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Death is a blessing

Chapter 1

Harry's joy at seeing the member's of the order waiting for him at the station was short lived. When they got back to Privet Drive Uncle Vernon had taken Hedwig and put her in the garage, Harry protested but it was no use;

"I'ILL NOT HAVE YOU WRITING LIES ABOUT US TO THAT BUNCH OF FREAKS! When you need to send a letter I will read it before hand" He shouted, going quite purple by the time he finished. After locking Hedwig up, he got hold of Harry by the scruff of the neck and had locked him in his room too. Harry glared at the door as he heard each of the five locks snap into position. He sighed and stared at the room. It had changed, it was still dark, dank and small, but the window now was double glazed with only a small top panel, it was too small for Hedwig, it was too small for a lot of owls. It wasn't the only change, his small cot had been changed now was a single bed with wrought iron head and foot board. Harry was instantly suspicious on closer examination he saw the reason for the change, on the footboard there were two chains with buckled ankle cuffs, he looked at the headboard anger rising in him two sets of handcuffs on either side he tugged on them, it was solid. He stifled a harsh laugh, so his uncle finally though he would have trouble holding him down. He glanced around; the rest of the fixtures seemed the same. Two days later his uncle called him down

"BOY! Get down here!" Harry left his room, his uncle was in the dining room, on the table was an ink pot, a quill and a piece of parchment. Harry looked at his uncle quizzically.

"Write that bunch of abnormal misfits a letter, you will tell them you are fine and treated well, or I swear you'll have some thing to complain about!" Vernon said menacingly. Harry swallowed hard; he should have seen that one coming. Once the letter was finished uncle Vernon dragged him to the garage, Harry stroked Hedwig, she hadn't been fed nearly enough. She hooted her appreciation as he took her to the door, he whispered to her

"Stay with Ron" and with that she flew off, he glared at his uncle

"She's starving!" he shouted.

"SHE'S FINE!" His uncle stepped into the garage and bought the back of his hand down on Harry's face so hard his glasses flew off and Harry was thrown to the ground. His uncle loomed over him, Harry glared undaunted at him

"She might not make it" Harry whispered, his uncle walked over to him

"Good!" he snarled he kicked Harry in the stomach Harry grunted and doubled over. His uncle stalked off toward the door, he turned round and hissed

"Help you aunt, she has a list of jobs for you, finish it and you may get dinner" he snapped. Harry lay there for another minute before getting up and going to the kitchen. His aunt thrusted a piece of paper under his nose

"Do this" she snapped, Harry glanced down the list, even if he had all day he wouldn't even get half of it done, and it was lunchtime before he had been let out. There was no point arguing though so he simply got on with it. When the light went he had just finished mowing the lawn. It was late, almost ten he sighed and looked down the list, he had 5 jobs left.

"GET INSIDE NOW!" his uncle roared from the door. Harry felt a rock hit his stomach his time was up. He stalked into the house.

"Upstairs" snapped Vernon. Harry walked straight into his bedroom, the door slammed as was locked behind him. An hour later he heard the locks being opened, his uncle walked in. Harry stared at him, faster then Harry thought was possible for someone that big to move, his uncle grasped the front of his shirt and threw him on the bed, all the wind was knocked from his lungs, his uncle reached up and forced his wrists into the cuffs, Harry struggled but it was useless. His uncle then secured his ankles in the restraints and stalked out the room, he returned carrying a bag.

"Open you mouth" he spat, and when Harry refused he hit him in the stomach, as Harry gasped for air, something the size of a ping pong ball was forced in his mouth. So here we are again he thought. The gag had buckle fastenings too and they were done up so tight he thought his face was splitting in two. Uncle Vernon then undid Harry's shirt, he reached back in the bag and pulled out a whip, he bought it down savagely across Harry's bare chest, Harry bit into the gag and pulled on the restraints, his uncle laughed bitterly

"One lashing for every job you didn't get done" and to his word uncle Vernon bought the whip down again and again, five times in total. He left five slender cuts across his chest. I will not cry I will not cry Harry kept repeating to himself. When his uncle was done, he put the whip under the bed. He reached into his pockets and undid the handcuffs. Harry rubbed his writs glaring at him until the door was shut again and the locks slid home. Harry undid the rest of the restraints and gingerly touched the wounds. He found himself relieved, if his aunt and cousin weren't in, he would have got something a lot worse.

This was how his days went, since Hedwig had not returned he had to send his letters to the Order back with the birds they came with. Every three days he wrote the responses under his uncle's watchful eye, every night his was whipped for failing the ever increasing list of tasks. One day he did finish but his uncle said he had done such a bad job on all of them that it didn't count, so he got all 20 lashed across his back. Occasionally the punishment was extended when the others were out. After a week and a half of no food and little water Harry could take it no more, he was out in the garden the sunburn he had was terrible, the Order seemed contented with his responses so rescue was not likely for a long time, he was so hungry he could barley stand he went into the shed, his aunt and uncle has one of those shedder things for mulching wood, he took the lid off and slowly removed the blades. He sat down in a secluded spot and bought the blade down on his arms, the pain shorted the hunger, but he already knew that. The second cut was deeper and followed the vain to his wrist, the blood splayed out over everything; before he got too weak he switched hands and did the same on the other arm. He lay down and passed out. When he came to, he was back in his room, restrained once more, his arms were bandaged. They left him there for a day before punishing him for spilling blood on the lawn and giving him a list twice as long to make up for it.

Two days later he had just been sent in with his list incomplete he dragged himself up the stairs and into his room. His window was open as wide at it went, on the sill inside he saw something familiar, a beetle with circles round its antenna Harry rolled his eyes

"Rita, get out! Now! You'll get me in trouble and don't change, the ministry will put your magic down as mine and I'll get kicked out!" He hissed. The beetle just stared defiantly at him. Downstairs he heard the front door go. There were footsteps outside the locks were slowly being opened.

"Please!" he begged her but as the last lock slid free he moved swiftly from the window. His uncle looked particularly mean tonight his lips curled into a snarl

"Your aunt and cousin have gone out shopping, we're all alone" he gloated. The lump in Harry's throat made friends with the one in his stomach. His uncle reached for him, Harry didn't resist there was no point. After he was tied to the bed his uncle removed Harry's glasses and dropped unceremoniously on the side. His uncle removed the whip. Harry had failed to complete 15 jobs today; Harry bit into the gag and awaited the snap of the whip. He counted each excruciating strike. Uncle Vernon had put so much effort into it that even he was breathing heavily by the end. Harry opened his eye's Rita was no longer on the window sill. Then came what Harry had been really dreading, the whip was put down, his uncle smiled cruelly at Harry, he reached down and slid Harry's second hand (and therefore miles too big) trousers down, Harry felt the cool nights air on his skin as his underwear was removed as well, Harry struggled but could not break free, Vernon climbed on top of him…