Ok ive already posted this on the official casualty site but i wanted to share it with other casualty fans. (Do i sound soppy?)

First of all, let me say i do not own casualty or any of its characters, even though id love to own Luke.

sorry its so short.


Lara sat in the dark silence of the staff room.She needed space away from everyone especially Harry.She bit her lip at the thought of what tomorrow was and let a single tear fall.The tear didnt full it just left a stream of water over Lara's tanned cheeks.She wiped it away and went back to being a professional.

Luke smiled at the thought of being home with Lara.He wanted to touch her skin and kiss her soft,seductive lips.Luke's smile faded tough when he thought of how Lara had been acting the last 2 days, she wouldn't come to bed and always fell asleep on the couch and the only kiss he got from her was a peck on the cheek.Comfort walked out to the ambulance "yo Luke,you with me?Weve got a shout" Luke came out of his thoughts "Yeah,Sorry."