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Reign Of Mewtwo
Part One

A world not as it was…

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Mankind has never been able to accept the existence of fate, or a God's divine plan. From the dawn of time prophecies have dictated the future, some false but many true. Although proven we refuse to accept that fate existed and refused to believe the predicted future… instead embracing blissful ignorance.

The New Testament book of Revelations foretold the end of the world. It was not the only book as Notrodamus and the Katabi'agan predicted the same thing for the end of the 2nd millennium. Funnily enough all these sources where ignored by all but a cult few around the world. But it happened, our world was unprepared and it wasn't an asteroid, an Atomic war or a natural phenomena but one mans search for power, which brought mankind to the brink of utter destruction.


Nothing, before the light there was darkness. All was dark all was silent, but within a single second everything changed. A small electronic alarm clock sounded, screeching into the ear of a man who was peacefully sleeping in his bed. Within a second a large white pillow knocked the clock off the side of the table, breaking it on the floor. Sighing deeply the man pulled himself up on his bed and flicked a small light switch behind his head, illuminating the room with an ere unnatural light. 'Is it morning already?' He thought to himself while pulling himself out of bed 'I really hate these early mornings'

Getting out of his bed he stumbled around the room looking for the clothes he had left littering the room the night before. He angrily grunted as he hit his toe several times still feeling half asleep, a dead man walking. Grabbing his shirt while trying to pull his trousers on his mind was somewhere else 'I really need to give up these late nights. What's the point in going out for some fun at night if it makes my morning so Crappy'. Sighing again he grabbed his pass card from the table.

Grabbing a cup of coffee he threw himself in front of his computer and turned it on. The small simplistic room was reflected in the small screen as the computer booted up. The usual Windows symbols opened and he was in.
"Welcome, please enter your name and password" The computer asked out loud, banging on the keyboard for a few seconds he entered 'Ash Ketchum' and his password, hidden by asterisks. Immediately the computer prang into action, verifying he was who he claimed to be. The man, Ash leaned back on his chair and looked up at the roof. This was one of the few times in his day that he couldn't do anything, the only time he had to think of what was happening, the only chance he had to get scared.

It was amazing to think how much the world had changed from the days of his childhood. The world had seemed so simple back then, full of fun and people, the people were the ones he missed the most. In the resent years of war the idea of a civilian had all but died out as defeat after defeat brought the voluntary military to its knees. All people were expected to serve and to fight against their seemingly invincible enemy. The world had changed, only the few small pockets existed where Mewtwo hadn't infected. These were the last beckons of light for the human race; he was the invincible force, the unbeatable enemy. Ash sighed again as he rein-acted history in his mind.

At the beginning everyone was optimistic that Mewtwo could be contained. With the fall of Japan, then Australia, and Africa. Nobody seriously believed that he would have the power to attack the world's real powers. Not Russia, not China, not Europe and not America. They were wrong. Like a jackhammer Mewtwo struck America and China at once, unprepared they buckled and fell quickly. The use of Nuclear weapons didn't help in the slightest causing more damage to themselves than to the enemy.

Today China and most of Russia were under his control. The only places that remained free where a few pockets in the Middle East, Manhattan Island in the old United States and Europe, from the Polish border through to Ireland. The only problem is that that line had been getting pushed further back, day by day. Moral was at an all time low, but today could be the turning point on the war. The turning Point Ash could check if his computer would hurry up and finish loading.

"Welcome Ketchum, 7119" The computer welcomed him with its electronic, bitted voice. Ash pulled himself in front of the computer again to start work, now that his computer was up and running. Moving his mouse across the screen he activated the 'Latest News' icon. Checking the latest news had always been the way that they had done things. That way there was no shocks for anyone through it being spread when they were meant to be working. The headlining story caught his eye, entering it he read aloud.

"Today in the famous Berlin research facility a new prototype weapon will be going through final testing. If successful in passing these tests the new weapon, which is classified at the moment, will be brought into general use across the Allied Nations. The researcher in charge of the testing is quoted as saying 'This weapon could be the real turning point in the war that the world is in today. We could wake up tomorrow and our salvation could be delivered'. More details shall be released as we Classification is lifted from this project"

Ash laughed as he finished the report, 'these news people always playing every little event up. They make a fuss out of the smallest things. Whether it be the weather or a message from the PM ' He thought. He lifted his coffee determined not to let it go cold ready to take a sip, a knock from the door interrupted him causing him to spill some down his front. The door opened and a woman walked into his room, fully dressed in what appeared to be a feminine equivalent of Ash's Uniform.

Ash turned in his chair to face the unknown visitor who didn't even wait for him to invite them in. Looking up he recognised the familiar face and huffed. She shuck her head catching sight of Ash's uniform, mainly the fresh coffee stain down the front.
"Ash, are you never going to keep that thing clean! And shouldn't you be ready to leave by now. I don't want to late again, Gill will be pissed," She barked at him, he was about to protest against her comments but decided it was better to take them rather than argue with her.
"Ok, Misty, just stay there while I change my shirt", and without another word he stepped into a small side room within his room. Misty walked round the room for a moment, as she did every morning waiting for him to get ready. Tired of repeating the trek round his room, Misty sat slowly down the edge of Ash's, untidy bed but jumped with a shock,

Awash with relief she saw the yellow little electric mouse pull itself out of the sheets, and sit itself on its back legs, looking up at her indignantly.
"Pika Pi?" It asked Misty. Shacking her head a little she scooped up the mouse, sat onto the bed and placed it on her lap where she started to pet it affectionately.
"By the way Misty, Pikachu is buried within my covers so be sure not to sit on him. Shacking her head still more Misty shouted back,
"Couldn't have said that a few seconds ago. Anyway hurry up". She gave Pikachu a scratch behind the ear just as Ash emerged with a crisp new white shirt. Throwing on his jacket he walked over to Misty.
"Is this good enough, or is there a tiny piece of dirt too small for the eye to see?" Ash asked Misty sarcastically, she only ignored him and once again lifted Pikachu onto Ash's bed. Ash leaned right up to Pikachu,
"Alright buddy now you know what to do. Protect the room"
"Pika, Pi, Pikachu" Pikachu answered happily, before resting back on the bed again oblivious to Ash and Misty's presence. Ash gave him a pat on the head,
"Good boy" and continued out the door with Misty.


Private Patterson, Private Mullin, Private O'Driscall, Sergeant Palin. The impersonal names stuck in his head. Sitting in the same seat he sat in each day, looking yet again at the weeks casualty listing. All the people who had died in the short week to keep the city safe from… them. Young people, people who knew what they where getting into when the signed up, but still the names stuck, bothering him. He had seen many problems within the city of Derry. He had been stationed there for over 40 years, 40 bloody years the city had been under siege from within itself. Violence and battle, as its citizen fought amongst themselves, a religious gulf, that at that time at least seemed unbridgeable.

That all changed however in 2005 when Mewtwo struck America. It became painfully clear to Europe that Mewtwo was a threat that threatened to topple even the UK and Ireland. A collective power from all the people allowed in just 2 years to convert the major cities within both countries into cities with walls, defences and people to protect them. They worked together and saved the countries from falling to Mewtwo. Over the past 4 years they have waited inside their walls, waiting for the miracle they knew would come, the miracle only god could send. Their salvation.

Week after week they wait, and week after week they get nothing. Morale couldn't be lower, it looked like Mankind was doomed, time had run out for the dominant species on the planet. Man.


This is the beginning of a planned series, though it is on the edge of being shelved, so I decided to see if anyone was interested enough to keep it alive. Encase you didn't get it from the Fan Fic, this is set ten years after the completion of the first Pokémon movie, but it obviously ended differently. Mewtwo is closing in and the world is fighting him and his cloned Pokémon off as well as they can.

The RAF is the Royal Air Force (UK air force) and the PM is the Prime Minister (Head of UK government. Well if anyone wants to see more of this please review. I hope to hear from you.
Butch Cassidy