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AN: THis is a Farscape/ST:TNG X-Over.

Takes place after end of TNG. Skips newest Movie Nemesis but might have occasional references to other TNG movies. Data is spending some time at the Daystrom Institute. He's decided it's time to rebuild his daughter and is working with Maddux. Now that he has Lor(in pieces,) they are working on duplicating Noonan Soon's work. Rest of Enterprise crew still together. Worf is now a captain and is given command of a ship identical to defiant(including improved phase-cloak) with a crew of mixed Klingon and StarFleet personel. StarFleet has paired his ship with Enterprise and a new class of battleship with Riker as the captain. Picard is in overall command. DS9 might show up as a general meeting place.

In Farscape, consider a sort of future fic. They're still flying around, Zhaan is gone, Stark is almost totally nuts, and Jool is onboard. John and Aeryn are together, so are Chiana/Dargo. Jothee has gone off with Crais and Talyn. Scorpius is still around, but is now exiled, with his entire crew. Half of PK forces have defected to Royal Colonies. Nebari have begun an assault with the aid of Scorpius who continues to look into wormhole tech for both travel and weapons. The Scarrens are eating away at Peacekeeper territory, and the crew of Moya have been cleared of all crimes, though they don't know it. PK high command is trying to find them to ask for their help. Basically, want Moya's crew to take command of remaining loyal PK fleet and gain help from the other races, expecially Luxan and Hynerian since John and co have proved to be capable of taking on any race and coming out on top. ************************************************************


Data cocked his head to the left as he read the display. His computations were correct to within 0.005 picopercentiles. Yet the physical results disagreed with the mathematical data.

He looked down at his workdesk, almost glad that he had turned off his emotion chip for this experiment. He was certain, due to his new familiarity, that otherwise, he would be feeling quite frustated with his efforts. This was the best results he had received all day, yet he was no closer to success then when he first started.

He reviewed all the steps involved, trying to find where he went wrong. Still, he could not find the point at which his calculations and the results first came into conflict.

The door chime broke through his concentration. He set roughly 15% of his mind to continue the task while turning the rest of his attention to his visitor.

"Enter." he called.

With the usual hiss, the door opened to reveal his visitor.

"Hello, Commander. I was wondering if I could have a few minutes of your time."

"Of course, Commander Maddux. How may I be of service?"

Maddux stepped into the quarters, still nervous around the artificial lifeform. He was still embarrassed and ashamed of his actions that had led to the trial against Data. He had been certain that the Admiral would find in his favor, that Data was the property of StarFleet and not a living being. Seeing the strange mess on his fellow commanders desk and noting the smell of soemthing burned beyond recognition, he decided to jump right to the reason he had come.

"A long range sensor probe in sector 435 has picked up a ship heading in this direction. Preliminary results of the scan indicate that the ship is of alien origin. The scans aren't very clear and the images don't match up with anything on file. StarFleet has sent all data here with a request for us, mainly for you, to review and enhance the images. They are moving several other probes into the objects path in hopes of getting more data."

Data cocked his head to the right for variety's sake. "There are several starbases closer to sector 435. May I inquire why they are sending the data here?"

"While most of the data is inconclusive, there are indications that the ship is somewhat similar to one the Enterprise encountered some time ago."

"Still, I believe Lt. Cmd. LaForge would be better suited to solve this situation."

"Perhaps. But if the information they sent is correct, than you are the only person who had direct contact with the ship, or at least, with something similar."

Data frowned. He reactivated his emotion chip. "What does the information contain that I would be the only one to have direct knowledge of?"

Maddux took a breath. "They think it might be TinMan. Or at least something related to it." ************************************************************