Wedding Bells and Shotgun Shells
Chapter 1: Setting the Stage

As many of you have noticed or have guessed this is the sequel to the VERY popular Dirty Pair Flash romance story "Kei to my heart". I never in my wildest dreams imagined you; the fans would love my previous story as much as you did. I thank you all so much for your supportive, kind, and very inspiring words of admiration and enjoyment of my story. Thank you very much. Many of you wondered why Kei and Kevin didn't get married.

Well the reason for that is I was planning to do a sequel for this story all along, and since the story was such a big hit, I only got more encouraged. So now without further due, the long awaited sequel to "Kei to my Heart" entitled "Wedding Bells and Shotgun shells" feel free to review and enjoy .


The plunking sound of cold water splashing over rusting metal pipes echoed loudly in the dark sewer like hallways. Blood red rotting rust was splattered all over the green and grimy walls. Nothing but darkness surrounded the rat like maze of metal and fowl smelling sewage, the faint sound of clicking nails could be heard in the vastness of the shadowy halls. A figure suddenly comes into view, a man sitting upon a throne of worn gold and dead wood.

The being was dressed in shiny black leather, as if he were some sort of pirate. Gold buttons adorned the black vest; flashes of dark red were around the leather coat collar that adorned the dark man's body. Hair was long and whiter then the skin of a ghost's, teeth shimmered bright with sparkling clean fang curved teeth. The blood red beady eyes of this ghastly man remained shadowed by his long locks of pale white hair. The man sighed.

Long skeleton like fingers with claw fingernails clicked over the black case of his twin swords, one hand on each blade holster. Another man appeared before the demonic white haired devil, this man wore a grungy green sweater, beat up blue beanie, and a grey shirt. "Master Blackheart" the man said as he kneeled before the white haired figure known as Blackheart. "Spies up top have just given me their reports, I have news sir" the man said.

The pale faced Blackheart frowned as his white hair drenched those sinister eyes from burning a hole straight to hell with that insidious glare of his. Blackheart clicked his nails as he spoke with his dry, dark, inhuman voice "Ah yes the "news", my only so called reliable source of information. How I love to hear the evening news tell me how deeper we've slunked into the bowels of hell". The man was turning pale and sweating furiously with fear.

Blackheart continued "Is this the same news that told me our 25 million dollar Sauron project was destroyed last year? The same news that told me our best 3 commandos Orion, Garlic, and Scolaris were killed in action? The same news that told me Grishtar was annihilated, thus crippling our resources down to a bare minimum? The same news that told me the Dirty Pair rescued our target, Kevin Lorando and stole our new energy source?

And was this the same news that reduced me, the RULER of the entire Black Cobra Alliance Network, the most dangerous and feared criminal organization in the history of crime, to hide like a rat in a sewer because THEY ARE HUNTING US? IS THIS THE SAME GOD DAM NEWS?" Blackheart screamed. The man raised a squeaky shrill of a voice to answer, "Yes but" BANG! The booming sound of a pistol echoed tremendously.

The corpse of the man dropped dead with a pool ball sized bullet wound in his chest, blood dripped along with the tinkling water of the sewer pipes. The smoking long old fashioned pistol that Blackheart had just fired was sealed back into his holster, clicking boot like heels scraped against the floor. "What could possibly be so terribly important to tell me over the cost of his worthless sorry ass life?" Blackheart said as he examined the body.

Photos were laying face down on the palm of the dead man; Blackheart scratched his chin with long claw nails as he picked up the photos. Curious red eyes glanced over the photos; suddenly his sockets bulged with shock. Blackheart gasped as he stared wide eyed at the very reason the man wanted to badly to tell his master. Blackheart continued to stare at the photo and then his white shimmering fangs opened up as he laughed, he laughed hard.

The dark sewer walls echoed louder and louder as Blackheart laughed on for eternity it seemed, laughing wickedly at his most glorious of discoveries. And speaking of discoveries...CRRRRAAASH! The sound of shattered glass exploded from a store window, dozens of building alarms blared their sirens. A group of dark masked men leaped out of the window carrying sacks of stolen diamonds, emeralds, and jewelry from the vandalized store.

The man chuckled and flashed their loot in front of her greedy gem stealing eyes, rushing down the sidewalk to their getaway car. That was until they realized that 2 beautiful women were sitting proudly on top of it. One was a sweet faced, blue eyed, purple haired, laser saber swinging goddess. The other was a fire headed, tanned tough hearted, ball busting, gun slinging beauty. The men gasped at the infamously loved/feared Kei and Yuri.

"Under the services of the 3WA secret agency, we the Lovely Angels are placing you under arrest" Yuri said. Grinning just as proudly, Kei aimed her turbo charged blaster at the men smirking "And feel free to try and escape so I can blow your ass right off". The men screamed and gasped in union "AH THE DIRTY PAIR", they all immediately whipped out their high powered guns at the duo. Yuri screamed "THAT'S LOVELY ANGELS DAMMIT".

BZZZT! A quick slash of Yuri's purple saber sliced the goon's guns into kibbles and bits. The man gasped as their rifles and blasters evaporated right through their fingers, Yuri then reared back her white suited leg and kicked it across 3 of the thugs jaws. "Bring it on boys" Kei said as she fired her plasma blaster at the thieves, blasting down 2 of them in the chest. One thug growled as he grabbed the first thing he could find in time, a long steel pipe.

"I'm going to enjoy bashing your brains out bitch" the man said as he blindly charged Kei, swinging that steel pipe like a bat. Kei broadly smirked on those beautiful tanned cheeks of hers, ducking down and dodging the pipe swings with incredible ease and talent. "Thanks for the offer but I prefer a BALL BUSTER" Kei said, her long beautiful leg crushed it's knee into the man's balls. The thug screeched like a girl till Kei uppercutted him.

"But on second thought a jaw breaker works just as good" Kei smirked, Yuri then pointed behind her shouting "Kei watch it, behind you". Green eyes flash in reaction as Kei bends down and leaps off her powerful flexing leg muscles. The force of the leap and Kei's own muscular might spun her around as she crunched a powerful spinning tornado kick into the thug's face. Crashing Kei's attacker from behind right through another window.

Yuri sighed "Geez Kei that was pretty sloppy of you, normally I wouldn't have to warn but hey that's just what happens to old people". Kei's cheeks flushed bright blushing red as she growled fiercely at Yuri, "HEY were the same age you skanky little bitch, what are you talking about?". A smirk painted Yuri's cute smug face, "I mean maybe going momma has made the big bad Kei and little more oh how do I say this nicely...oh yeah OLD".

Kei snarled "THAT DOES IT, IT'S GO TIME". A red faced Kei lunged at Yuri and the 2 girls angrily started to beat the living crap out of each other, dust clouds formed as the 2 bickering girls kicked, punched, and smacked the hell out of each other. The fighting stopped as Kei gasped seeing her engagement ring clank on the ground, it must have fallen off during their fight. "Yoink, bye ladies" one of the awakened thugs said as he snatched it.

Flared tempers boil on Kei's beautiful but furiously enraged face, flames and steam snorting out of her nose like a dragon. Yuri immediately got off of Kei, freaked out enough by just seeing Kei scream and bolt after the guy. Kei's thoughts continued to pound her brain with rage after rage filled statement "That son of a bitch. He's gonna regret this and boy do I mean regret it, you can kick me down, punch me, shoot me, burn me, whatever.

But no one BUT NO ONE TOUCHES MY KEV'S RING", Kei thought to herself as her bare legs pumped into a full speed dash. Her young heart filled with worry and fear, of all the things she cared for about Kevin, that ring meant more to her then anyone could have ever imagined. To Kei, it was the most purest and beautiful form of their love. And she'd be damned if some cheap two bit crook tried to pawn off her most treasured memento of Kevin.

Faster and faster Kei's red boots thumped into the pavement, burning sensations singed her tanned legs as she worked herself into overdrive. Green eyes were fixated on that crook who was finally coming into Kei's range. "Drop that ring you bastard" Kei screamed, pumping out round after round of high charged plasma blasts from her gun. The crook gasped, ducking and dodging around the blasts while shoving people out of his way.

The man smirked and spotted an open manhole cover, with the ring tightly secured in his hands he leapt right for the hole. "NO" Kei screamed as she knew she wouldn't be able to track him in the sewer. HONK! CRRASH! Suddenly a sharp red colored sports car smashed its front right into the crook. Screams and gargled cries of munched bones blurted out from the man as he was launched all the way into a dumpster. Kei replied "Wow".

"That's funny I was going to say the same thing right fiancé?" a caring warm hearted voice said. Soft red blushing colored Kei's cheeks as she turned her attention away from the thug and to the owner of the voice, her green eyes sparkling like twinkling stars. The Lovely Angel could swear her heart was beating a thousand miles a second, she felt in total serenity. The man in the car smiled as he adjusted his blue hair, Kei gasped out "Kev?".

Kevin smiled and laughed as he handed back Kei her engagement ring, a warm sparkling grin as the beautiful diamond was once again placed onto Kei's delicate tanned digits. "Hey beautiful miss me much?" Kevin said, Kei immediately answered with a direct passionate kiss on his warm lips. The two lovers locked hearts and lips, kissing like they hadn't kissed in a century. Smiles and blushes greet their loving eyes as they felt good as new.

Kevin grinned "We've only been separated a year and it felt like an eternity", Kei blushed "You don't know how long I wanted to taste your kiss again". Giggling laughter erupted from Kevin's flashy new car, tufts of orange red hair popped out as Keitaro smiled cheerfully at Kei. "HA, HA Keitaro, you little bugger of course I didn't forget you" Kei said laughing. The baby was lifted proudly into Kei's warm arms, she hugged him softly.

"Mommy's missed your diaper loading ass little bugger, how's daddy been taking care of you?" Kei asked, Kevin chuckled "Nothing but the best for our little rug rat I assure you honey". Kei blushed at that word, smiling ever so sweetly "Never doubted you for a second Kev". Eventually Yuri came stumbling along, groaning as she was still a bit banged up from her cat fight. Spotting her from afar Kevin smiled & waved to Yuri shouting "Hey Yuri".

A smirking Yuri answered "Well, well so this is what kept Kei. Her prince charming riding in on dodge viper back, (giggle) it's nice to see you again Kevin". Kevin smiled happily "And the same to you Yuri, looks like by the hands of that road kill I just ran into you girls have had your hands busy". Kei rolled her eyes "That's the understatement of the year, even our vacation turned into a mission". Yuri pouted "Thanks to that stuck up Den Noir brat".

Keitaro chuckled as Kevin handed him a small bottle, feeding the little tyke as he listened to the girl's wild and wacky adventures. "Beach ball tournaments, Yuri robots, and even the 3WA building getting nuked, boy what did I marry into" Kevin said with a laugh. Kei smirked "One hell of a gal pal and don't you forget it, so how's work for our division 7 man?". "Definitely exciting, been taking the network down bit by bit" Kevin said.

Dressed in always a warm dark brown leather flight bomber style jacket, comfortable and now tighter grey army like pants with hard shoes. Clearly by his new home and car, Kei and Yuri could see that being a 3WA agent was definitely the cause of all this new stuff. But knowing Kevin like she does, Kei knows that even if he had all the riches in the world, Kevin would still be Kevin. Yuri blinked "So what brings you out here so suddenly?".

Slapping his head lightly, Kevin groaned as he almost forgot, he laughed "How stupid of me I should have showed you this first thing". Leaning into his flashy new car, Kevin fumbled through a stack of papers, files, and other items until he finally found what appeared to be a photo. "What's that?" both Kei and Yuri asked in union, watching as Kevin unfolded it to them. The image flashed into Yuri's blue eyes, Kei's green eyes with total shock.

The image was so magnificent, so beautiful, so amazing, and so incredible, that neither of the girls could speak. Kevin smirked "That's right ladies, say hello to the Lovely Angel Paradise Palms hotel, hosting in 10 days the marriage of Kevin and Kei, congratulations honey". Kei laughed and cried her eyes out before hugging her lover with all her heart felt might, and kissing him with such passionate love it nearly melted her heart into tears.

"This is the happiest day of my life Kev, and it wouldn't be possible without you" Kei said. Kevin smiled back and kissed Kei's lips gently, "I promise that this is going to be the most beautiful, perfect, dream come true wedding of your dreams". Meanwhile back in the sewer, a chuckling Blackheart was laughing sinisterly at the very same photo of Kevin/Kei's wedding location. Blackheart grinned "Well, well, it looks like we got a wedding to crash".

To be continued...