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Chapter One

The day he left is one engraved in my memory forever. It was the first day we touched. Not within the confinements of our soul room, but out in the open. He tried to comfort me, tried to stop my tears, but it was impossible. I was him. And he was me. How could I have done that? I heard as Anzu tried to get him to stay, but it fell on deaf ears.

Because he started walking away.

The guilt flooded me of all feelings as I watched the light envelope him. It was then I saw who he was; who he really was. Him as he used to be headed towards the end of his life. And all I could do was watch.

I believe he knew I would be strong. And I knew I could. I could. And I would for him. I will not shed a tear anymore in front of anyone because of this. It will be my private pain.

He walks, never looking back. That was never his way. I know him well enough that it was his pride that made him not look back. It was his confidence that shone through at the moment.

And all I wanted to do was take back my last attack. I promised him I would give it my all, but with the pain residing in my chest, I wonder if that was a promised I should have not kept.

We exited the crumbling temple and make it back underneath the desert sun. Our journey truly was over. But the memories I have will remain. I cannot forget him. I had wanted to tell him something that night on the boat, but I couldn't. Maybe his sense of pride rubbed off on me. I believe that's what stopped me. I knew the next day the possibility of him leaving me forever, so I refused to tell him anything.

His story is over. Mine is beginning. But I refuse to let him go. I refuse to believe he left as easily as that. I curse the gods and hit myself for our fate.

My other self is gone. I saw it. My purple eyes watching his back as he walked into the light where HIS friends were waiting, leaving his new ones behind. Jealous? You could say that. Who do I blame? Myself. I attacked. I help my promise. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

What the other's don't know is my plan. I saw something they didn't as I looked back at the crumbling temple. I saw Shadi. He was there for a reason. Maybe to tell me something, but whatever it is, I will find out. I will find my other self again. I will walk through the crumbled doors of Hades if I must. I have to tell him.

Tonight, on the boat ride back to Cairo, we all kept to ourselves. I was given space and I gave the others space. As much as we understood or didn't understood we know that this will be a big blow. My puzzle, gone, once the sign of wish for friends, now hidden underneath the ruins. The thing that connected us is gone. Does that mean our friendship is gone? Tomorrow will tell.

But tomorrow without him, isn't something to look forward to. Tonight I will have no one to talk to, no one to listen to. I loved talking to him. We were so honest with each other, impossible to tell a blatant lie. Our last talk at night, was about the forthcoming duel and our promise to give it our all.

I shouldn't have promised. I don't even know why I did. Maybe it was the pride. His pride. I have learned so much from him that when I look in the mirror I see it. I see him as part of my reflection, I always have. He taught me strength and to be proud. He gave me the truest and most close friendship I could ever have. I trusted in him as he trusted in me. Completely.

So, I lay in my bed, the weight of my puzzle missing next to me. The ghostly figure of my other missing in front of me. And the spirit missing inside of me. I feel... dead. Even though my lungs take in air and my brain processes thoughts, I feel dead.

I close my eyes and try to imagine his voice telling me good-night. But I can't. I can't. So I can't sleep.

"Can't fall asleep?"

I look up, half-expecting to see my other self there, and see Jounouchi-kun standing in front of me, his eyes red as my other's eyes. "J-jounouchi- kun..."

"I'm not... here at a bad time, am I?"

I shake my head and sit up. "I'm just thinking about a lot of things."

He nods and his hair hides his brown eyes from me. "Same here."

I bow my head and look at my hands. "You don't... hate me... do you?" I couldn't blame him if he answers yes. It was my fault and I will take the blame.

"Yuugi! How could ya think that? Don't start blamin' yourself for this!"

I blinked and looked up, fully expecting the contrary to happen. "Jounouchi- kun..."

He sighs and sits on the bed next to me. "Don't blame yourself, Yuugi. You two had an honorable duel, you both put your all into it. That's what ya both wanted, right?" He tilts his head up. "Wherever he is, he knows this, too. He said your courage surpassed his own. He was never one to say things his didn't mean."

I nod, but it doesn't help. Words are words, no matter who they come from. "I know."

He smiles a bit. "Then get some sleep. School won't be starting for a couple more weeks and Marik and Ishizu invited us to stay for as long as we want."

"I would like to stay... I'm not ready to leave yet." I lay back down on the bed, feeling the waves gently rock the boat and Jounouchi stood up from the bed.

"If you want someone to talk to..."

I smiled a smile I didn't feel like smiling. "I'll be all right. Just something I'll have to get used to."

"All right then. 'Night."

"Good-night, Jounouchi-kun." I watched as he left. Once again, I'm alone. Completely. I haven't felt like that for a long time. It's a horrible feeling. Absolute solitude. Some people would praise the gods for this, but I condemn them.


I wake up the next morning and stretch. My head aches and my eyes start to water. Where is the voice I used to wake up to? That's right. He has been taken from me. I roll onto my back and immediately regret it. I feel something sharp poke me and I quickly reverse my actions, grabbing whatever it was.

As soon as I touch it, I already know. But I wonder why it's here. How did it get to me? I hold the gold box in my hands and slowly remove the lid. A piece of parchment lays on top and I open it to read what it says. It's in Egyptian. Ancient Egyptian, and yet, I can read it.

"Here are the pieces to create your new story."

Inside the box were the pieces to the puzzle. Could this mean...? That possibly... I dump all the pieces on the bed and start. I can feel it's different this time. The pieces weren't shaped the same way.

My dream now seemed so far off. My hopes and wishes were put on hold. I hear a knock on my door. I quickly hide the pieces under an extra blanket. "Come in!" The door opens revealing Kaiba-kun followed by Mokuba. "K-Kaiba- kun! Mokuba! What brings you two here?"

The elder looks at me. Not angry, or annoyed, which greatly shocked me, but I sensed an understanding from him. "I heard about your duel."

I nod slowly, trying to think what he could be wanting. "Do you believe now?"

Shocking me once again, he nodded. "We must be leaving." He turned to leave and then paused for a moment. He looked back at me and smirked. "The next time you see your other self, tell him I wish to have another duel with him." Then he continues on his way out, Mokuba happily smiling at me before closing the door behind them.

I sigh. "Thank you, Kaiba-kun. I will tell him for you." I uncover the pieces and place them back in the box. Soon, I will see him again.

I have many things to tell him now.


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