Close to the Heart

Chapter 1

Haruka Tenou, now 30, was a nationally acclaimed prosecuting attorney. Even at her young age, she had won hundreds of cases, while losing very few. Her passion held steady for her job, nothing had ever broken that. She had allowed a few women into her life, but soon found they hated her career, and she grew to hate them. They couldn't stand that she spent all of her time in her office, reading case files, and preparing her side for the trial.

Rape, murder, arson, robery, she'd put them all behind bars. Most for life, very few would get out before their own death. Any criminal hated having Haruka against them, because they knew they would end up in prison.

She stifled a yawn, then allowed her eyes to wander from her paper to the clock on the corner of her desk. "shit." She mumbled softly to herself. Midnight, and as usual, she was the only one left in the apartment sized building.

"I need a beer." this had always been her way to deal with her lonliness, talking to herself, allowing her thoughts to come to life. Even if she loved her work, she lacked a social life. Very few people could stand being around her, most of her conversations drove toward law and the legal field, or politics, topics that didn't amuse many people.

Slowly, she packed up up folders and notes into her briefcase. She flipped her desk lamp off and walked out of her office, being sure to lock the door behind her. It wasn't rare for her to leave that time of the night, it fell into her normal routine. She would leave the office, as she was doing then, stop at the liqour store for a 6 pack of beer, a bottle of whiskey, scotch, or vodka, depending on how stressful her day had been. The more stressful, the stronger the alcohol.

"Gotta love the laziness society has pushed on us common folk." she chuckled to herself as her Mercedes S23 unlocked on it's own as she got closer to it. After she climbed in and started the engine, she headed off to her normal stop, a block from the penthouse apartment she lived in, in downtown Tokyo.

The man behind the counter greeted her when she came in. "Howdy Haruka, how was your day today?" he watched her head back to one of the refrigerators.

"Boring, as usual. Nothing interesting has happened lately." She slid the 6 pack of beer across the counter to him.

It was amazing to the owner of the liqour store, Haruka wasn't addicted to the alcohol she bought every night. Most of the people who bought from him, would buy cases at a time, and complain about how much they needed it. Not Haruka, never once had he seen her drunk, or in such a need for the alcohol.

"You still make me wonder Tenou." he smiled at her and rang up the bill. "$5.57"

"I know. I've bought so much I have it down to the penny as to how much it is." she handed a 10 dollar bill across the counter to the man. "Keep the change this time."

"Always generous I see. I should see about finding you a nice girl, I know you'd spoil her to death." he shoved the bill into the register.

"You do that Frank." for the first time that evening, she smiled. Deep down she knew he wouldn't do it, yet a part of him hoped he would.

"See you tomorrow Haruka." She walked from the liqour store and finished her trip home.