Lara started to fill in the boys chart. As she glanced at the young boy she felt a pain surge through her stomach. Lara bit on her lip as the pain beacme worst.


Lara eyes widen as she felt her skirt become wet and as water fell to the floor.

"It's too soom."

As the pain took over Lara fell crouched to the floor.

"Someone help."

Harry walked in and glanced around.

"Lara, are you in here?"

Lara cried out in pain. Harry looke din the direction of the mixed sobs and moaning. He ran to the doors.

"I need help in here. NOW!"

Charlie and Simon walked in.

"Oh great! 3 bloody men!"

"You ok Stoneface?"

Lara looked at Simon.

"Do i look ok? Im in friggin labour, how do you think im feeling?"

"You're meant to be happy."

"Not when it's too early. Im not even in my eight month yet."

Charlie and Harry bent down and began helping Lara up onto a bed.

"I need Luke. Im not doing anything without him."

Charlie looked at Simon.

"Go get Luke."

"Im a doctor not a message boy."

"Go get him or you're fired."

Simon smiled.

"Harry, tell Charlie he can't fire me."

"He can't."


"But i sure as hell can."

Simon rolled his eyes and headed for the ambulance bay. Charlie went over to the phone to call maternity. Harry and Lara were left alone.

"I don't want you touching me and i don't want you delivering my baby."

"Under the circumstances you have no choice"

(Ambulance Bay)


"What is it Simon?"

Simon slowed down to catch his breath.

"It's Lara...She.."

"What's wrong?"

"She's gone into labour."

Luke took off as Nikki stepped out of the ambulance.

"Where's he going?"

"You better tell Josh that Luke is taking the rest of the day off."



Luke burst in through the double doors.


Luke was now at Lara's side as he took her hand in his.

"Im here."

He used his other hand to brush a piece of hair out of Lara's eyes.

"It's too soon. The baby can't come yet."

Lara began to cry at the thought of losing her baby. All Luke could do was grip her hand tighter.

"Owen is caught up in an operation and we can't take her up to maternity due to the lifts braking down."

Harry put on a pair of gloves.

"Then we'll do it here."

"I can wait."


"I said i can wait!"

Harry and Charlie signalled for Luke to step into a corner.

"Her contractions have already started and if we don't start to deliver the baby then not only could we loose the baby but it's putting Lara's life at risk too."

Luke looked at Lara then at Charlie.

"Let me talk to her."

Luke went back over to Lara. Charlie and Harry watched as he soothed Lara and explained the risk.

"Do you think she'll listen?"

"In all my years of being a doctor Harry, i've seen Lara listen to no one but Luke has the better chance of getting through to her."

Luke kissed Lara on the forehead.


and walked back over to Charlie and Harry.

"You can go ahead but she wants you too know that she is far from happy."

Harry walked over to Lara.

"When i tell you to push, you.."

"I know the god damn procedure. Just because im pregnant doesn't mean i've lose sence of being a doctor."

Harry looked at Luke.

"I can't do this if she's constantly biting my ear off."

"What do you expect after what you did?"

Charlie coughed.

"Push Lara!"


(4 Housr later)

Charlie walked into the staff room where everyone was waiting on news. Comfort, Fin, Josh and Nikki had all finished their shifts but insisted on staying to wait for news. Claire and Roxy were on their break and Bex, well was just being nosy.


Charlie looked proudly around the room.

"Mother and baby are doing fine."

Everyone let out a deep breath which they'd been holding for almost 5 hours.

"Boy or girl?"

"It's a little boy."

Fin jumped.


"Have they named him?"

"Yes. He's called..."


"James Eric Warren."

Lara smiled at the newborn sleeping in her arms.

"He's so beautiful."

"Gets that from his mother."

Luke smiled down at Lara.

"Can't believe we made something so tiny."

"And so precious."

Lara leaned into Luke.


"For what?"

"How happy you've made me."

"and for the same reason i thank you."

Luke looked down at Lara's face. She had falled asleep. Luke gently lifted the small sleeping bundle from her arms.

"Welcome to the world James."

The End.