Lost and Afraid

By: Angedelamorte

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. If it looks familiar it probably isn't mine.

Warning: This contains some major Order of the Phoenix spoilers. If you haven't read it yet, I would recommend you don't read this.

Author's Note: This is the only beta-ed chapter... I'll work through all of them sometime.

'means thoughts'

       The stars shown brightly above Number 4 Privet Drive and sky was clear. Inside the smallest bedroom of Number 4 Privet Drive there lay a boy sleeping, fitfully.

Harry's eyes fluttered before he began to speak, "No, don't kill him. Sirius. No!" he yelled; effectively waking himself up. His eyes darted around the room. 'Uncle Vernon is going to be so mad,' Harry thought.

Just then, Vernon stormed into the room. "Boy," Harry flinched, "You and your freakishness are disturbing my family." Vernon said as he tossed Harry around like a doll.

Blackness crept to the edges of Harry's vision. 'I think this is it,' he thought, 'at least I'll see Sirius.'

       Harry's thoughts were interrupted when Vernon Dursley slugged him in the gut. "Freakish boy," he muttered then left the room.

       Harry shook when Vernon left and came back with a knife. "Got to drain the freakish-ness out of you boy." Vernon dragged the edge of the blade across Harry's body. "Where to prick you..." he muttered, "Maybe we'll have some fun tonight," Vernon said as he unbuckled his pants.

Harry's whimpered pathetically before he began to scream.

His screams fell onto no ears.


This summer at Privet Drive had been the worst by far. Two days after the end of term an owl dropped a letter off at Number 4. Presuming it was his, Harry opened it:

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursley.

First if all, my condolences to Mr. Harry Potter's godfather, Sirius Black. Recent evidence has come about proving the man's innocence. Sadly, he died a couple weeks ago at the hand of Lord Volde-Thingie.

A funeral service and the reading of the will will be held tomorrow. We hope Mr. Potter will be able to attend.

Also, there will be no trial regarding a Mr. Cedric Diggory's death last year. It was proven that he did die from the Killing Curse that was not fired from Mr. Potter's wand.

Again, my condolences

Cornelius Fudge,

Minister of Magic

Harry hardly finished the letter before Dudley ripped it from his hands. "Mum, Dad!" he yelled, "Harry has a letter that has your names on it."

Vernon waddled into the room, "Boy, what made you think this was yours?" His eyes scanned through the letter.

"So, you're a murderer?" Vernon asked, "Get to your room while your aunt and I discuss this."

Harry sullenly trudge up to his room.

       Vernon came up to Harry's room a while later, "Boy," he said. "WE've decided that we aren't going to tolerate this freakishness in out household. Get some paper and a pen to write some letters to send to those freaks over the holidays."

Harry hardly heard him. He was in one of his apathetic phases, staring into oblivion, letting his thoughts wander.

           "Boy!" he repeated, " I said, get some paper and a pen to write some letters to send to those freaks over the holidays."

       Harry, speechless, got some paper and a pen and wrote some letters.

His first letter contained some rather snide comments about the Dursleys. Vernon wasn't too happy about that. He'd only written enough letters to last until his birthday when he lost consciousness for one of the many times that summer.

       A few days later, Vernon lost his job at Grunnings, his drill company. This caused him to drink, and blame Harry for all his problems. This was when Vernon started using the knife to "drain out" his freakish- ness.


       It was now three days after Harry's birthday and Albus Dumbledore was alarmed. Most of Harry's letters this summer had been sad, distant, but Albus figured Harry was still grieving.

The Order informed him an hour ago that they hadn't received a letter from Harry yet. Albus was going to wait for a bit then he was going to send someone to check on him.

Albus knocked on Severus Snape's door, "Severus, it's me, Albus,"

"Yes, " he answered, seeing the somber look on Albus's face he asked, "What's wrong?"

"Well, the Order told Harry to write every three days. It has been four since his last letter."



"I refuse to check on the Gryffindor Golden Boy, you do it." Severus barked.

"I can't Harry won't trust me. And if Harry and I were in the same spot Voldemort couldn't resist not attacking. You should do it."

"Send someone else."

"Everyone else is on some sort of mission. You. Go. Do. It." Albus's voice held no room for argument.

"Damn him," Snape muttered, "the stupid boy probably forgot to write."