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Chapter 3

I miss him. I was hoping he would find a way to get me back.

How pathetic I should. I used to be the strong one, ready to help. But now... I feel so weak. I look up to see blue eyes gaze in mine. I sigh and look fully at him, meeting his gaze. "Seto?"

"I am wondering why you have refused to challenge me to regain your title and why you have decline my invitation, my majesty."

I growl slightly under my breath and break my glare. "I have no will for it anymore. To rule or battle. My last hand was defeated."

"But, my lord-"

"Silence!" I stand and walk away from my cousin. "I will hear no more of this understand?"

"Yes, my cousin."

I roam around without a purpose but to escape. This wasn't how I thought it would be. I thought I would be happier here, but instead... I want to return. I want to live with my aibou and friends. Who I was may have felt right at home, but me... after losing those memories, I made new ones. Ones that I treasure as much as, if not more, than my past. And I think they know it, too.

"My lord?"

I turn to see Isis standing there. "I am no longer Pharaoh, Isis."

She bows her head. "Forgive me. If I may continue?" I nod. "It has come to our attention of your feelings. If it is any consolation, I offer to use my power to show the future. We are all worried and hope you might cheer up more."

I smiled at the thought of seeing them again. "If you would be so willing to take the time..." She smiles and nods. "Thank you."

Her tauk begins to glow and I feel myself drifting into a trace-like state and close my eyes. When I open them, I am back in Domino. I look around at the familiar places and see the Game Shop. I rush in, my body going through the closed door and search for my aibou. I go upstairs and into his room. I see him at his desk, back facing me. I don't bother speaking, knowing he can't hear me. I walk towards him to see what he was doing. I couldn't stop my hand from trying to touch him. As expected, it went right through him.

I turn my attention away from him and look at what he was working on. The familiar golden pieces in his head, tested different positions in the slowly forming puzzle. The Sennen Puzzle. I instinctively touch my chest where the puzzle once hung and I sighed. I sit on his bed and watch him. It was sorrowful to watch him, not to be able to comfort him. What will happen when he completes it? It would be too easy to think that I would be able to come back just by completing the puzzle again.

Soon the world started spinning. I took one last glance at my aibou and smiled, hopefully his heart would heal. I found myself back in my own time. I look at Isis and smile. "Thank you."

She nodded her head. "Face Seto again."

I look at her sharpely. "I-"

"Please let me explain." She pauses and continues again. "If you have the puzzle and when the child completes his, you will be able to join him again."

I stared at her, almost not believing it. "Are you... sure?"

She nods and smiles at me. "Go to your cousin."

I smiled and took off, my cape billowing behind me. I run to find Seto and see him among my other friends. "Seto!"

He turns around and looks at me. "My lord?" His blue eyes watch me as I approach. "Do you require something?"

I nod and look at the people gathered. "I wish to challenge you. For my title back." I point to the Sennen Item hanging from his neck.

He smiled. Smiled like Kaiba... the one from my new memories. The one who battled with fierce passion. Hoever, he did not turn out to be my fiercest rival.

That title belonged to my aibou.

"As you wish."


I push my chair away from the desk and sigh. The half completed puzzle laid on my desk. I want to see him. I believe with all my heart that if I complete this, I will see him again. But the last pieces were too difficult for me and so I stopped my work. My eyes hurt and my fingers were red. I sincerely needed a break. I stood and stretched, falling on my bed. I close my eyes and picture his face in my mind. I feel my lips turn up in a full smile. I imagine what I will say when I see him. I imagine his reaction mirroring my own and take me in his arms to hold me close. I want him to give me my first kiss.

I often imagine what he found feel like; his hands. Lips, body... Ra how I love him. It's so heart breaking to be separated from him. I wondered how I survived all this time. I wrapped my arms around myself, wishing it were him. I run my hands down my sides and I giggle quietly and continued to let my hands roam my body, imagining it were him. I feel my face become warm and my pants become more snug as my hands drifted lower.

I open my eyes, suddenly ashamed of what I was doing. I sit up and feel my eyes water. I move to the bathroom and turn the cold tap on, not feeling my condition improve. I strip and step in the shower, flinching as the cold beads hit my flushed body. I quickly wash myself, but lingered in the shower anyway. I lean against the wall and slide to the floor, bringing my knees to my chest. I feel my bangs stick to my face and my hair fall to my back due to the water. I close my eyes and let sobs shake my body.

I want him back so badly. I don't want to live anymore without him. I stood up and turned the water off, steeping out and wrapping a soft towel around me. I looked at the clock and realized I had but an hour until my first class started. I groaned and went to my room to ready for the day.

I make it to my class in time, binder and book in hand along with a small backpack carrying the puzzle pieces, hoping the professor will allow us a small break.

I sigh as class ends, my book full of notes. I was never given the chance to work on the puzzle and so I hurry home, eager to finish. As I walk, I hear a car pull up beside me. I ignore it, thinking it was just someone trying to park.


I turn and see the driver wave at me. "Kaiba-kun?" I walk to the open window and look in.

"Come on, I'll drive you home."

I smile and nod. "Thank you." I put my belongings in the backseat and open the door to the passenger seat and hop in. "What've you been up to lately?"

"New projects."

I nodded. "How's Mokuba?"

"He's coping with high school. He's going to Domino, you know."

I smiled. I knew Mokuba could have gotten into a better school, but I also knew his goal was to be like his brother. Just like mine was to be more like Atemu. I wonder if I even got close.

"So, how about you? Are you doing all right now?"

I close my eyes and lean back in my seat. "I could be better, but I suppose this'll due for now. I've been working on the puzzle." I open my eyes and look ay him. "Do you think he'll want to come back?"

He shrugs. "I wouldn't know. You knew him better than any of us."

I feel the car stop and realized I was home. "Thank you for the ride." He merely nodded. I get my possessions from the back seat. "I'll see you later." I close the door and smiled.

"Later." He paused and looked at me. "Yuugi, take care of yourself. Otherwise he'll worry."

My smile fades as he drives away.


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