Rachel, Jake, Cassie, Tobias, Marco, and Ax were walking down the street ("because they could!" Uh-huh) and encountered Joe Shmoe, a pokemon trainer (who's nothr had been remarkably original. Except for one dull Saturday afternoon when a boulder fell on her head, but let's not get into that...). Then the Animorphs thought he was evil so they decided to battle (just "'cuz"). Jake ran after Joe Shmoe (remember, the one with the original name...). Then Joe Shmoe (yes, the "original" one) threw a poke'ball at Jake's head.
Out of the poke'ball came a Blastoise. Jake decided to aquire it (yes, because it wouldn't be easier to call the pound to tell them a stray had escaped) and turned into a Blastoise. Unfortunately, Jake didn't know any of his moves.
So the real Blastoise beat the shit out of Jake (ya know, the other Blastoise....). Then all the Animorphs ganged up on the Blastoise (with baseball bats, you didn't know that the Animorphs used to-- wait, that was something I wasn't supposed to mention...). Then Joe Shmoe (the one with the oh-so-original-name) returned the Blastoise.
Then Joe Shmoe (uh-huh) threw another poke'ball.
Cartman popped out. Then Joe Shmoe (you all know Joe Shmoe...) told Cartman to do his mega-fart attack (so if I was around, I would scream and scatter and run, but that's just me.). Then with the words, "Respect ma athorata" Cartman let out a powerful fart.
The Animorphs fell to the ground, rolling on their backs and holding their noses.
So Joe Shmoe (ya, the same Joe Shmoe) went on his merry way, only to be stepped on by a giant Odie (Bad Odie! No food for you... again!).

While Kyle's thinking of an Author's Note... here's a Sarcastic-Comments Person's note! It was meant to be stupid! Really it was! At least... ummm.... nevermind, I don't wanna get hit in the head with chair again.
Author's Note: Gimee a ten or I'll kill you! I know where you live! Yeah, you!