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"I'm going to be a father." Duo repeated the statement to himself. Hilde had brought up this subject to him before. Back before the… incident. He just didn't feel himself ready for children. He wasn't ready to settle down.

Now he was going to have a kid regardless of whether he wanted one or not. And it was with Relena, rather than Hilde. Who would have guessed it? He knew he needed to talk to her about it, but he was still afraid. What if she blamed him?

He didn't know what to do. But he knew one thing he wouldn't do. He wasn't about to let Relena shoulder the burden alone. Not when he was partly to blame.

All chances of getting back together with Hilde just went out the window. Odd thing was though, things had been so hectic around here lately he hadn't thought much of Hilde. It still hurt to be betrayed like that. But if she was happier with Heero, then so be it.

Since when did life become so complicated all of the sudden? He preferred everything as simple as he could manage it. And instead they give him a more complicated version.

"Well… here goes nothing." Duo told himself as he rang the doorbell to Relena's mansion. After waiting several minutes, the door was opened by Pargan. Duo was left in the waiting room while waiting for Relena.

Relena come down the staircase to see Duo standing by the door. Looking like the careless, clueless idiot he made himself to be. Wandering about in circles and touching everything.

"Yes?" She asked curtly, gaining his attention.

Duo looked up to see Relena standing some yards away from him. Her eyes were slightly red from crying recently. Pulling together his courage, he marched over to where she stood.

"Hey Lena! Babe! I was wondering…" He began slowly, unsure how to say what was on his mind. This was a little harder that he thought. Best just come out strait out and say it.

"…Wondering…" Relena urged him on. And getting slightly annoyed by his carefree attitude. Why should he care? He wasn't the one having the kid.

Duo got down on one knee in front of her. "Will you marry me?"

"OWW!" Duo yelled as he was thrown out the front door with a good kick in the rear.

"And stay out!" Relena yelled before slamming the door.

"That hurt!" Duo muttered as he stood up and rubbed his rear tenderly. He wondered briefly if Heero had taught her those moves. "So I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked through the closed door before walking off. His smile back in place.

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Zechs Millardo Peacecraft sat into his soft, leather, vibrating massage lazyboy recliner. Confident that he would finally get a few days rest and relaxation after a two month mission on Mars.

He should have known better.

"EEEEEEEKK!" A high-pitched sequel came from across the apartment.

Millardo shot up from his chair in a blur. Grabbing his side arm from the table next to him, he ran across the apartment toward the scream. It came from the bedroom.

"Noin?" He called softly. Looking at the gun, he swore softly to himself for his choice of apartment. No matter where he shot at, he risked shooting one of the neighbors through the roof, through the floor, or through the wall.

"…Noin…" He called again as he slowly opened the bedroom door.

"MILLARDO!" Noin flung herself at him. Making him drop the gun in shock as he caught her in his arms. "Relena's pregnant! Can you believe it?! Pregnant! I'm gonna be an aunt! Oh, that makes me want to have a kid of my own! What do you think!? Oh, I need to start planning a baby shower! And what do you-"

Zechs stopped listening at " Relena's pregnant." Because it was at that point that his brain went and broke down. And after reformatting the system and rebooting all previously saved information on backup, his brain came up with a single name… "Yuy"

"Yuy. I'm going to kill you." He said to himself. Walking in an almost robotic like trance, he strode purposely toward the front door, stopping only to grab the car keys.

Before walking out, he looked down at the side arm he picked up from the floor. Turning around, he made his way toward the closet. Taking out a shotgun, a rifle, and a bazooka. Okay, now he was ready to kill Yuy.

"Honey? I'm going out for a little while!" Zechs yelled through the apartment before heading out. He waited for a reply.

"Will you be long?" Noin called back.

Zechs looked down at the weapons in his hands. As if gauging how long it might take using only these. He reflected that he had more in the car. "I shouldn't be too long. Just leave something in the fridge for me!"

With that… The hunt began.

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Heero sat at the table, reading the newspaper while Hilde read the comics. Drinking his orange juice and wishing wistfully for a cup of coffee. And if he could read faces, he would say that Hilde was feeling the same.

Suddenly, a chill hit him. Making him shiver slightly uncontrollably.

Hilde seemed to notice. "What's the problem?" She asked.

"Hn. Suddenly I got a chill." He said more to himself somewhat curiously.

"A chill?" Hilde said almost disbelievingly. "Its 85 degrees in here!"

Heero shrugged.

If he only knew.