Author's note! Hello again, friends. This one is dedicated to my bestest friend Kristi. We always said that we were the Lovely Angels; she was Yuri and I was Kei. We acted like both our characters almost to a T. But...Then she moved all the way to Oregan... This is just my way of saying I miss her and that we'll always be the Lovely Angels, no matter how far apart we are.


Kei looked out of the 3WA's office window and sighed. It just wasn't the same since Yuri had left. At first Kei had thought she wouldn't mind and in fact would love to be free of her old partner. But in fact, she missed everything about her. She missed her carefree attitude, her prissiness, and even, believe it or not, all of her nagging and teasing. Sure, it had been annoying at the time, but now, as she thought it over, she felt a deep emptiness inside.

She stood up from her desk and turned her back on her paperwork. She picked up her jacket and walked out of her office with it slung over her shoulder.


Later that afternoon, Kei was walking downtown toward her apartment. Her usually bright and argumentitive green eyes were sad and downcast. She sighed once more, oblivious to the noise and happiness around her. She stopped at a Coke machine and inserted a couple of quarters and then stooped to grab her soft drink.

She popped the top open and gulped down the sweet beverage. The carbon dioxide bubbled up and she burped. She smiled as she remembered Yuri screaming at her for it when she had done it on numerous occasions before Yuri was transfered. She threw the can in a trash bin and continued on.


By now Kei's hands were in her pockets and her jacket was around her svelt waist. She was studying the sidewalk as she walked and didn't notice a woman with long purple hair walk by her. She smelt her though, and Kei whirled around and looked up. "Yuri!?" But no one was there; by now the crowds had disspersed and were no longer around. "How strange... I could've sworn I smelt Yuri's perfume..."


Kei had decided to take the scenic route through the park. She was somewhat comforted by the gravel crunching beneath her shoes and the seemingly fresh air around her. 'It's amazing what technology can do these days...' she thought grimly.

She stopped as she came to the lake. She grunted as she fell on the bench facing the small body of water. Her arm was on the back of the bench, and the other was in her lap. As she looked out at the shining lake, her eyes unexpectedly became misty. She gasped and rubbed them with both of her hands. "D...dammit..."


Kei finally had gotten up and exited the park. The air seemed chillier now, so she unwrapped her jacket from her waist and put it on her unprotected arms. She walked faster now, eager to get to her apartment and away from society while she was like this.

Why was she being such a baby? It was only the woman whom she hated with a passion who had left--- not some family member who was going to war. Suddenly, with no reason whatsoever, she choked, and tears sprang up once more. "Dammit!"

Kei ran to an unoccupied alley and hid behind a dumpster. She finally let herself loose and cried.


Kei felt oddly refreshed. She had eventually evacuated the alley of her presence, her eyes now dry but still red from her heartfelt cry. The streets were busy again. She took a deep breath and smiled sadly as she watched the families and friends walk home together; she had no one now.

No, that wasn't correct. Yuri was still with her. Somewhere inside, her partner---her friend, her sister---was still there. Kei looked up into the sky and smiled again. "Goodbye, Yuri... I am with you now, as you are with me." She shed one last tear before she started once more for her apartment.