by Blue Topaz


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She didn't know for sure whether Fate was her nemesis or not.

But, it looked like it enjoyed laughing at her expense. So much in fact, that she began questioning whether she'd done something horrid in her past life; so horrible, that Fate decided she had to pay for her sins now.

But *come on*, no one should have to endure this. She wouldn't wish this predicament even on her worst enemy. No one should suffer this much.

She hated Fate.

Never mind that Fate helped her stay alive for the past seven years. Or that it was Fate who introduced her to the wonderful world of SGC, and brought him into her life.

By 'him', she meant the unfairly-handsome-charismatic-sarcastic-enigmatic-(and any other positive adjectives that ended with -ic)-out of limit-CO.

She felt cheated.

There he was, the only man that seemed to meet *all* her requirements and she couldn't have him. Worse of all, Fate loved to flaunt him in front of her, teasing her, taunting her, baiting her, dangling him so many times like a proverbial juicy red meat in front of a hungry lion (i.e. her). The ultimate forbidden fruit.

Like now.

His strong and masculine upper body pressed so closely to hers. There was no gap between them. His chest mashed hers. His arms engulfed her in a tight embrace. As was hers. His thighs touched hers, one lay beneath, the others upon. His breath tickled her ears. His warmth flowed through her veins.

Need she continue?

Sure, the predicament was essentially Daniel's fault. After all, he was the one who refused to marry the local princess. But, *Fate* was the one who allowed Cupid to fire his arrow to the spoilt, young woman's heart, wasn't it? And Fate was also the one who decided that the P76 9C2's inhabitants tied their prisoners certain way, right?

Which, she must admit, was very effective, in a round-a-bout way. They positioned the prisoners (two or more) face to face, limbs tangled in certain ways so that it was impossible to separate the bodies. Their arms and legs secured by complicated knots.

Luckily (or not), Teal'c was not with them when the princess ordered their capture. Daniel was escorted to the princess' chamber. Her goal was obvious; to seduce the linguist while using his teammates as bargaining chips.

Another victim of Daniel's puppy-dog-eyes, the Colonel had labeled the princess.

Oh well, at least Teal'c was out there, somewhere. He'd asked for the Colonel's permission earlier to look around the village alone. The request was granted easily, and the villagers didn't seem to pose any danger. Well, the villagers *were* harmless! Sadly the same couldn't be said about their ruler. Surely the Jaffa would soon hear about this and came to their rescue.

"So ..."

At least, their captor didn't put a gag on them.

"So ..."

He sighed loudly, accepting defeat. For the past few hours, he had tried every trick in the book, from wiggling and stretching, to fumbling and rubbing against her, all in the name of loosing up the rope. Didn't he know that frictions generate heat? She suffered the whole ordeal while chanting "USAF, USAF, USAF, USAF..." inside her head. Her sanity was hanging by a thread.

"Any ideas?".

She suppressed the sensation as the whisper on her left ear nearly proved to be her undoing.

Why oh why?

"Um ... afraid not." She couldn't think. She was too busy struggling between conflicting pleasures and common sense. So far, common sense held his ground, but it was a rocky one. She bet pleasure would soon knock her opponent down. Why wouldn't it? Her body was plastered against his; touching some inappropriate places.

Why did temptation have to be so ... tempting?

"Are you alright?" the concern voice of a friend distracted her from her current state of mind. The head on her left shoulder drew back, separating his body from hers slightly. Instinctively she faced him, prompting their foreheads to touch against each other. His brown eyes bore deep into hers, searching for any indication of her problem. The intensity of the gaze forced her to blink several times.

"I'm okay. Just ..." She hesitated; unsure whether she could trust herself to keep this to herself.

"Prefer not to be tied up?" he finished her sentence.

"There's that," she admitted, refusing to meet his gaze for much longer, her head moving back to its previous position. "And something else."

"Want to tell me about it?"

Sure! When pigs fly she'd do *just* that. Or when they were no longer in the same chain of command. Or when by some miracle, the fraternization rules no longer existed ... any one of those would do. She wasn't that picky.

"It's nothing, really." She replied, trying to evade the question. "It's just that … this is so unfair."

"Unfair?" He was amused by her answer.

"Yeah. Daniel always gets the comfy accommodation."

"Well, what can I say? That boy sure oozes charm. Girls fall at his feet quite easily."

"I guess so."

The silence was back. It was a comfortable one. They'd known each other for so long now, that sometimes conversation wasn't needed. They simply enjoyed each other company, even though awkward moments could arise now and again.

Her peripheral vision suddenly caught something interesting. So interesting that she decided to focus all her attention at it. The more she stared, the more she longed for it. But no matter what, she couldn't have it. So, she settled with glaring instead.

"Stop it!" he ordered.

"Sir?" she was puzzled.

"You are staring at my neck. Stop it!"

She huffed indignantly. "I am *not* staring at your neck."

Which was half-true. It wasn't his neck in general that she was staring at. It was the *vein* on his neck, the one that was beating regularly. It looked good enough to bite. The skin was well tanned and the gentle pounding of his blood made it at least ten times more irresistible. She licked her lips in anticipation, aware that he couldn't see her action.

"I can feel your eyes burning a hole on it," he accused.

Mmm ... she was quite sure that she wasn't a vampire. Thus, it didn't explain this sudden urge of making her teeth imprint *there*. Surely there was another reason for this unexplainable ... desire.

"Really?" She played the game amicably.

"Carter, *stop* it!" he repeated the order. "It's making me nervous."

She could feel him tensing. Feeling slightly guilty of being the cause of his discomfort, she forced herself to avert her eyes from their newly found obsession. She sighed inwardly.

"Thank you." He let out a breath.

The muscles beneath her arms relaxed considerably. Speaking of muscle ... a vision of bare arms that belonged to a certain colonel entered her vision. She closed her eyes and tried her best to chase the image away. It was unwise to be in a gutter when their lives were in danger. But the gutter had another idea. Instead of letting her go, it sucked her more deeply like quick sand. The owner of the bare arms now had bare feet as well. Nice.

Then a bare chest.

Mmm ... gutter was a great place to be.

Followed by bare thighs.

Holly Hannah!

She was mentally undressing her CO. Her *superior* officer. Whom she should respect and honored. And yet, here she was, stripping articles of his clothing one by one inside her head.

She was such a pervert.

The realization made her frown. Her? A pervert? Something was wrong. Very wrong. But when it came to *him*, she had admitted long ago that anything was possible. Using her fuzzy logic, she deduced that because he was 'wrong' for her, then *everything* could go wrong if it concerned him. Thus, it made a perfect sense.

At least, that's what she told herself anyway. Logic sorted, now it was time to continue her previous activity.

Where was she? Oh yeah, the naked thighs. Now, it was time to take off his --

"Carter, stop it!" he hissed.

She hated when people interrupted her like that. "What?"

"Whatever you're doing, you'd better stop it, right now!" The strain on his voice was not hard to miss.

Genuinely clueless, she asked him again. "What is it that you want me to stop doing?" The last time she checked, he was not a mind reader.

"You damn well know what it is," he said through gritted teeth.

If she knew, she wouldn't ask him, would she? But she was wise enough not to say it out loud. Besides, she *did* something that did warrant his caution. And not to mention --


Hello there.

Someone was happy to see her. But she needed to check anyway, just in case.



"They took your sidearm, didn't they?"

His body tensed. His silence was the confirmation that she was asking for. She might have lost the feeling in her arms and legs, but her ... certain body part was still alert enough to sense any additional pressure.

So ...

Whatever she did earlier apparently had an effect on him. He was only human and she was pleasantly surprised to know that she could stir the man in him. That was good to know. Well, okay, that was *great* to know. She was, after all, sighing with delight and panting a little when her imagination ran wild earlier. Pressing her body closer to his, allowing her to get to know the contours of his body better.

Ah. Right ... so, *that* was the things that he wanted her to stop doing. She didn't even realize the that she was doing it.

She grinned openly like the cat that got the cream. Or like a maniac! She didn't particularly care, and *that* usually only happened when she was gloating. More so, when she didn't get any reply for her rhetorical question.

Looked like Fate was throwing her a bone.

She wondered how far she could push her advantage ... and get away with it. He couldn't report it to General Hammond anymore than she could. Whatever happened in this room would stay in this room. That thought gave her the boost of confidence she needed.

"Don't!" was all he said.

She was tempted to play innocent, but being ignorant was more her style. She blatantly disregarded his warning. Her eyes reverting back to his neck. Without any further ado, her lips descended onto his skin.

He jumped.

And cursed. But he made no effort to discourage the activity. With silent acceptance her tongue and teeth began feasting on him. Closing her eyes only seemed to heighten her pleasure. The salty taste of his skin began overwhelming her taste bud.

He kept on cursing. Disturbingly enough, she found it endearing.

The pressure *down* there was definitely increasing and she was purring in satisfaction, her mouth began traveling seductively along his neck.

"Carter! *Get* a grip!" he snapped, as the tip of her tongue touched his collarbone.

Was he kidding? Didn't he know that she was having fun? She had to shut him up. And there was only one way that she could do that. She snapped her head back and stared at his lips hungrily.

He saw it too.

"No." The fire in his eyes was enough to make sure that she followed that order.

"Why not?" She whined unashamedly.

"Because, there's definitely something wrong with you," he insisted. "Or else you wouldn't be doing this."

Huh? So he wanted to blame her behavior on some alien influence. That was fine by her. As long as he allowed her to do as she pleased. Ignoring his indignant cry, she attacked the other side of his neck. That should teach him not to deny her his lips next time.

"Major, snap out of it," he growled. She ignored him, but he tried again, "Carter, this isn't you."

And? So? But? Therefore?

Even *if* she was under an influence (which she might be - she ate some strange cake and drank some unknown hooch earlier), she was *not* going to waste the opportunity to taste the whole surface of his neck. Maybe more if he allowed it. If Fate decided that she should not be in her right mind at this moment, then there was nothing that she could do. Except make the best out of it.

Besides, he was enjoying it. His body clearly said so.

And it's a fact that fighting Fate was futile. She knew it from past experience.

Man, he was delicious. Sensing his hesitation, she pushed their bodies forward so that he was now lying on his back with her on top. She began trailing his jaw with lips, kissing downwards. He was saying something to her, but she was so engrossed in her chore that she couldn't make out what it was. The words 'home', 'Fraiser' and 'examination' came up a lot though. Her body started moving provocatively, stretching and rubbing with only one goal in mind. To make him want her like she wanted him.

First things first. His lips required her attention.

She had to touch it with hers, but that damn man kept tilting his head upwards, denying her wish. The rope limited her degree of freedom, but that was all right, she could lure the said lips to her. Nibbling the flesh that was presented to her, she waited patiently.

No need to rush things. They had all the times in the world.

"O'Neill, MajorCarter."

Or *not*.

She felt like screaming. Teal'c was usually possessed with great timing, what was wrong with him today?

"Teal'c, buddy. Untie us. Now!" pleaded the Colonel desperately.

"Am I interrupting something?" the Jaffa inquired. Well, he was neither blind nor stupid.



Surely there was no need to clarify which one said which.

To his credit, Teal'c only raised one eyebrow and said, "Very well," before cutting them free in no time.

She grumbled but held no grudge against the Jaffa. She never could. But when the colonel's warmth left her, she gave him an evil look. Teal'c seemed confused, but he maintained his silence. The colonel looked relieved when they were finally separated. Not that she could blame him. She was quite sure that he was on the verge of giving up to his lust when Teal'c came in.


Oh well. Better not to dwell in the past. She could always start over. It wasn't like she didn't enjoy making the effort. Comforting herself with that thought, she smiled brightly. And for that, the Colonel eyed her warily. It seemed that he recognized the trouble he was in.

He whispered something to Teal'c and soon he was armed with a Zat gun. He aimed it at her. She knew what he was going to do. She was a liability in her current state. He couldn't risk her seducing him while they went to rescue Daniel.

"Can't you just tie me up again instead?" she offered an alternative. Being Zatted was not really a pleasant experience.

"I could." He nodded solemnly.

She knew the routine all too well. She put her hands behind her back and watched as the Colonel walking closer towards her. Giving the Zat back to Teal'c he moved nearer, holding a piece of rope in his hand. When he was just a step away from her, he said, "Turn around."

Fate might have played her like a puppet on a string, using her for a source of amusement, but she was smart. She knew how to cheat Fate.

Before he (or Fate) could say or do anything else, she flung both of her arms around him, drawing him close to her and claimed his lips in one single flawless motion.

Never let it be said that Sam Carter didn't know how to get what she wanted ... even when she was under the influence.

* The End *

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