The New Commander

LEP commander Holly Short walked into Headquarters one morning. "Good afternoon Foaly." She said.

"And a good afternoon to you." The centaur replied.

Holly had been promoted to commander after commander Root retired. She presided over the police force of Haven, the fairy capital.

"Get me the specs on the new recruit, Jasmine." Holly ordered.

"Coming right up commander." Foaly obliged.

"Hmm, Let's see. Good background, first in class in military school. Looks good Foaly, buzz her in."

The new LEP fairy walked nervously into Holly's office. "Sit down." Holly said. "What is your name?"

"My name is Jasmine. Private Jasmine"

"There is no reason to be scared Jasmine" Holly assured her. "We only want to know where you want to be placed."

"Um, I want to join the Haven Police force." Jasmine finally decided.

"OK. You should report to captain Trouble Kelp for instructions tomorrow morning." Holly said.

"Thank you commander, I will not let LEP down."

"I know you won't Jasmine, no go on and leave, I have other work to do." Jasmine leaves with a look of sheer joy on her face.

"I remember when I was a private." Holly reminisced.

"I remember too." Chimed in Foaly. Holly was disgusted that he had been listening. "It was thanks to you that 25 percent of all the LEP employees are now female."

"Yep," said Holly fondly, "those were the days."

"Hurry up or you'll be late for the induction ceremony." Foaly reminded her.

"Oh, right." Holly checked her hair, and made sure he uniform looked good. She walked down the hall toward the auditorium. She liked it when passing people said, "Hi commander." or "Hello commander Holly"

Holly walked in and took her seat in the front row. "Trouble" Kelp was the emcee, for the ceremony. Holly was nervous with jitters, and delight. She was going to be inducted as the new commander.

"Nervous Commander?" said sergeant Chix Verbil from the row behind.

"Yes, a little nervous, though not as much as when I fist came here" she replied.

"I would now like to have your attention." Trouble said, his voice magnified by Foaly's voice enhancer. "OK, we are now going to start the ceremony." Holly clapped politely as all of the new members went up, nervous and jittery. Then the new sergeants went up. She clapped for them too. Trouble went on through the ranks, when he finally said. "We have a special advancement to present tonight. Would Holly Short please come up?" They clapped the loudest for Holly. She was the first woman commander. Root, who was sitting in the back row, was clapping as hard as his cigar stained hands would go.

"Come on Holly." Holly walked up onto the stage and shook Trouble's hand. "I never really thought I could get this far." Holly said, "It shows all of you female LEP officers out there, that you really can do just as well as the boys. I also would not have gotten this if it wasn't for the retired commander Root." Root was beaming up at Holly. "He always believed in me, except when we disagreed. I would also like to thank Atemis Fowl." Shocks and gasps come from the audience. "Yes, Artemis Fowl. If it weren't for him, I would have been killed. Three times. And lastly I would like to thank Foaly, for being there with whatever gadgets I needed. "


Stick around for chapter 2 The Bomb