A Meeting with Artemis

Suspended commander Holly Short brought shuttle to halt in front of Fowl Manor. She tentatively walked up toward Artemis' front door. It had been over 5 years since the two had seen each other, apart from a rare video conversation to talk about a nuclear waste leakage that was threatening the fairy city of Pazooza. She rang the doorbell and waited.

A now old and grey Butler answered the door.

"Hello?" he said, his voice retaining it's air of commanding presence it had when Holly had previously known him. Holly, recognizing a friend, unshielded herself and said in an urgent voice, "Let me see Fowl"

"Right this way Holly, Artemis will be glad to see you."

Artemis Fowl sat in a chair surrounded by a semicircle of computers all displaying different articles of information. He looked up in surprise when he saw Holly.

"Holly Short, I don't believe it! Come in! Come in!" Artemis said. Holly could not help but look at him, since he was now a handsome looking 20 year old.

"What brings you up to the surface to visit?" He asked.

"We have a problem in Haven. It seems that one of your "countries" as you call them has somehow bombed the city. Right under our feet, the entire fairy race is preparing for an all-out war on the mud men." Holly explained.

"But, how did the bomb hit Haven? Isn't it supposed to be protected?" Butler interrupted.

"Yes, it's supposed to be, but somehow the bomb got past that or destroyed it." Holly said, still in a nervous, hurried state. Holly quickly relayed the story of the bombing and her encounter with the Elder's council.

Artemis looked back to his monitors and started typing furiously. Both Holly and Butler watched him, not wanting to disturb him lest he lose his train of thought.

"Aha! I've got it!" Exclaimed Artemis after a few minutes. "The United States is currently working on a new, top-secret bunker buster bomb, which properly detonated, would travel to about 2000 feet before it blew up, which would explain the bomb you talk about. It was probably all an accident, the U.S. government shows no sign, in any document of fairies, other than in metaphoric terms." Now Holly was even more nervous.

"So if we are attacking people who don't even know we exist and had no intention of hurting us. If we do attack there might actually be a war over all the earth which would destroy fairy and mud men kind!" Holly said. She looked almost dizzy from the thought of it. "I need to go warn the council!" She exclaimed, and prepared to set off for Haven.

"No, wait Holly. We need to discus a plan of action. One little voice will do the trick, though it must be very well placed."

Holly and Artemis pondered over possible plans of action for a while. Finally they came up with a plan. Holly was to take evidence, courtesy of Artemis, back to the council to plead again for peace. Artemis was to keep a close watch on the U.S. government to make sure that the fairies remained unknown. "Ok, this looks like it is as good as it's going to get." Holly said glumly. "Though I have no idea how I'm going to convince the council on this, they are already leaning toward war so much, they might just fall over."

The television Juliet was watching in the next room suddenly flickered and died. Then, and image of Head Elder Gothix appeared on the screen. "This is an official warning to the mud men. The Fairies have declared war and will be arriving en mass within the day. You mud men shall pay for the pain you have caused us!" Then the screen went blank.

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