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A small groan sounded softly to his right. For the first time that he can remember, he drifted slowly back to consciousness. His eyes opened slowly to the rays of sunlight peering through the window. Last nights events were a little hazy. He remembered going to Duo's birthday party. And after that. . .he must have gotten drunk. Damn it Duo.

Another soft moan sounded next to him. This time he knew it wasn't him dreaming. His eyes shot open and he very slowly turned his head to the side of the bed near him. Where the moan had without a doubt come from.

Hilde stirred slightly in her sleep. Curled up in a ball under the blanket, she hugged his arm possessively and moved slightly. Heero snapped his eyes shut and took a deep breath. When he opened them again, the dream would be over.

He opened them again and looked to the right of the bed again. Hilde was still there. Asleep in the bed with him. Horror flew past his face briefly as a thought came to him. Slowly, he lifted the covers on himself and peered underneath them. At himself with nothing on. Oh shit.

Sitting up abruptly, for the first time in a long time, he panicked. Even if his face didn't show it. The shake of the bed when he sat up incidentally woke Hilde. She sat up and rubbed her eyes for a moment with a yawn. "Duo, what's-"She didn't finish as her eyes widened in absolute shock as to who was in the bed with her. And without a shirt.

Ever cautiously, she lifted the bed covers to see her naked form underneath them. She felt like screaming right about now. But quite frankly she was in too much of a state of shock. "We didn't- we couldn't-"He stuttered.

"We did." A small but audible gulp came from his throat. Hilde finally managed a small yelp and yanked the cover toward her. Trying to conceal herself as much as possible. Only to have them pulled back by Heero. Who also tried to cover himself. They both shifted to the opposite side of the bed. As fat away from the other as possible and still manage to cover themselves.

"Wha- what happened?" Hilde's voice wavered.

"I don't know. We were all pretty drunk last night." He answered her truthfully. Even if a bit emotionless. He could remember coming to Duo's house. Being offered some of Duo's punch, everything after that was a blur.

"Duo." The both said in unison. Duo's punch of course. Duo could never go to a party without getting himself drunk or other people drunk in the process as well. On queue, something made a sound in the hallway outside the room. Heero sat up further and was about to get out of the bed when he looked at her.

"Give me the blanket." He tugged at it.

"No way!" She held the covers closer to her and pulled them back. He glared at her for a moment. Sighing, he reached over and yanked the pillow out from behind her. Her head hit the bedpost and she glared at him for it.

Picking up his own pillow with his other hand, he got out of bed. Covering himself with a pillow in the front and the back. He walked quickly to the bathroom adjourning this room. He walked back out with a towel around his waist.

"What should we do? I know. We'll just pretend that this never happened. That's what we'll do." Hilde rambled on for a few minutes. Heero was about to steadily agree with her when the bedroom burst open. Leaving Heero and Hilde in the spot light.

Duo walked in. Holding his head in one hand as he tried to steady himself. He looked to have a worse hang over than the rest of them. But he never failed to smile. "Boy, what a night. Hey Hil- Heero?" His voice fell to that of a disbelieving one. His eye widened in horror at what he was looking at.

Heero was standing in the room. Naked, save a small towel around his waist. And was standing next to the bed. Where Hilde was lying, curled up in a ball with the covers around her. But the safest thing to speculate was that Hilde was also naked.

"Um, happy birthday Duo." Heero said. Thinking of really nothing rational that would account for this situation. He regretted it the moment he spoke the words. If anything, his face may have actually paled.

Duo abruptly turned around and walked back out the door. Closing it not too harshly behind him. Hilde covered her eyes with her hand as her face rushed to a very deep red. Heero looked like, well, like Heero. But the surprise was evident in his eyes.

"God, Heero, of all things to say right then, why did it have to be that?" I have to go talk to him. I have to explain this to him." She fell back on the bed with an exasperated sigh.

Heero sighed too. And very noticeably too. Which might have been a shock to everyone had he not been in that particular situation. "I don't thing any amount of explaining will condone for what happened here." He didn't like it but he knew it was true.

"I have to talk to him." Hilde sat up and was about to stand up, until she remembered who was standing there. She hugged the bed covers closer. "As soon as you get out." She pointed to the door.

Heero glared at her and walked about the room. Picking up stray bits of his clothing. Trying tremendously not to notice her underwear as it was strewn across the floor. He walked back into the bathroom.

Duo was sitting on the couch in the living room holding his head in both hands when Heero and Hilde walked out of the bedroom. Heero stood as she took a seat next to Duo on the couch. She put a hand on his shoulder only to have him push it away. But he didn't look up.

"My girl friend and my best friend. How long has this been going on? Hmm?" He spoke in a sad tone. How could he not have seen it? "Was I not good enough for you Hilde?"

"Duo, it's not like that." She pleaded with him. He only shook his head disbelievingly at her.

He cracked a small smile. Not knowing just what was funny. But smiling in spite of it all. In spite of himself. "Not like that huh? I walk into our bedroom, find you and Heero both in it, and both undressed, and it's not like that? I wonder where I got that idea."

"Duo, we got drunk last night, and we-" Hilde was unsure how to continue. Duo on the other hand only saw her pause, as a confirmation that he was right.

"Duo. . ." Heero finally spoke up.

He glared at him. Glared with all him might. Wishing that perhaps Heero might melt or explode under his gaze. "Leave." He stated and stood up. Pointing to the front door. When he didn't move he took a deliberate step towards Heero. "LEAVE!"

Heero bowed his head and walked to the front door. Closing it softly behind him. Duo walked to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. He opened it again and walked inside. His perturbed face getting angrier and he slammed the door again. This time from the inside of the bathroom.

Hilde was standing in the living room. Unsure of what to do. She had glared daggers at the door when Heero had left her standing in the wake that is Duo. He looked worriedly at the bathroom. Knowing that there would be nothing right now that she could say to remedy this problem.