce him –or because it was Fuji that he knew for sure that he was seduced? The beige silk slipped soundlessly from his collar to the blue carpet beneath him. And the fingers started to unbutton his shirt.

Tezuka shifted his stare with much effort to the dark-green suitcase next to the prodigy and found himself still loss at words. Another chuckle came from Fuji, which compelled him to look back, to the slightly exposed chest.

"Which one is my bed?" the gentle yet alluring voice rose as its owner glanced at the neatly arranged twin bed. /Always so tidy, aren't you Tezuka?/ His already closed eyes once again fell on to his captain and he added almost innocently, "Not that I mind if I happen to sleep in the same bed as yours."

Always. Typically Fuji.

The taller guy managed to keep his face impassive as he nodded to the one farther from the window. "That one."

"Ah, I should know that," he replied with a tinge of feigned disappointment in his voice, "you will take the best place for yourself. Will you mind if I sometimes sleep there in your bed, Tezuka?"

He certainly would. Nevertheless the captain chose to ignore the tremendously appealing thought and walked out from his room. He could feel Fuji's gaze with his amused smile was following his every stride. Now with the object of desire occupying his room and threatening to sleep in his bed, Tezuka could hardly find himself enjoying the serenity of his sanctuary any longer. He grimly wondered what the days waiting ahead of him would become.

To be continued

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