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Katsuhito is Yosho's earth name and Yosho his Juraian name but I messed up so I switched them, Yosho is his earth name and Katsuhito is his Juraian name and yes he's a younger form of Yosho.

Usagi lied in her bed miserable, Yosho had decided to let her ride the cold out instead of getting that miracle pill from Washu when she said she only got sick one time and it was an enemy's doing. The girls were eagered to help her after Tenchi talked to her about Yosho's decision to let her go to school with him instead of suffering the tutoring of Washu, he left her the homework and hid a manga for her in the math book before going off to school himself.

At the moment the girls had went to make soup for Usagi, each of them wanted to make soup so now the Masaki household had five women in the kitchen making chicken soup with only a possible two who knew how. She could hear them arguing and what sounded like chickens downstairs, her stomach growled loudly, she had threw-up her dinner and the little breakfast she had got so anyone of their soups would be welcome with open arms.

The door opened revealing Yosho with a plastic bag filled with various items, he walked to the chair that had been placed beside the bed and sat the bag on her nightstand accidentally knocking over her picture of Mamoru and her.

"I come with a peace offering," he said taking out the contents of the bag and placing them on the bed as Usagi turned away from him pulling the sheets over her head angrily.

It was his fault she had the cold in the first place and it was his fault she still had it, he had said that it would make her stronger but this was her second cold within her years of living and the first was a bit of a blur, in other words, she felt like she was dying slowly.

"Your friends came by while you were sleeping and left you some things in the living room and there's a guest in the kitchen downstairs helping with your many foods," Yosho said and Usagi sneezed loudly, he handed her a tissue from the nightstand to here her nasally thank you. "Now, we have several new issues of Inuyasha, some apricot juice and a tape of the latest English Inuyasha episodes."

"Ami-chan must've left it, the apricot juice from Minako meaning to get orange juice, and the manga from Makoto and Rei's secret stashes," Usagi said with a slight smile turning back over.

"You can watch the tape when you can stand up without feeling dizzy, for now we can reread the manga issues of the episodes and compare," Yosho said pulling out two manga issues.

Usagi peeked her head up to see the two issues where Tsubaki was introduced and tried to get Kagome, she emerged from the sheets and propped up a pillow before sitting up and reading.

"Am I forgiven?" Yosho asked and Usagi smiled closing the manga.

"Of course you are Yosho, you didn't have to get this stuff though, I can't stay mad for more than ten minutes," Usagi giggled before sneezing once more.

"Bless you, let me open the window to let in some fresh air," Yosho said getting up and going to the window, he opened the curtains to show the cloudy sky. "Looks like it might rain again today and I have a few more chores to take care of in town, if I leave before the rain starts, do you think I'll be able to beat it?"

"Murphy's law will happen," Usagi said with a smile shaking her head slightly at the image of a wet Yosho.

"Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong but I think I can make it," Yosho said chuckling slightly as he raised the window a bit and returned to the chair.

"Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he'll believe you, tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he'll have to touch to be sure," Usagi said and Yosho smirked.

"You sound as if you don't want me to leave," Yosho said smiling suggestively making Usagi blush slightly.

"Well, I need someone to taste test my food, I heard a live chicken downstairs and I think it's Ryoko's but it could've been Mihoshi from Kiyone's yelling," Usagi said with a smile.

"Katsuhito will be coming today, why not ask him to be your taste checker," Yosho suggested and Usagi turned a bit redder than before.

"Katsuhito, he comes when it rains, do you know him well?" Usagi asked jumping out of the bed and going to him.

"Katsuhito, yes, he's a fine boy, he comes every time it rains and prays, diligent, that's what he is, he'll make a fine husband one day," Yosho said with a smile and earned a pillow in his face. "Are you saying you don't like him, he told me the other day while you were in bed that he was very fond of you and is coming over today but he isn't the guest you have downstairs."

"Who's downstairs, please say Makoto then I'll know the food is edible to some degree," Usagi said smiling before coughing slightly.

"Sit down, don't get yourself worked up or you'll get a fever, back in bed," Yosho said ushering her to the bed and pulling the sheets over her before sitting back in the chair.

"Yeah, otherwise you won't be able to see your guest," Mihoshi said entering the room slightly dirty with her hair singed at the end.

"What happened to you?" Usagi asked curiously and Yosho stood clearing his throat loudly before leaving them alone. "Hey, he took my Love Hina!"

"Love Hina, that's one of my favorite but I love Sailor V the best though," Mihoshi said sitting in the chair Yosho once was.

"Sailor V is Sailor Venus, and you know who Sailor Venus is," Usagi said picking up the Inuyasha manga Yosho had left behind and taking a sip from her juice.

"Sailor V is Sailor Venus, but Sailor Venus fights with you, so that means you would know Sailor Venus...are you Sailor Venus?" Mihoshi asked and Usagi choked on her apricot juice a bit.

"Mihoshi, I'm Sailormoon, Venus was up here a few days ago, you watched the soap opera with her," Usagi said and Mihoshi looked surprised.

"You're Sailormoon, oh, I've always wanted to meet you," Mihoshi said smiling brightly and Usagi smiled back thinking of all the times the others called her a dumb blonde.

"So, what happened in the kitchen?" Usagi asked and Mihoshi's smile disappeared as she grabbed a tissue and cleared her eyes of coming tears.

"I was in the kitchen chopping up some celery for your soup like Sasami asked me to, Ryoko and Ayeka were fighting over a stove iron while Kiyone stood stirring the soup she was making. I was taking the celery over to Sasami and the guest when I tripped on something and the celery went flying everywhere, one hit Ayeka and she screamed thinking it was a bug. I went over to try and get it off her but she dropped her bowl and the stuff in it splashed onto the stove hitting Ryoko's and there was an explosion. Ryoko and Ayeka blamed it all on me for tripping and wasting the celery," Mihoshi explained sadly and Usagi nodded smiling before rubbing her back.

"It's alright Mihoshi, everyone makes mistake sometimes, just go call Rei, she'll tell you of every time I tripped on something," Usagi said and Mihoshi looked at her.

"But you're Sailormoon and she never make mistakes," Mihoshi said grabbing another tissue and blowing her nose loudly.

"I make mistakes all the time Mihoshi, yesterday I tripped going downstairs and landed in a puddle and just a few minutes ago I took my eyes off my manga and Yosho took it," Usagi said and Mihoshi smiled a bit.

"Mihoshi, get down here, Usagi needs her rest," Kiyone shouted from downstairs and Mihoshi stood waving goodbye before running downstairs.

"Ah, there you are, I trust you are feeling better," Washu said stepping into the room out of a portal with her hands behind her back reminding her of a sweet innocent child but remembered this was Washu.

"Much better, I'm kind of bored though, what brings you up here?" Usagi asked as Washu sat in the chair by her bedside.

"Nothing, I just came to see how you were feeling, do you need anything right now...a damp washcloth, some fresh squeezed orange juice, a story?" Washu asked looking at Usagi as if she was a small child making Usagi raise an eyebrow in slight confusion.