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Chapter 48

As Outkast took her last breath and her pulse stopped, all the powers that came with the title of Dia transferred to their new owner, Harry…


Harry waited for the green bolt as the spell was cast, but instead of green, he saw white. He was dimly aware of Voldemort's tortured scream and then he felt it. Power like nothing he had ever felt before. The magic coursed through his veins settings his blood on fire. Voldemort could only stand and stare, it hadn't occurred to him that this boy would inherit the powers of his sister but he couldn't deny what he saw.

The light faded, Harry was still breathing heavily but looked more then a little pissed off, he sent a blasting curse in the direction of Voldemort, propelling him clear across the room. He summoned his wand and sent up the mark of the Dia, silently pondering how he knew to do that. He stood up looking cool and calm, he felt it too he was more confident then ever, he could do this and he knew, not thought he knew he was going to win.


Severus wrapped his arms around Outkast and let the tears fall, but she was roughly pulled from him, he went to let loose on who ever took her from him but again was cut off

"Don't tell you lot don't know CPR either?" Hermione snapped before giving two rescue breaths and starting chest compression, Sev stared blankly then looked at the medi-witch who didn't seem to know either.

"I know it, taught us at football camp in case we were refs" Dean shouted pushing his way over, he took over the rescue breathing"

"What are you doing" Sev choked as he heard something in Outkast crack

"We...trying … to…..save…her…..life" Hermione spoke in time with the compressions. Albus nodded thoughtfully

"This is a mortal wound Severus not a magic one, CPR may allow her to be saved, providing we can get out of her soon" he said looking around the chamber. Minerva snorted

"The only way that's going to happen is if a parselmouth lets us out"

"Then let us hope it is the one on our side" he whispered back.


Harry couldn't help the smile; I'm kicking his slimly snaky ass he thought as he bombarded Voldemort with another spell that he had never been taught but somehow knew. Something told him to finish this soon he looked at the pathetic creature cowering on the floor and prepared for the final assault. He stepped close to concentrate the spell he didn't notice the blade until it was too late….


The chamber door started to move, many of the students whimpered as the teachers forced themselves between them and what ever came through the door. Everyone held their breath until the figures could be made out.

"Oh my God" Minerva gasped as the figure came further in, flanked by many of their army. Harry smiled

"Not quite" he coughed; he as leaning heavily on Sirius and his arm was wrapped around his side, holding it together. Albus smiled

"Glad to see you my boy" he said cheerfully Harry nodded and then looked around.

"Where is she?" He whispered, the twinkle in the old man's eye dimmed slightly and he pointed to where the prone body of the former Dia lay, Severus close by almost catatonic. Leaning on Sirius Harry limped over to her and collapsed beside her body, ever as Hermione and Dean fought for her life. He took that in looked at them and then the wound.

"Stop" he whispered Hermione gave him a doubting look until she saw his eyes, she nodded to Dean and they moved away. Harry knelt over the form and his hands above her chest, glowing white

"I thank you for the loan, but my job is complete, I don't want to be Dia, I can't I'm too young and yet I am too tired. Take them back my Guardian. Take. Them. Back" A white beam seemingly emanating from the ceiling shot down through Harry's hands and into Outkast's chest. He closed his eyes against the pain and bit his lip to prevent shouting out. This time he was sure he was on fire, he was going to burn from the inside out.

"Harry? HARRY" Sev snapped out of his waking coma and went to grab his son, both Remus and Sirius tried to restrain him but the thought of losing Harry as well was too much for the potion master, and in a burst of barely controlled magic the were catapulted to other sides of the chamber, but even as he reached them he ran into a barrier that seemed to around the two. He hit it and he cursed and screamed but couldn't break through.

A few short seconds later, the shield and the light disappeared. Harry fell to one side and was out cold, Sev reached for him first. Harry was very warm, the wound on his side was bleeding, Sev looked at himself covered in the blood of the two people in the world he loved.

"He'll be ok" came a croaky voice to his right, he could hardly believe it but sure enough her eyes were open and she was smiling at him.

"You're alive" he gasped

"Ya sure ya betcha" she said slowly sitting up, she winced when she noticed her rib was broken and put two and two together,

"CPR?" he nodded


"Us" Hermione said from inside Ron's arms Outkast nodded at her and Dean

"Thank you" Hermione wasn't listening she was focused on Harry who hadn't moved, both her and Ron had tears in their eye's

"He'll be ok in a few days, it's just the stress of the injury and the power shifts. But we do need to get him to the medical wing." Sev nodded and picked him up.

Sirius staggered over rubbing his head.

"There's order members and Alighters all along the tunnel and top side so we can get out" he said before producing the wands from his pocket. Albus pulled his from the pile

"Return to your owner" he said waving his wand at the pile, all the wands jumped into the air and scattered towards their respective wizards and witches. Albus looked around

"Severus you and Harry first, then Madame Pomfrey and Outkast – and I expect to be able to talk to al of you in the infirmary later" he looked pointedly at Outkast who merely nodded, she was leaning on the medi-witch but her strength was returning quickly

"The Sirius and Remus as they are both injured now too, and then the students, Minerva organise that" he said strolling off to the bottom of the drop. Sure enough there were ropes and devices to pull everyone out of the tunnel.


When Harry woke in the infirmary the first thing he became aware of was the royal headache he now had. The next was the face that there was a one hand on either of his. He open his eyes slowly and squinted to make out the faces of Sev and Outkast talking quietly across him.

"Hi dad, hi mum" he whispered and then smiled at the response he was swept into a group hug by his new parents oh, I could definitely get used to that he thought. As they set he back he reached for the glass, Sev beat him to it and raised the glass to his lips. Instead of arguing Harry gulped the water down and felt decidedly more human after. Harry smiled at his father as the empty cup was taken away

"More?" Sev enquired, Harry shook his head. The door to the infirmary opened, Harry sighed he didn't have to look to know that it was Professor Dumbledore, he retrieved his glasses and awaited the inevitable debrief he always got at this time of year and strangely more often then not from this bed. The headmaster smiled benignly at him

"Harry I know this is probably the last thing you want to talk about but we need to know where Tom is and what happened" Harry nodded already resigned to the inevitable, Severus and Outkast however weren't

"I don't think now is the time now the place Albus" Severus stated firmly

"Yeah give him a break Alby he's been through hell and back" The headmaster cringed at the nickname Outkast had decided to use but shook it off, he was about to defend his decision but Harry jumped in

"No it's ok, I'd rather get it out the way anyhow" Sev nodded albeit reluctantly. Harry took a breath and started to explain what had happened from the time he woken to when he arrived at the chamber. He got to the part about receiving the Dia's powers and needed to take a brake, he drank another glass of water before continuing his story. Finally he got to the part where Voldemort pulled a knife.


Harry didn't notice the blade until it was too late. Voldemort turned and sliced the blade through the air, it was more by luck then judgement on his part that he caught Harry with the weapon. The knife cut cleanly through Harry's torso causing the Gryffindor to stagger. As Voldemort bought the knife through the air again, Harry ducked out the way and came to stand behind the formidable wizard. He aim again and screamed the spell in desperation

"Anima perditore" the words were out of his mouth before it occurred to him that he didn't know what they meant. A purple jet sprung from his wand and engulfed the Dark Lord, who screamed in agony, Harry took his chance knowing it was the only one he had and lift his wand again

"Avada Kedavra" He put all the power he had behind that spell, fuelling it with the hate over his parents death, his unfair treatment by the Dursley's, Sirius' prison term, the worm Pettigrew, the loss of Draco's family and his father's youth. The green light ploughed into Voldemort, it didn't only kill him, it destroyed him eating him from the inside out until all that was left was a pile of smoking robes. With the death of the wizard all his spells lost their power, the doors of the castle opened allowing the Alighter's, Auror's and Order members who had been desperately trying to break in to enter. They quickly started rounding up the Death Eaters, caught by the apparition wards of the castle. Some of the Death Eater's tried to fight back but they were out numbered and out skilled.

It took Harry several minutes to hear the banging on the doors of the great hall and to realise that he had to take that ward down. As soon as he did Sirius practically fell into the room followed by Tonk's and a few order member's. They took in the sight of Harry standing over the remains and came to a halt

"I did it, I actually did it" Harry whispered, more to himself but they all heard. Sirius carefully placed a hand on his shoulder

"Yes you did" Harry nodded and snapped out of his daze

"Come on" He said grabbing Sirius' arm

"Where we going?"

"To free the school" on their way they ran into several Alighter's who tried to proclaim their loyalty to the new Dia, Harry just snarled and said he wasn't, at least not yet.

End Flashback

Harry was toying with the threads on the blanket looking anywhere but at the people in the room

"Well done Harry" Albus said

"I have one question – what is anima perditore?" Sev asked, he had moved onto the bed and was stroking Harry's hair. Harry shrugged

"I didn't know then and I don't know now"

"It means soul destroyer" Outkast informed them, at the blank stares she was receiving and elaborated

"It's an ancient curse designed to fix ones soul in a body, to prevent them from becoming ghosts it was normally inflicted on murderers and other criminals to prevent them from haunting their victims families or chasing their victims if they were ghosts. It means that the spirit dies with the


"Ok so how did I know it?" Harry asked puzzled

"Dia's always inherit the knowledge of those who came before, you hadn't time to assimilate it all but you were able to access what you needed. She smiled

"I'm so proud of you Harry, it took me a week just to be able to function again" Harry blushed causing Outkast to smirk.

"Well I must be going, I have to go deal with the minister and other's and I do believe that your fan club is awaiting an audience with you Mr. Potter. Harry looked over at his father

"Actually it's Snape" Albus grinned and nodded left, narrowly avoiding by knocked down by assorted redheads, a blonde and a bushy brunette as he opened the door.

Draco reached Harry first and bounced on the bed, ever since his father said he didn't have to behave like a Malfoy, he had become openly affectionate, though nothing to this extent as he plastered kisses all over Harry's face

"Never kiss do kiss that kiss again kiss" Harry giggled trying to fend him off but was feeling rather good about it really

"Draco kiss I Kiss don't kiss intend kiss too kiss"

"Good" chorused the other's before pulling Draco off Harry so they could all hug him.

After the initial hugs and kisses, everything settled down, at least until the twins arrived with Sirius and Remus and the ward became host to the most over the top firework display Hogwart's had ever seen. It had Harry in stitches, especially when Sirius managed to set the beds on fire and came under the wrath of Madame Pomfrey. He just grinned and shrugged, he was pretty much immune to it after years of being shouted at.


The end of school was more jubilant then anyone could remember, the ministry now had recovered most of the Death eaters, there had been endless parties to celebrate the destruction of Voldemort and the fall of the dark and as a treat school exams (with the exceptions of the NEWTS and OWLS) had been cancelled. Everyone was just kicking back. A week after the 'final battle' as it had been dubbed the Ministry – through the Prophet announced the formation of 'Harry Potter day' – a bank holiday to be held annually on Harry's birthday. When the news hit the school Harry was bombarded with requests for his appearance at parties and begged to give autographs on the copy of the Prophet that contained the article. Harry had gone bright red and tried to hide under the table. His attempt was thwarted by Draco and the Gryffindor boys, who dragged him out and paraded him around on their shoulders like a trophy singing 'here comes the destroyer of Voldemort' a song that seemed to have no other words and a multitude of tunes as no one could agree on one. By the end of breakfast Harry couldn't get any redder and looked on the verge of running away. In fact he did, he went and hid in his room but Draco followed him. Draco didn't even say hello he just pounced on Harry pushing him into the mattress without warning. The logical part of Harry's brain was trying to come up with a reason for Draco's strange behaviour, but the horny side of his brain told the logical side of his brain to go fuck itself and held on for the ride.

After they had finished Draco smiled at him

"You're unbelievably hot when you're embarrassed" he whispered seductively Harry rolled his eyes

"Figures" he muttered. As it was already mid-morning they decided to skip classes till lunch and just stay in bed.


At the end of term Harry was grinning like a maniac as he handed out cards with his new address out to his friends, the prospect of never going back to the Dursely's was making him giddy. In fact it was the only thing he demanded of the Minisitry in return for 'dealing with the Dark Lord situation' as they put it – he had Severus formally recognised as his father, and then got the biggest shock of his life when he found out that Outkast had put in to adopt him.

"We're going to be a real family, Harry and we're going to make up for you life of hell" She smiled at him, a genuine honest smile, not an 'I told you that would blow up' smirk or an 'I know something you don't' grin an actual smile. Harry threw his arms around her neck causing her to laugh as she hugged him back. As an act of reconciliation (caused by Harry doing the best puppy dog eyes ever – a look he'll deny to the death he knows he does) Remus was made one of his official Godfathers, and Sirius was acknowledge as the other. Harry was a little sad as he waved his friends off at the station, but he was comforted to know that he would see them on his birthday if not before. He laughed, he was spending his first official 'Harry Potter day' hiding at his home, and he had already his friends for the party. It promised to be a big event.

As a celebration (and from Sev's point of view a need to formalise their relationship sooner rather then later) Sev and Outkast's wedding had been move to the first week of July and while the guest list was long, it was exclusive and even if people had plans they dropped them in order to attend. It had taken a bit of planning and running round like a headless chicken. Eventually Outkast accepted defeat and admitted she couldn't organise it on her own. Harry came to the rescue by picking up the phone. Within an hour Hermione was there and getting everything into shape, from ordering the flowers to ordering the couple to sit down and write their vows.

"You're really good at this, you could do it as a career" Harry said as they went for a walk one night, Hermione blushed

"It's not as difficult as using a time turner to attend all your classes" she laughed, Harry smiled at the memory, he and Ron had gone mad that year trying to figure out how she was doing it.

"It seems like such a long time ago" he sighed and grinned as he looked over the moonlit water's

"I can't wait to show Dray this place he's going to flip" Hermione nodded and sighed

"I have to go, but I'll be back tomorrow" Harry nodded and walked her to the edge of the property, she grinned and apparated away, she had been showing off ever since she got her license. Soon Harry promised himself, very soon.


The day of the wedding arrived and Hermione was frantic with last minute preparations as well as being a bridesmaid. Suddenly her flurry of activity stopped and she went very pale

"I'm an idiot" she cursed and then looked up at Outkast. Outkast sauntered over, she was wearing her wedding dress, it was a deep red with a long trial and triangular sleeves, her hair was a light brown and all the same colour, tied in an intricate bun with a few stands cascading down her neck. She was working on removing the multitude of earrings she normally had in and putting in the single pair she was wearing for the ceremony

"What's wrong Hermione?" She asked

"I forgot a page boy" she muttered looked apologetic, Outkast smiled

"Don't worry it's covered" she didn't elaborate and wondered off.

The music changed the service was about to start, Hermione and Ginny had been trying to stop laughing at the disgruntled look on the page-boy's face

"It wasn't funny the first time round, and it still isn't" Harry griped in his little suit Hermione just burst out in hysterics. Harry sighed, resigned to his fate he walked down the isle in front of his new mum, carrying the rings on a cushion. There was a huge amount's of 'awwww's coming from the guest as they went. One at their destination Harry glared t his father

"I don't know how I don't know when but someday I will get you back for this" Sev smirked and ruffled his hair. Harry growled.


The service ended with the obligatory kiss and photo's, Harry sighed and did his best to smile, after all it was their wedding and he should know better then to take a drink from Outkast. As the last of the confetti was thrown the wedding party got into horse-drawn carriages to get to the reception. Severus looked over at Harry who was still pouting, but at least was doing it with a smile. He grinned at his son and retrieved a vile from his pocket. Harry took it suspiciously and stared at Sev who raised an eyebrow

"Unless you want to stay like that" Harry swiftly down the bitter potion and immediately felt himself grow. He forgot that his clothes wouldn't but was spare major embarrassment when Sev reached down and pulled out a new set that as identical what he had been wearing but bigger. Harry sighed with relief

"I take it back you're my hero I will never need to take revenge for this" he then changed into the new suit. Just in time as they arrived at Hogwarts for the reception.

The meal was delicious, Albus made a speech followed by the obligatory best man speech. Which was uncharacteristically good for a best man speech, both witty and poignant, but then again would you expect anything else from Lucius Malfoy? Soon it was time for the happy couple to share their first dance. The music was slow, and everyone watched in awe at how well the two fitted together. Draco smiled and leaned over to talk to Harry

"You all set for tonight?"

"Yeah I packed this morning, I still can't believe that they don't think I can be left along for two weeks" he grumbled but with a little smile, Draco grinned

"It shows they care, and you're loving every minute of it" Harry smirked

"Oh yeah you better believe it" Harry smiled wistfully, he was going to spend the next two weeks with Draco at Malfoy manor, since Voldemort had gone and the main player in the Death eaters were in Azkaban it was safe for them to return. It had been a long discussion but Draco and Lucuis decided that they wanted to live there, even if it was the scene of some horrific crimes. The place had some good memories too and the Malfoy's had been there for over 500 years, they weren't about to let one man drive them out. Harry was looking forward to it, both Sev and Outkast had offered to turn their Honeymoon into a family holiday but Harry didn't want to spend to weeks with newly weds next door…. Especially if they were his parents so he declined.

For the first time in his life Harry was truly happy, he had come a long way in such a short time and was actually looking forward to what the future would bring. As he looked over at the dance floor and saw his parents sharing their first dance as a married couple he knew everything was going to be fine, and he was going to enjoy every moment of it.

THE END!!!!!!!!!

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