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The Reign of Mewtwo
Chapter III

The East and the West banks

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History has showed us that to achieve great things, great risks must be undertaken. The ultimate risk, for the ultimate goal. In times of wars great scientific risk can lead to the greatest weapon, far outweighing the risks of the soldiers on the field. Great, and terrible weapons have been created in the name of the ultimate goal… retaining peace.

As powerful as science may make us, we are all vulnerable to ultimate defeat. Without Moral or a feeling of righteousness in ones own actions, science is useless. The question that each soldier, each person must ask themselves during times of conflict, great or small… are they fighting a righteous war?

"…We shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be. We will fight them on the beaches, we shall them on the landing grounds, we shall them in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills… We shall never surrender"
Winston Churchill (1941)


Pandemonium. There was no other word to describe the scenes in the streets. The smoke from the explosion still hung in the sky; blackening the sun above… a dark omen of already passed events. In full stride Ash crossed onto Memorial Bridge, Namarari on his heels. The only calm thing around them was the water, slowly moving under their feet. The bridge was crossed in a mater of minutes and they where back into the middle of the chaos that reigned over the city.

Coming to a stop in the middle of the car-less road, Ash grabbed a hold of one of the many soldier that were combing the streets.

"What is going on?" Ash yelled at the young man, his voice barley above that of the shouts of the people around them. Pulling Ash's hand from his shirt breathing hard. "There have been several large explosions…" The man stumbled in his answer "…The city has been breached!"

Ash didn't doubt the answer for a second; he had never seen anyone as panicked as this man sounded. Pulling himself entirely from Ash he continued back in the direction Ash and Namarari had come from, right over Memorial Bridge. Ash stood fazed for a moment, unsure what he should do before Namarari tipped him on the shoulder,
"Where to now?" He asked, Ash turned to face the man back in reality. Jumping in a run he waved Namarari to follow him.
"C&C of course! If the city has been breached that's where we can of most use!" Ash told him. Namarari nodded in agreement, they couldn't be of much help on the front lines anyway, not at present.

As they crossed the small stretch of concrete between themselves and headquarters the chaotic feeling of the streets hardly changed, though some of the smoke that blotted the sky was lifting. Ash skidded to a stop ahead of the metallic door that led into the cities headquarters, within the cities old guildhall. Throwing his card into the offered slot Ash waited for the door the open. After a second the computeristic hum, the card reading ceased, the card unreturned. Turning, Ash turned his focus back to the city fear growing in his gut. Within each of the buildings, one by one the electronic lights turned off. The fear in his gut worsened,
"If their cutting the power… this must be bad," Ash muttered to himself. Noticing the disappearing lights Namarari mouthed something Ash didn't catch. Grabbing Namarari's head Ash pulled him to the ground,
"Get down!"

Two loud blasts echoed in their ears, a bright light flashing. Looking up pieces of debris started to rain from the sky, the air again blinding Ash with a deep mixture of dust and smoke. Ash involuntarily coughed, struggling to get clean air through to his lungs. As the roar of the explosion died away it was replaced by a sickening swell of screams, and shouting. Rising his head from the hard concrete, his eyes came into contact with two new large plumbs of smoke, barley visible through the dust, each plumb extending out from each of the cities two bridges.

His eyes dilated, the realization of the seriousness of the situation becoming clear to him. Pulling himself to his feet he helped Namarari up, still coughing. Ash broke into a run, charging through the streets, Namarari following, unfazed by the events around him.
"Where are we going?" Namarari asked, over the deafening noise. Continuing the run Ash answered,
"Powers been shut off, we have to find another way in"
"And you know one?" Namarari asked, Ash smiled,

Turning a corner, they came into a new road, the markings for traffic faded, large our story buildings on each side, dwarfing them. They appeared decayed, their individuality eroded along with the history they once held. Right ahead of them an old arch stood 30 feet high cut itself into the old rock and garnet wall, a wall that had stood protecting the city for hundreds of years. Its gates long gone, opening the old historic city to all who wished entry. The road turned steeply upwards beyond the gate, the first two plumbs of smoke overlapping straight ahead of them.

Ash stopped a moment as if considering his next course of action, before jumping into another sprint. Continuing forward Namarari challenged him,
"Where are we going?" He asked angrily. He didn't like being let around. Ash groaned,
"Just follow me, I know where I'm going" Namarari was going to fight back when something caught his attention. As they passed under the arch he became distinctly aware of a low hissing roaring in the distance, he knew the sound… he had heard it many times before.
"Whatever you have planned we had better hurry" Namarari informed Ash.
"Why?" Ash asked, not getting it, Namarari laughed,
"You asked me if I had seen combat, have you not seen any yourself?" Namarari asked snidely, Ash knocked the comment aside,
"Of course, but probable not the same type you have" Ash answered, matching the snide sound of Namarari's voice, "Sergeant"

Namarari smiled,
"Well if you open your ears you may hear better what I mean" Doing as suggested Ash listened carefully, the distant sounds now becoming apparent to him. He sighed coming to a stop in front of a small ladder, leading up into one of the buildings above them,
"Yes" Namarari commented, "And their getting closer" Grabbing onto the ladder, Ash pulled himself up the first few steps before turning back to Namarari,
"Coming?" Ash asked. Grabbing the bottom handrail Namarari joined him,
"It would be my pleasure" Namarari mocked.

One hand after the other they climbed the ladder, a few moments later Ash breaking the silence,
"Sergeant, what's your name?" Namarari smiled into himself,
"I told you its Namarari" He replied, Ash rolled his eyes,
"I mean your first name" Ash asked, hoping to find out,
"This is hardly the time," He told Ash, and his tone of voice suggested he should drop the subject. Finally coming to a stop on the third floor he turned and looked out over the city, grabbing hold of the window ledge for support. The terrible sight was far more prominent from the bird's eye view, watching tiny people running from side to side, and the two plumbs of smoke obscuring the distance. Looking down he could see that the source of the smoke where the two bridges, each side of the river severed from the other.
"Great, just great" Ash mouthed sarcastically.
"What's great" Namarari asked from below him, pointing out into the city asked said,
"See for yourself". As Namarari looked out Ash fumbled for a few moments with the window.
"What are you doing?" Namarari asked, Ash smiled happily pulling out a small silver key,
"Getting us in" He boasted, Namarari shacking his head,
"Why on earth do you have the key to this window?"

As Ash entered the key he answered,
"Because this is my room, and it comes in handy when I need to get back just that little bit later than I'm allowed to" Namarari laughed,
"I'm sure it would" Pulling the window open, Ash jumped inside and offered his hand to Namarari,

He took it, though he would not have admitted but he liked Ash, he was an 'interesting' character. Fumbling into the window Namarari fell flat onto his face embarrassingly.

In an attempt to retain some of his dignity he pulled himself to his feet and looked around the small dark room, the only light coming from the open window they had just broken into. The small untidy room had nothing spectacular about it, a few pieces of furniture, couple of cups and saucers littered around the computer and the bed unmade. A normal room for someone with too little, or too much time. A metallic bang caught his attention, turning he watched Ash turn from the door,
"We're stuck" Ash informed him, sliding down the door into a sitting position.

"What do you mean?" Namarari asked, a foreboding feeling beginning to come over him, Ash laughed ironically,
"When the power is shut off a smaller generator takes over, keeping these doors usable, but…" Ash told him, "Their not working"
"Great, just what we need" Namarari groaned, stretching "Then I guess all we can do is wait" Ash nodded,

"Brock" Namarari told Ash, he looked up,
"What?" Ash asked confused, he made to sit down,
"My name is Brock, Brock Namarari" Ash smiled as he sat down, a complaining noise coming from under the sheets of the bed,
"Pika!" The small voice came, Brock jumping to the side, the small electric mouse making its way from under the sheets,
"Oh God sorry little one" Brock apologized to the small Pokémon. Jumping onto its hand legs it tilted its head happily,
"Pikachu?" It asked, Brock smiled, having been forgiven and petted its small head, he turned to Ash,
"So a Pikachu, huh"

"Oh yeah, this little guy and I have been together for a long time… got me through a good few fixes he has" Ash told him with a smile, Brock nodding,
"Yeah, most of us do" Brock added, "Have Pokémon like that I mean"
"Oh, by the way my names Ash" He told him, Brock nodding a moment before something occurred to him,
"Ash… a Pikachu…?" He muttered. Ash noticed his strange expression,
"Is something wrong?"

Brock looked up from his feet,
"Ash, Ash Ketchum?" Ash narrowed his eyes,
"How did you know that?" He asked suspiciously, an all-new smile curled onto Brocks lips,
"I can't believe this" He exclaimed, "I can't believe this!" Ash didn't have a clue to what was going on,
"You can't believe what?" He asked, feeling completely out of the loop. Brocks smile faded as he turned to Ash,
"This doesn't ring any bells for you" He asked Ash,
"Not really, I used to have a friend called Brock and all but…" Brock sighed,
"How about this" He asked, mockingly hugging himself, "Oh Nurse joy! Officer Jenny! I think I'm in love" Ash's eyes widened in realization,
"Brock, is that… No… that is you" He started to laugh.

Behind Ash the door into the room opened at last giving them entry to the corridor. Ash who had been leaning against it fell out and hit the floor with a sickening thud, but kept laughing.
"Well it would appear they got it working again" Ash commented, and Brock nodded.


Looking up at the flashing of the dull lights she was caught by surprise. Turning she saw captain Gill too looking around the room. The command centre was now empty, leaving only Misty and Gill. The chaos induced by the situation had taken its toll, papers littering the floor, several cups of coffee left unfinished still steaming and even the odd upturned desk. The captain turned to Misty,
"It would appear we have emergency power back" Gill commented, "Report". In response to his order Misty jogged back to her own computer, which had just finished rebooting with the return of electricity. No light penetrated the massive stain glass windows, the heavy smoke blinding the sun.

Scanning her eyes across the screen she felt the air go out of her lungs. Scanning the screen again she hoped she had read the information wrong, convinced she was right she turned to face Gill.
"The line was fallen… they are inside the city and heading this way" She told him, her voice grave. Placing his head in his hands Gill sighed,
"We failed to cut the power quick enough" Gill added, "They have been drawn to us" Misty gave an ironic laugh,
"It gets better," She told him sarcastically
"How could it be worse" Gill asked rising his head, "Their in the city for Gods sake"

"Remember the second two explosions?" She asked but continued before he replied; "Well the bridges are gone" Gill sank himself into his chair,
"Yet worse it has got" Turning to face him Misty asked,
"Your orders?" Gill ignored her muttering to himself,
"All my life I have defended this city, and all gone…. In a second, one little second"

Clearing her seat Misty walked up to the aged captain, placing her hand onto his shoulder she attempted to bring him back to his senses,
"This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself, there is still time to save lives" He remained silent for a moment before taking a deep breath.
"Your right, sound a general evacuation, and request support from Armagh, Belfast and Omagh…" Gill ordered, "…We may just hold this place long enough with their support" Misty nodded, bounding back to her chair.

Slapping a few buttons on her keyboard a loud echoing siren screeched into the air. Pulling himself from his chair Captain Gill surveyed the darkened room with a frown,
"We may have lost this city, but not its people"


The headquarters of the city was not designed to be a nice place to live. People hoped to make it more like a home than a fortress but it didn't change the fact it was a fortress. Each of the corridors inside the building where near enough identical to the last, making it difficult to navigate if you didn't know the place well. Fortunately Ash did, and Brock was thankful for it.

It hadn't been too long since they left Ash's room, Pikachu walking proudly in the lead. The weak lights gave enough for them to walk by, but barely. It was not uncommon for them to stumble, over something that littered the floor. Brock was about to ask how much longer they had to go when something sent a chill down his spine. Far ahead of them, down the corridor a steady thud, signifying footsteps. Pikachu stopped the sound reaching its ears, twitching furiously he warned Ash to it,
"Pika, Pi" It told Ash, who nodding having heard the noise himself. He stopped Brock with a wave of his hand, and listened.

The sound was getting louder, heading in their direction,
"Is that what I think it is?" Brock asked from behind, his voice low as not to arouse attention. Ash smiled pulling a small pistol from his side and aimed it forward, in the direction of the sound,
"It could be," He answered.

Brock took few steps to the side, into an intersection of the corridor. He took up a vantage point, and Ash joined him, using the wall to cover himself from the direction of the noise. Pikachu run in behind them and they waited, the slight noise ever becoming louder.

"Give me your torch" Ash whispered to Brock, reaching out his hand to him. Brock placed the small cylinder shaped device into Ash's hand without a word and continued to listen. When the noise was only ten feet from them Ash pointed the torch road round the corner with one hand, his pistol in the other, blinding them.
"Who's there?" He called out forcefully and waited for a reply; if none came he knew what it was. It was a Pokémon, and he had no wish to encounter one of those.

"Ash? Is that you?" Returned a calm female voice, Ash lowered the pistol, and asked in return,
"Neesha?" Looking round the corner he could see it was her, though she was shielding he eyes from the glare of the torch,
"Yeah it me, now get that light out of my eyes!" She told him angrily now. He quickly lowered the torch and stepped out of the corridor.
"What are you doing here?" He asked, "Aren't you meant to be in the command centre?"
"What am I doing here?" She asked, "How did you get in here?" Ash smiled,
"I have my ways"

Brock stepped out from behind the wall, Pikachu at his heels. He looked unsurely at Neesha,
"You know her Ash?" He asked, to which Ash nodded,
"Yeah, though introductions can wait, we have to get to the command centre" Ash told them, "Don't worry we're nearly there"


Inside the large echoie Command centre, the only sounds came from the few still operating computer systems. The only two in the room Gill, and Misty had moved to a tactically sound position in front of the main door to the hall. Misty was busy accessing a computer system, Gill by her side. Both of them where armed, Misty with a basic pistol which lay forgotten on the desk. Gill however was armed with a large, and dangerous looking rifle. He was leaning against the desk, his back to the door, Misty beside him and he sighed,
"Can't you find something more constructive to do than to read up on history?" He asked. Misty snorted,
"There is nothing else I can do. Really, there isn't anything better for me to do, and anyway it helps me relax" Misty answered before Gill asked another question,
"Any news on the reinforcements?"

Misty types a few buttons before sighing at the screen,
"Belfast and Armagh are not sending anything. They claim they can't afford to weaken their own defenses at present. Omagh claim they are not able to send land forces due to international treaties" Gill took a deep breath, before complaining,
"Bloody red tape!" he called, "There is no time for that" Leaving him to fume under the news she let her eyes traveling over a small page of text, based on resent history and read,

'…Upon the invasion of Mewtwo's Pokémon into Europe, the Great British parliament passed the 'Pokémon control Act (2007)' which was meant to protect the public from mistaking the dossal and friendly Pokémon for the cloned ones of Mewtwo. The act meant the impounding of Pokémon into special Pokémon centres. This meant that to have access to Pokémon you had to possess a special license only granted to those in military service or other government specialties. Though mainly ineffective it did slow their incursion… Click to continue'

Misty was about to dully press the button to continue, when a noise at the door to the room came to her ears. As if by reflex she had grabbed her gun and layback against the desk next to Gill in a second ready. He smiled,
"That wasn't bad" He told her, "For a young'n anyway" She laughed before a repeat of the noise silenced her. Turning to face the door, she and Gill leveled their weapons with the desk and waited for whatever it was to open the door

As they tracked it, the door was clumsily pushed open, with a large banging sound. The figure appeared to stop and look around the room, though it appeared to have trouble seeing in the dark lighting of the room. A beam of light flew from its hand, and it started to use it to see around. With their guns still trailed on it, the form finally spoke,
"I guess they've already gone" Ash's voice trailed across the room, and two more figures entered the room, those of Neesha and Brock. Next it was Neesha, who spoke,
"She said she'd stay here"

Misty waited a moment before making their presence known to them.
"And she did stay here" She informed them, rising out from behind the desk. The glare of the torch, was immediately thrown into her eyes, and she blocked it protesting,
"Turn that thing off!" The beam was shut off and Neesha let out a sigh of relief,
"So you haven't left" She said, and Misty felt almost insulted,
"Of course I stayed!" Misty told her, "I wouldn't have left"

Captain Gill rose from behind the desk and caught their attention,
"Sorry to spoil this but we do have something more pressing to deal with," He reminded and Misty realized she had clean forgotten.
"Get back here" She told them, indicating to the desk. They didn't understand the urgency but Ash, Brock and Neesha wasted no time, Pikachu still with them. It jumped on the desk and greeted Misty,
"Pika!" It said happily, and Misty mussed the fur on its head.

"Nice to see you too" She told it before leaning back against the desk, the others joining them,
"What's going on?" Ash asked, and Misty answered,
"The lock down was to keep Pokémon out of the building but before it was fully implemented several of them working in a pack had entered. We have at least three Kabutops, and their heading this way," She told them, Neesha gasped,
"Are you sure?" She asked, and Misty nodded,
"Even in lock down this room produces and uses most of the energy in the building, they will be drawn here like a fly to the flame" Ash shook his head,
"Kabutops… that's just great" Ash complained, "Any idea how long, Misty?"

Brock craned his head round to look at this new girl, and immediately recognized her stunning orangey red hair… it had been along time since he had seen her but it was most defiantly Misty.
"Did everyone I know come to this city?" He asked himself under his breath though Ash caught the word. Feeling quite foolish he indicated to Brock,
"I forgot to mention," He told them indicating to Brock, "This is Sergeant Brock Namarari" It was Misty's turn to study Brock, and she let out a gasp,
"You couldn't be?" She asked barely finding her voice. Brock nodded before Gill once again interrupted them,
"Is this really the time?"

No sooner as he had finished speaking than a new echoing sound came from the door into the hall. The door handle rattled a little before it stopped. Turning, Gill aimed at the door with weapon. The other turned to see what it was but didn't aim. They didn't make a sound, allowing them to hear a constant heavy breathing from beyond the oak door. Gil took a deep breath and aimed

With a loud tearing sound the door was broken open from the outside, sending thousands of small shards of wood into the room. They ducked behind the desk for cover, and Gill pulled his trigger. Sending a stream of bullets at the door they tore into the wood covering the doorway with a cloud of dust. When he finally let go of the trigger it took a moment for the smoke to clear. Breathing deeply he kept his eyes fixed on the doorway, the others still hiding.

When the smoke had cleared, he could clearly see what was in the doorway… Nothing. Lowering his gun Gill started to panicky look around,
"Where did it go?" His eyes where darting around the room but all he could see where shadows. Every so often he could see something move out of the corner of his eyes but when he looked it was gone. His hand was beginning to shake,
"Where is it?!" He reiterated, turning back to the door.

A shadow leaping into the air behind Gill made Misty scream,
"There!" The featureless shadow descended upon Gill, he tried to turn, his weapon ready but with a yell he was thrown to the ground, the Pokémon slicing its razor-sharp scythe like claw down his back. He hit the desk before falling to the ground, Ash and Misty turning their pistols to the beast, as it stood over its pray. Flicking on the torch Ash directed it at the face of the Pokémon. In the breath second Ash saw it he could make out the true horror of these genetically advanced Pokémon all over again. The Pokémon's armored body ha been improved with the addition of sharp scales, its claws length increased, its colored turned more black than its original brown

It screeched before jumping out of the torches beam.
"Pikachu, Thunder!" Ash yelled out the order to his Pokémon whom immediately started to charge up the attack. The Kabutops stopped again, and turned to them as if preparing for its next attack. Pikachu let out the bolt of pure electricity, and the air crackled around them. A blast of yellow lightning fired into the Kabutops, which screamed out in pain. The attack ended as quick as it came, and the fazed Kabutops stood unmoving among some rubble, which used to be desks, and computer systems. Opening fire with his pistol Ash, hit the beast several times before Misty joined him. Before they had emptied a clip on it, it fell limp and hit the floor with a tremendous crash.

Ash took deep breaths, not daring to let his pistols aim fall short of the unmoving Pokémon. It was only after some considerable seconds that he dropped his aim and turned back to Gill. Pikachu sat beside the man, and licked his hand,
"Pi?" It asked, and Gill coughed. Turning off the torch Ash surveyed the wound on the elderly mans back. Ash shook his head and kneeled down next to him.
"Can you move?" Ash asked, the man let out a laugh, which sounded painful.
"Yes, but that's about all" He told Ash, pulling himself off the ground with clenched teeth. Leaning back against the desk he relaxed, taking in deep breaths.

"Misty?" He asked, she stepped forward, her pistol still in her hand,
"Remember that tunnel I mentioned earlier. Take it and you will come out inside the old army base… Namarari's plane should still be on the runway, use it"
"You want us to leave you?" Misty asked unsure what to think. Just thinking about doing something like that put a bad taste in her mouth. Gill laughed,
"Please, don't give me this sentimental crap" He told her, "Leave this old man in peace… just hand me my gun"

Ash sighed and handed him the gun,
"As you wish" Ash said solemnly, "And sir, goodbye" Gill laughed and took the gun,
"Just go already!" Ash turned his back and walked away, Neesha and Brock on his heels. Misty took a last look at the old man before turning too and leading the others into the captain's old office.

Gill just sat there watching them leave, his gun in his hand. With every passing second his breathing became more and more erratic, the pain in his back becoming unbearable. He smiled at the irony of the situation and prepared himself for the enemy he know was coming.


The cloud of smoke still hung thick in the air over the western side of the city. The river appeared to be the divider, chaos and destruction on the west bank, while the east appeared unaffected. The only real activity came from the runway where the last of the cities helicopters took off, the last of the citizens onboard. It was under the shadow of air traffic control that Ash's head poked out of a small hole in the ground, with Pikachu on his shoulder.
"Pika?" It asked inquisitively looking around. Ash jumped out, and spurred the others to do the same,
"Come on!" He told them curiously, "We don't know how much time we have"

As quick as they could Misty and Neesha immerged and looked around them. Misty could barely believe the sight of destruction that had reached her eyes. The city she had know as home for the past four years, destroyed in a matter of hours. It was as Brock came out of the hole that she composed herself. Brock coughed,
"What was that used for anyway?" Brock asked indicating back to the tunnel entrance they had just immerged from. Neesha nodding wanting the answer to the question as well. It was Misty who answer,
"This used to be a military base, build soon after World War One. When they built it they also built this tunnel to transport supplies from one side of the city to the other without being seen or leaving themselves open to attack" Brock coughed again,
"That would explain all of the dust anyway"

It wasn't too long before Ash reminded them of their constant danger,
"You guys can stay here and chat but I'm going" He broke into a run in the direction of the runway and they followed him. The grassland they traveled was uneven, making it difficult to run but as they where about to step back onto concrete, the runways concrete a shifting sound from behind caught their attention. Looking back mid stride Ash watched as two Kabutops jumped clean out of the hole they had just immerged and started, chasing after them, with impressive speed.
"See this is why I wanted to hurry!" Ash reminded them, running even faster. Taking the lead Misty called back,
"Less talking more running!"

Since the plane was at the end of the runway they where at it in a matter of second. Throwing the side door open, Brock motioned for them to get inside. They prepared themselves for the coming of the Kabutops but Brock rummaged through several of the boxes at the back of the plane. Ash gulped and called back,
"What are you looking for?!"

Brock smiled,
"Found it" Ripping the top off the box he pulled a large mass from it, some padding falling to his feet. The large weapon was made up of one large cylinder with 4 smaller cylinders around the outside. It had two hand holder for him to carry, and use the device. Stepping forward, it became clear how much room the bulky weapon took up, and pushing the others aside he aimed it outside the doorway, knocking a box out of the plane with his foot by accident.
"Is that what I think it is?" Misty asked, looking the large weapon over, and Brock smiled,
"Oh yes, The XG-Weapon prototype 2" Brock confirmed, "Now what element is a Kabutops?" Ash shook his head,
"Really Brock, you should know that" Ash told him, "Its rock and water"

Knocking in a few buttons on the side of the device, he smiled again,
"Then I think a blast of some Water mixed with Electricity should do it," He told them, and the device began to hum loudly as if powering up. He aimed at one of the upcoming Kabutops told them,
"Better take cover" They clambered for cover though Brock didn't give them the time too. Firing the weapon, a long blue, yellowy beam ejected form the weapon, enveloping the Kabutops, which screeched in pain. After only three seconds Brock let go of the trigger and the Kabutops fell over its own weigh never to move again. Its friend turned to see its fallen comrade, then promptly turned and ran. Brock lowered the gun and turned to Ash,
"Very human some of their characteristics" Brock laughed, "Running like a cowered"

Misty looked up from the corner she had been watching the whole episode play out.
"How did you do that?" She asked, unable to believe her eyes, Brock just patted the side of the weapon,
"One beam of elemental energy. This baby is going to change our fortunes in this war"

End of Chapter three
Butch Cassidy
15.07.04 (Euro-Date System DD.MM.YY)


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