"Good morning" he nuzzled her neck

"You really need to shave." She said scrunching up her neck

"Too lazy"

"You have work" she whispered into his ear

"So do you"

She groaned

"The good news is I set the alarm a half an hour earlier than normal."

She pushed him back and glared into his eyes "You woke me up from sleep for sex?"

He laughed, "I can always let you go back to bed?"

She pretended to ponder it for a moment before pulling him towards her. Just then came the "MOM" coming running down the hallway.

Carter fell to his pillow about to weep as Abby got up to open the door.

Alissa was standing in front of her holding a single pigtail "HE CUT OFF MY HAIR"

Matthew standing behind her saying, "She said she wanted a new hairstyle"

Carter tried to smother his laugh in his pillow, he was glad his children had such a healthy normal relationship, hatred at many times, but a normal relationship. The fact that Matthew only lived in Chicago during the school year hadn't affected their relationship yet. It probably helped that they didn't even have two years between them.

"John!" Abby screamed from the doorway annoyed by his laughter

Just then the baby started to cry from the next room.

"Fuck" Abby swore

"Mommy, you said a bad word" Lissa said looking up in shock

Abby groaned, Carter successfully smothered his laugh as he got out of bed "I'll go get Becca"

"Aren't you glad you set the alarm a half an hour early" she asked sarcastically

He just laughed and kissed her on the cheek as he pulled Matthew with him

"It seemed like a good idea at the time" Matt said as they walked away

Once more he stifled his laugh. He couldn't hide his smile though, he was the luckiest man in the world.