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Living (who died in Chosen) Spike, Anya, Amanda.

Dead (who survived in Chosen) Kennedy, Wood, Rona

Last chapter- Willow gets visited in a dream by the ghost of Jenny Calender.

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AUTHORS NOTE---- I'm wrapping it up with this chapter. But Ive got an idea for a sequel fic, which I well tell you all about at the end of this chapter. And Im really sorry that this looks odd with no indents, but for some reason it keeps getting messed up, so the formatting is really odd.

::::Rewarded::::Chapter Four::::A Happy Willow::::

"Wills, you look awful happy." Xander observed. Along with everyone else, Willow and Xander had been told to meet in Giles' hotel room for coffee and donuts.

"A good night's rest and a honey glazed make a happy Willow." The redhead smiled, and with great effort, hid her eagerness. Everyone was in the room for "breakfast", with the exception of Buffy and Spike."And as soon as they show up..." Willow thought happily.

Like clockwork, Buffy flew through the door, grabbing the last jelly filled from the donut box.

"Sorry I'm late guys. I had to wrestle Spike down." Buffy huffed out, before blushing at what she had just said. Noticing the bemused/disgusted looks she was getting, the slightly annoyed blonde added "TO CHANGE HIS BANDAGES! Geesh guys, Dawn's in here."

As snickers erupted from Dawn, Xander, and Anya, Willow cleared her throat to draw attention to herself. With all eyes on her, she spoke carefully.

"Um, guys... I was on The Ghost Roads last night." As questions amounted from everywhere, she realized that might not have been the best conversation starter.

"It was Ms. Calender She brought me a message from The Powers That Be."

"A message?" Giles asked, being the first person to find his voice. "Fr-from Jenny?"

"Yep. It, um. It was about a reward. She said that The Powers wanted to reward me, for being a... being of pure good."

"Reward? What kind of reward? Is there money involved? Because, you destroyed my business Establishment, so by California law, I'm pretty sure most of it belongs to me." Anya smiled pleasantly, holding out her hand. "So I'll take your money now."

"Ahn," Xander said cautiously, taking her outstretched hand in his own. "Not now."

"I don't think I can explain, because, truthfully I'm not sure I fully understand."

Willow turned ans headed towards her room, With Giles, Buffy, Xander, Dawn, and Anya in tow. When they were all standing in front of her door, she turned to flash them a nervous smile before opening it.

On the other side of the doorway stood a beaming Tara, robed in white, with her dark blonde hair flowing down to where she held a large pregnant belly.


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About the sequel/continuation, Tara's preggy right? Most of you can figure out that the next fic is most likely gonna be a kidfic, and you're totally right.

Set 3-4 years after Rewarded, Tara and Willow are living happily with their child in England. But the child of a Goddess is a pretty rare thing in the world. And as foretold in numerous scriptures, the last piece to a puzzle unleashing a great power. And an item of great interest to Wolfram & Hart clients. (AI still heads it in the future, but not all of the clients have been Angel-ized, for lack of a better term)

Among others, The Fic will include flashbacks to the kid's earlier childhood, and flashbacks that explain how exactly the two witches had said child.

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