Chapter One – Instruments of Destruction

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'You're Filthyrich1? Tch yer not filthy rich … just filthy' – Jade to Valmount

Iron birds of fortune

Adrift above the skies

Cloudy revelations

Unseen by naked eyes

Flying tools of torment

Will penetrate the sphere

Erupt the rock of ages

Bringing final fear

The man sighed looking once again at his tattered green suit and slacks…he utterly despised living here in Mexico, utterly despised having been made a fool once again by…Chan and that niece of his along with those simpletons Finn, Chow, Ratso and Hak Foo and the stupid Oni mask that had…come into his possession only for him…to once again…enter under the possession of forces he did not understand that well.

And it galled him knowing that he was now a beggar, a pauper, filthy and torn as he stalked back and forth waiting here in this dump…trying to think up ways to rebuild his criminal empire … and deal…with those who had...helped to ruin it.

He still couldn't quite understand fully what had happened to him, how he had lost everything! And all because of his partnership with Shendu! As if that hadn't been enough there was the appalling adventure where Shendu had gone and possessed him! To say nothing of that blasted mess with the dark chi wizard Dalong Wong and or the whole problem with the stupid demon mask that had taken control of him!

Angrily he slammed a fist down onto the small table before him only to have the poorly made desk fall apart making him even angrier with the whole mess that he even now found himself trapped in.

His empire had crumbled! The IRS had seized the rest of his holdings leaving him broke and penniless, and Chan, Shendu and the others had destroyed his reputation! And he was left with nothing! Nothing and it infuriated him!

Never before in his life had he had this kind of problem facing him and he hated it…he absolutely hated it with every fiber of his being.

Snarling the once great crime lord Valmont grabbed then hurled a glass at the wall behind him watching as it shattered into a thousand pieces before him as he wordlessly cursed those who had dared to anger him by taking away everything that he had worked so long and so hard to build.

He sighed and took a long pull from the cheap bottle of scotch in front of him…this was what he was reduced to, a miserable excuse of a man who just spent his days stealing in order to survive but … there was nothing he could do, his resources had all dried up leaving him with nothing save for a few henchmen who didn't know that he couldn't pay them.

"Blasted Chan and the whole Shendu mess" he muttered irritably before the phone next to him rang and he picked it up listening for a few moments hanging it up afterwards removing the phone cord then reattaching it to the computer beside him.

As he turned on the switch it hummed to life and he sighed, it was the same computer he had used when he had been bidding on that stupid mask and it was the only thing aside from his tattered suit that remained from his criminal empire.

It was in fact the only other thing aside from that suit that he had taken with him before the IRS had arrived along with the FBI and numerous other law enforcement agencies and confiscated everything that he had worked hard and built away from him like a bunch of schoolyard bullies who had envied the things that weaker people had and forcibly taken it all away.

And he hated it; Valmont hated it with every fiber of his being and what was even worse then hating the fact that he had lost everything was that he could not do anything about it!

At least that … had been what he had believed at first only now, now he had an idea where to proceed next thanks to the web site address one of his 'lesser employees' had obtained for him as he began to search for what he was looking for.

He needed a weapon, no scratch that he needed someone resourceful, needed someone ruthless enough to help him rebuild his empire in a matter of weeks not years and deal with the authorities and anybody who would try to interfere with him!

The problem though … was where to look for someone with the kind of talents he found himself in need of, after all it wasn't like he could simply walk into a bar and look for someone like that or on the street or any ordinary place not with various law enforcement agencies and the ilk either looking for him or for the people he was trying to find.

But now his search was over of that Valmont was certain, and all he had to do was simply sit back, scroll down the page before him and then simply click on the link for the person or persons email address that he had in mind for this kind of work.

It was all so very easy now thanks to the Internet he thought with a small laugh and very soon he would have his revenge against Jackie Chan and his associates for daring to cross him.

As he scrolled down the page he skimmed through the various profiles pausing every so often before he kept looking down the page growling in annoyance.

Finally he found the profile for the person he was looking for and smiled reading up on that individual's skills and numerous achievements before he paused again his finger hovering over the 'Enter' key, the mouse over the email link itself.

Then he … clicked the link … and began to write…

Instruments of destruction

Tools of powerplays

It's a violent eruption

Existence drips away

…The man sighed as he slowly sipped the drink that was in the teacup before him while reading a newspaper looking over various reports of how out of control the world was these days.

"It would seem as if the masses are running the world more and more these days" the man murmered to himself as he thumbed through the pages sitting upright in the leather chair he was sitting in his right foot on top of the knee of his left leg as he slowly sipped the hot drink that he had prepared for himself.

He wasn't a very tall man but then he wasn't a very short man either. About five feet eight inches or a little bit more he was also around one hundred to one hundred and forty-five pounds with skin that was a healthy white in color with a just enough of a tan to have darkened the skin a little bit.

His hair that was a dark brown in color and cut in a fashion simular to the haircuts professional soldiers and others wore and a lean body that was also well toned with muscle he looked very much the part of a professional soldier even though his very demeanor was that of an aristocrat.

To a casual eye he was just another rich man having a private drink while reading over a newspaper, to those in charge of the restaurant he was at however he was just another customer reading a newspaper and having a quiet drink by himself as he sat alone in a booth in the back of the establishment.

To any of the women who were also frequenting the bar though the man's brilliantly colored jade green eyes and handsome face only added to the rugged and manly yet aristocratic body he happened to have which along with the well tailored and very expensive clothes and the amount of money he had just given as a tip to the waitress who merely smiled at him politely made them all sigh especially as he smiled politely ignoring the lustful greedy looks he was receiving from them.

He snorted in a disdainful manner ignoring them while he sipped the heated up brandy that he had just purchased slowly adding a little more cinnamon to the sweet alcoholic drink still ignoring them sighing a little for the simple reason that he did not care about them, to him they were just as stupid as everyone else.

In fact he had seen many beautiful women over the many years of his adulthood as he traveled from one end of the world to yet another and had had more then quite a few of them make advances on him, advances that he had always brushed off simply because he wanted no part in romantic entanglements.

He rolled his eyes disdainfully sipping his drink once again while reading over the newspaper in his left hand as the waitress walked over to his table placing a small plate with very expensive food on it smiling at him politely again.

"Danke frauline danke" he replied a northern german accented voice appearing as he spoke, his voice calm refined and dignified while he spoke nodding to her in a polite manner.

"Sie sind sehr willkommener sir" The woman replied in german before heading back to wait on other tables as the man slowly began to eat in a refined manner as classical music continued to play in the background.

"Gutenabend gut sir" an attractive woman replied sitting down across from him earning many a jealous look from the other women as she began to trail one finely manicured finger along the man's right hand. "Ich Bin Angelika" the woman replied with a predatory smile

"Ich bin sicher sie sind" the man replied ignoring her while reading the paper for several moments before he looked at her with a patient yet somewhat annoyed look before returning to the paper he had with him before she smiled rubbing his hand with her fingers eliciting a sigh from him. "Kann ich lhnen helfen frauline?" he asked politely slowly sipping his drink in that refined manner of his.

The woman smiled at him obviously flirting with him even as she slipped him a small slip of paper earning various grumbles from the other women in the small restaurant and amused chuckles from several of the other patrons in the bar.

The man said nothing as the woman planted two kisses one on each of his cheeks before she got up then left the small diner smiling to herself while the man shook his head in annoyance before he paid for his tab then exited the bar several minutes later opening the driver's door to a medium sized yet obviously expensive car.

Sliding the keys into the ignition he turned the car on and drove off entering the traffic watching as other people entered then left the bar before his eyes fell on the clock that was next to the radio of the expensive Mercedes he was currently driving.

As he slowed his car down the man made a show of annoyance before he picked up his cellphone and dialed a number, "verkehr informationen bitte" he replied in a calm yet somewhat annoyed voice as they put him on hold for a few moments and his finger slipped hitting three buttons '9', '5', and '8' before he hung up as if in annoyance and turned on the radio in the car…

…A mile back the owner of the restaurant went to pick up the phone just in time to hear a beep and see a small cellphone that was connected to two small canisters one filled with a clear liquid and the other filled with what looked to be an orangish/reddish liquid which instantly started to mix as the cellphone also rang.

…Then there was nothing … as the building was turned into nothing but rubble as a powerful explosion tore through the entire establishment…

…The man chuckled to himself as he listened to the radio hearing the news about the chancellor of Germany being one of them who had been in that blast. "Looks like I won't be able to try mein call again later" he replied in a cold voice smirking a little as traffic started to thin out and he picked up his cellphone again this time dialing in the code for an email address.

The man yawned in boredom deleting the junk mail even while he looked at his watch for a few moments before his eyes came across …

…An email…

What it really matter

When nothing really counts

Grave eternal darkness

When drained of every ounce

And when the nightmare's over

The final from the storm

Dust of all creation

To ashes we transform

"I hear you've been looking for me…" the shadowy figure replied and Valmont turned from his desk to stare as a shadowy form emerged from an open window and he caught sight of two jade green eyes watching him as the form resolved itself into…

…A man…who was renowned for…and wanted…for everything from killing people to…blowing things up and stealing everything that was a secret…

The man renowned and known throughout the world as…Firefly

He stood there eyeing Valmount at the height of five foot seven, rippling with lean muscle as those eyes of his bore a hole…deep into the crime lord's very soul. As Valmont looked back he saw not only several small throwing weapons but also a crisscross x-shaped bandolier that went from around either side of his neck down to the mercenary's belt containing everything from grenades to explosives, detonators as well as ammunition.

His uniform was reminiscent of the uniforms most soldiers wore, combat fatigues only his were…gray and black mixed into a strange splotched method that allowed the man to blend into the shadows themselves, with combat boots that were the same way a holster and a handgun colored the same way and those bandoliers Firefly looked anything but ordinary.

Firefly paused watching Valmont for several moments, "you've bought several more moments of you're life Valmont…don't waste them with anything less then action" he replied in a cold voice the small handgun laying their on the table before the two men while Firefly placed his own sidearm back in it's holster.

"I have a proposition for you Firefly … one that I think you will find … most … challenging" the crime lord began trying not to lose his temper with the man standing there eyeing him very coldly. "Provided you do know how to listen"

"If I didn't you would be dead right now" the mercenary replied with a shrug, "but don't waste my time Valmont…others have tried and I've killed them for it"

"I wouldn't dream of it," Valmont replied looking at the masked killer watching the other man warily even as Firefly eyed Valmont like a scorpion…about to sting what it…perceived to be…a threat. "How would you like to have a more…solid job once again?" he began watching Firefly hoping that the rumors about the mercenary were indeed true. "And under someone who's not an arrogant and truly pompous bastard with an intelligence level ranking that of a gnat as you apparently once put it?"

Firefly paused now fixing Valmont with a cold and deadly glare, "I don't like it when people read up on me or listen to or spread any gossip concerning me."

"No I suppose you don't but if I may, I understand that you have been looking for gainful employment ever since you stopped working for Cobra and since I'm in need of someone with you're talents…"

"You thought you'd hire me" Firefly replied with a smirk "nice try but I don't work for people who are flat out broke"

"My sources tell me you did just that for Cobra Commander" Valmont countered and before he could even finish Firefly's hand was around his throat squeezing it just a little.

"That was an isolated case," Firefly began coldly "and I only did that because I respected him and honestly? You are not someone I'd find myself respecting let alone even working for"

"Then let me rephrase my statement…I require a man of you're talents and in return for those talents I will pay you a thousand dollars per day if you will agree to work for me and help rebuild my organization plus you're usual expenses for any extra services on you're part that I happen to require" Valmont began slowly looking back at Firefly who had released him. "And …there is also the fact that you would have the opportunity and the privilege of killing a certain…thorn in my side"

"Chan?" Firefly snorted in disdain "you want me to work for you and present me with the challenge of killing some mere archeologist?" he replied with a smirk. "You've obviously fallen off your rocker friend" he replied with a snort.

Valmont narrowed his eyes glaring at the mercenary be, "then you should have no problem killing him correct?"

Firefly growled low in his throat, "are you challenging me?"

"I suppose I am of course you don't have to accept if you don't wish to after all how much can one simple archeologist be?"

Firefly said nothing for several minutes and inwardly Valmont began to wonder if he had pushed the other man too far before he spoke up. "Fine, but you'd better have the money to pay me … otherwise…I'll rip out you're very heart…and eat it myself"

Valmont nodded, "you'll get you're money"

"I'd better" the man replied…before he stepped back into the shadows…and was gone out the window so quickly that Valmont hadn't even had time to blink…

Instruments of destruction

Tools of powerplays

It's a violent eruption

Existence drips away

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Note, included below are translations for the words that were used above:

(1) Sie sind sehr willkommener sir = You are very welcome sir

(2) Ich Bin Angelika = I'm Angelica

(3) Ich bin sicher sie sind = I'm sure you are

(4) Kann ich lhnen helfen frauline? = Can I help you frauline?

(5) Verkehr informationen bitte = Traffic Information Please