As all of you should be able to tell this is a sequel to The Star Shaped Scar. I hope you enjoy this one as much as you did the SSS.

Summary of what has happened so far: Where we last left off Yahiko was getting better and had made friends with his old nemesis, Yutaro. Tsubame confessed to Yutaro that she liked Yahiko better and asked if they could still be friends. He said yes but told her he would never stop loving her. Yahiko is still a bit embarrassed about his star shaped scar on his back that the Kenshin-gumi had found. Anohorea was put in jail and Yahiko's old gang has been disbanded after Gasuke was thrown in jail as well. Things seemed to be going well now...... but things *do* change.....


Scars of the Past

Chapter One

'...' indicates thought

*...* indicates emphasis on a word


The flames were the only source of light in the small well-furnished room. The only noise was the crackling of the fire as it ate away at the dry word, consuming it piece by piece. Two tall chairs sat in front of the fire, two men on them. The flames danced over the figures, putting them in half in shadow, half in light.

Glasses of red wine sat on a table between the chairs, the light from the fire making the wine look like freshly spilled blood.

"What do you plan to do?" The man who had spoken leaned forward in his chair, his hands forming a steeple. His voice was deep and smooth, much like that of a business manager, with a rich, almost oily tone to it.

"I've been told that you have strong forces on your side. Is this true Sakiyo?" The bigger man took his wine glass of the table and took a small sip from it, his eyes watching the businessman like a hawk.

"Yes, you have been told correctly. I control an elite group of ninjas, called the Tozuma. They are the most cunning, ruthless people I have ever encountered. They show absolutely no mercy and do not ever make allowances. Why are you interested in them?" Sakiyo took a drag on a cigar and exhaled towards the ceiling. "I mean, what use would you ever have of them Motan?"

"I have a.... client who needs their help."

"Really? And what does your 'client' want them for?"

"A simple assassination."

"Oh? How much would the client be willing to pay?"



"As long as the job is done. There are a few requirements however, but none of it should be of any trouble."

Sakiyo held out his right hand. "I think, my friend, that we have a deal."

Motan clasped Sakiyo's hand tightly. "You won't regret this. I can promise you that."

Sakiyo gave a chilling laugh. "I do not doubt it Motan, I do not doubt it."


"Ayame! Ayame give it back!" The little girl raced around the corner of the dojo, an enraged Yahiko in pursuit. She clutched the last rice ball of today's lunch that Kenshin had made and was running to go eat it in peace.

Her brown hair flew out behind her and she was bright red from laughing so hard at Yahiko. His normally yellow gi was stained with dark brown splotches from Kaoru's cooking disaster and he had bits of burnt rice in his hair.

So Kenshin had made his rice balls for another course of lunch, which turned out to be the only edible part of the entire meal. Ayame had made a run with the last one after Yahiko and Yutaro had eaten almost the entire meal. And Yahiko being Yahiko wasn't quite full yet.

Ayame put on a burst of speed and swerved into a room of the dojo. The spiky black haired boy peered around the door. Why didn't he see her?

Then his brown eyes lighted on a pink ribbon underneath a pile of futons. The pink ribbon that Ayame had had in her hair that day. With a smirk he crept towards it silently and then pounced.

But no scream or laughter came from beneath the blankets. In fact, he squished it completely. It was then Yahiko heard laughter coming from outside and he realized that the girl had slipped out the door when he was going towards the futons.

With a little humph Yahiko crossed his arms with an expression of being cheated out of something on his face. Ayame, a five year old girl had managed to outsmart him; a Tokyo samurai. He wouldn't be getting any more lunch today...

"Lookie Suzume! I got it!" The green clad girl held out the now slightly squished rice ball. "I got the rice ball!"

Suzume clapped her hands in glee. "Rice ball! You got the rice ball!" she giggled. Suzume admired her older sister and always said the same things she did. Kaoru always said it was so cute; Yahiko thought it was dumb.

The rice ball was split in two equal pieces and each sister happily munched her half happily while they watched Kenshin do the laundry. They were in the process of watching Kenshin wash one of Kaoru's kimonos when two shadows were cast over them.

Both girls turned around to see one of their new worst enemies. Ever since Yahiko and Yutaro had had a truce and had become friends, life at the dojo had been much different. The two always took each others sides in an argument with Kaoru or Kenshin and always practiced together. The only topic that was never brought up was Tsubame; it was still a sore spot for Yutaro.

"You ate our rice ball," said Yahiko accusingly.

"No we didn't," spoke up Ayame. "It belonged to whoever got it and I got it."

Both boys shared a look with each other. "I still think we have to teach them a lesson," said Yutaro with a grin.

"I agree."

Both girls let out little gasps and started to back away. Yahiko and Yutaro always tickled them until they could barely breathe and they had turned bright pink. And then with identical screams, the sisters jumped to their feet and took off across the yard.

Yutaro and Yahiko chuckled and took off after the screaming Ayame and Suzume. Kaoru looked up from scrubbing the rice off the kitchen floor. "PLAY NICE!" she yelled after the kids.

Ayame and Suzume ran towards the gate and both looked over their shoulders to see the Kamiya Kasshin apprentices gaining on them. But because they weren't looking where they were going, both girls crashed into something solid and fell to the ground.

They looked up and saw Sanosuke towering above them. "Uncle Sano! Help us!" Both girls got up and hid behind Sano and peered out from behind his white pants at the approaching pair.

Sano chuckled and held up a hand, successfully stopping the boys. "Why are you chasing the girls?" he asked, a mock glare on his tanned face.

"They stole our rice ball," spoke up Yahiko.

"Did not," said Ayame sticking her tongue out. "We didn't Uncle Sano," she said, smiling innocently up at the spiky brown haired man.

The ex-gangster patted the older sister on her head. "I believe you Ayame. Now you two had better get out of here before you scare the girls anymore and have to deal with me." Yahiko and Yutaro glared at Sano, but walked off knowing that they couldn't beat him.

"Thanks Uncle Sano!"

"Thanks!" echoed Suzume.

"No problem. Just stay out of their way for a while." Sano turned and walked towards the red haired samurai and sat down to chat and keep the rurouni company while he did the laundry.

Ayame and Suzume went under a tree to play with their dolls and the dojo yard was once more quiet.


"Table for four please," said a burly officer to the young waitress.

"Follow me please," the short brown haired girl said with smile. She led the four police officers to a private area in the back; it looked like they had business to discuss and she didn't want anyone to disturb them.

After she made sure they were all comfortable she went to the kitchen to get them some tea. Tae, who was putting together a tray of steamed vegetables, saw Tsubame come in from the door nearest to the private booth.

"Who's back there Tsubame?" questioned the young woman.

"Some officers; they looked like they had some important things to talk about. Is it okay I put them there? I didn't want any of the patrons to disturb them," said the girl nervously, afraid that she'd done something wrong.

"Of course it's alright Tsubame. Now hurry and bring them their tea before they got impatient. You know how they can get..."

"Hai Tae-san!" Tsubame said with a smile, picking up a tray with cups of freshly brewed tea on her way out.

During the next hour at Akabeko people poured in from what seemed like every corner of Japan. Needless to say, the waitresses of Akabeko were running around to try to get all the orders taken and find everyone a seat. In fact, as soon as people were done eating, they were kindly asked to leave which most didn't seem to mind.

"Come again!" called Tae after a young couple that had just left. She turned around and saw about fifteen more people who still needed to be seated. Tae knew that if the people had to wait much longer they would probably leave and find a new restaurant.

She chewed the inside of her lip, a habit she'd required, thinking of where she could put everyone. The private room had enough space to seat all these people but the police officers were still in there. Well they would just have to leave; they'd been here for over an hour anyways.

Tae went towards the back of the restaurant and slid open the door that led to the private room. It really was private. A shoji door separated it from the hallway she was in which was separated from the main restaurant. The room was normally used for parties so people could have some privacy.

Pressing her ear to the door, Tae heard hushed voices speaking hurriedly and with a sense of fear behind them. Tsubame had been right; it certainly sounded like a private conversation.

Tae knew she should just go in and ask them to please leave, but she didn't want to interrupt their conversation. So she slid down and sat on the ground outside the door and decided patiently for them to finish. Being curious, and a little nosy, Tae listened to them speak.

"Well what do you intend to do Uji-san? We have no leads," spoke a deep voice.

"I am well aware of that Hilon, but the truth is I don't know what to do."

A new voice, younger sounding then the previous two joined the conversation. "Let's review the facts. He escaped three days ago and was seen heading towards Kyoto."

"That doesn't help us!" yelled the last member of the party. "We already have troops stationed and no one has seen any sign of him."

"Calm down Moko, yelling at Kenik won't help anything," stated Uji calmly.

"How am I supposed to calm down? A prisoner has escaped when he was under tight security and there's a rumor going around up north that a manslayer has been seen."

"A manslayer? I have heard no such thing," said Hilon.

"It may be a rumor, but don't you think we should keep our guard up?" asked Kenik. "If he was to join forces with a manslayer, think of what could happen."

"I don't want to know," said Uji. "He is a very cunning man and we are still unsure about what he wants to achieve."

"Please sir, isn't there anything we can do?"

"Yes. Be on the lookout for the escaped prisoner, who goes by the name..... Anohorea."

Tae gave a gasp and covered her mouth quickly, giving a prayer to Kami that they hadn't heard her. Thankfully, they hadn't.

'I have to tell Kaoru. Right away....'

The southern sounding woman knocked politely on the door. "Excuse me. I was wondering if you would mind letting some other people use this room."

The door was pushed open to reveal the leader of the squad, whom she assumed was Uji. "I don't mean to be rude, but a lot of people need a place to sit and you've been in here quite a long time...."

"It's no trouble at all. Come on men, back to duty."

A few minutes later Tae had the other customers seated and she was running at a swift pace to the dojo, her wooden clogs clapping loudly on the ground, almost as loud as her heart.

If Anohorea had escaped he might be heading for Yahiko. And for all Tae knew, he might already be dead.


Author's Notes:

Right now if you are very confused..... be happy! ^^ You should! And if you do understand it.... it means you're either really smart or you read my mind...

Just make sure you know that the two mysterious men in the beginning are named Sakiyo and Motan. Motan has a customer who needs a group of ninjas that Sakiyo is sided with to help him with an assassination.

Uji, Hilon, Kenik, and Moko are police officers who are discussing a prison escape and the sight of a manslayer. And that's all the important facts you should know for now.

Thank you to all those who liked The Star Shaped Scar. As for those who just started to read this, I advise you to read SSS but you don't have too.

But to let all of those who didn't read SSS know, Anohorea wants to kill off Yahiko. He wanted to kill all the Myojins.... and now Yahiko is the only one left.

Ja Na!