AN: Just had the urge to write more Blake/Tori

Tori Hanson smiled as she looked at the sky, soon the sun would be setting and she knew what that meant, her husband would finally be coming home tomorrow.

He had won the motocross race he had qualified for and she had enjoyed watching it even if it was on television. Usually she went along but not this year. Soon the reason for that soon made herself clear.

Tori touched her stomach gently, in two months their daughter would be born and already they had a name picked out for her. Brianna Jane named after Blake's mother. "Your father will be home tomorrow and I miss him to."

She decided to go for a walk since it was a nice night and she loved to watch the sunsets. Although it was more fun when her husband was with her Tori blushed as she recalled a night seven months earlier when they had decided to watch one and the mood had turned romantic.

Two weeks later she had learned she was pregnant and life had finally been complete. Tori soon found herself at the ocean and a soft gentle breeze came, the sky had turned a reddish-purplish color that was quite beautiful. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice, "beautiful night."

Tori turned, "I thought you were coming home tomorrow."

Her husband gently embraced her, "I wanted to get home to my two girls ASAP."

Tori kissed him, "and we both missed you, how is Hunter?"

"Doing great he sends his love to both of you."

Tori smiled as she settled into Blake's embrace, "breathtaking sight." Blake murmured.

"It is a beautiful sunset." Tori replied.

"I wasn't talking about the sunset." He told her.

Tori smiled at him, "how do you manage to be so charming?"

"I'm gifted."

"And I would still love you if you weren't."

Tori leaned her head on his chest and they watched as the sun finally set ending the day.