Note: Hey, lookie at this, I'm updating a story that's more then a year old. shrugs yay for me. Also, I decided to make this chapter first person, since Haruka's kinda in the hospital, and in pain, so talking and moving wouldn't be too easy for her. I haven't decided if I'm going to finish this in first person, or if I'll go back to third person. Enjoy.

Close To The Heart

Chapter 5

Ow…it hurts. I can't believe this is happening to me. At least I'm awake now. The nurses won't leave me alone, I only want to sleep.

"How are you doing Haruka?" I looked up to see a young, I'm assuming, doctor, walk in. She was so beautiful, her long aqua colored hair was pulled back in a high ponytail. In her hands, she carried a clip-board. "I'm Dr. Kaiou. I removed the bullet from your chest."

Bullet? What happened to me, I thought. I simply looked at her, I was in too much pain to speak anyway, so it wouldn't have mattered much to try. I closed my eyes, thinking, then it all cam back to me, the sound of the shot, the sudden pressure in my chest, my lack of breath. The sound of Yoshi's yell, of everyone's scream, it all came back to me at that moment. Ryo Shino. That's the first and only name that came to mind. He had to of done it, as revenge toward me. He did it…when I can talk again I'll tell someone. But my god it hurts.

"Are you in pain? Just nod if it hurts to talk." she told a nurse to go and fetch some sort of painkiller when I nodded. "You were brought into the hospital yesterday evening, with a bullet wound in your chest. It apparently happened as you left the court house. Do you remember anything?"

I saw her caring look when I coughed and winced, gripping my chest. "It hurts…breathe…" my voice was hoarse.

Michiru nodded. "It will hurt to breathe for a while, the bullet was lodged in your right lung. Sadly, there's not much we can do about your breathing, other then a breathing tube, but that's a last resort. Your pain, on the other hand, can easily be controlled with medication."

She was so nice to me. I couldn't believe it, a nice doctor. "What's…your name?" my hand gripped my chest, near where the wound was.

I watched her smile at me. She really had a beautiful smile. "It's Michiru."

I only smiled at her, then laid back and closed my eyes. I fell asleep shortly after a nurse added some morphine to my IV tube.

"I'll come and check on you later Haruka…" I heard her say as she left the room.

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