Batman vs Spiderman

Batman vs spider man, battle of the superheros

Both men start out in a huge white room. Batman is standing there, and spiderman is hanging off the roof. Batman grabs at his batarang. He throws it and it flys towards the air straight at spidermans web

"SHIT" Spiderman shouts as his web is cut. He shoots another one up and it hits the roof. He swings towards Batman and extends his feet. Batman barely jumps out of the way, and spiderman flys into the wall. He pushs off and flys back towards Batman. Batman jumps to his feet, and then into the air.

He karite chops spidermans web, and spiderman falls to the ground. Batman lands on the ground as Spiderman jumps to his feet. Batman throws his rope at spiderman and at the same time spiderman shoots a huge blast of his web at batman.

Batman is stuck up and falls to the ground, and at the same time Spiderman is wrapped up and falls. Spiderman struggles at his ropes, while Batman cuts slowly at the web.

Eventually Batman gets out. Spiderman started biting the ropes and was almost out himself. Batman throws another batarang at Spiderman. It is about to hit his face, when Spiderman breaks the rope and rolls to the right.

Spiderman shots his web around Batman's legs, and pulls hard tripping him. Spiderman jumps up and starts to spin Batman around in circles. Batman pulls out another Batarang (his last one) and throws it the best he can at Spiderman.

It flys and stabs Spiderman in the left shoulder, causing him to let go of the web sending Batman flyiing 20 feet and landing on his back. Spiderman grabs the Batarang as Batman stands slowly.

Batman pulls out his grappling hook and shoots it at the roof where Spidermans web was, connected to. It hits the sticky stuff, and he useshis rope to swing towards Spiderman. Spiderman gets the batarang out of his shoulder, and Batman kicks him full force in the face. It sends him into the wall, and knocks him out.

Batman lets go of the grappling hook, and grabs the batarang he had throwen at Spiderman's head eariler. He throws it with all his might at Spiderman, and Spiderman wakes up right beofre it gets there

Spiderman tries to move, but it hits him in the right shoulder. Batman runs up and punchs Spiderman in his face with all his might. It knocks him out, and gives him a broken nose. Batman grabs the batarang out of his arm, and stabs it through his throat.