The hall of heros

(A/N: This is the way me and my friends envisioned the hall of heros: instead of just one hero talking, a conversation takes place between all of them)

Kiya was overwhelmed as she stepped into this massive hall. She marveled at the large spaceous area, with statues of various heros she had hardly ever heard any word of in her time in London, except when Dan told her stories of their magnificant ventures: Canny Tim, who had almost single-handedly taken down Zarok's champion, Bloodmanoth skullcleaver, who died attempting an attack on a garrison armed merely with the spike on his helmet.

"Fortesque!" a voice bellowed out.

Kiya looked around to see the origin of such a voice, but it appeared that there was only her and Dan.

"Who said that?" Kiya asked Dan.

"Please try not to overwhelm my lady!" requested Dan (to who, Kiya was not quite sure) "She's not accostomed to talking statues."

"Do not be a fool Fortiskay!" stated another voice "Nobody is!"

Kiya stayed close to Dan "What is going on?"

"My, my." said a timid-sounding voice "Your lady could use some weapons. Over here Captain!"

Dan stepped toward a statue of a young boy holding a crossbow. Kiya, not familiar with her surroundings, decided to simply follow Dan.

"My god Fortesque!" came a voice from a statue of a man with a broad sword next to the statue they were at "Did you lose my sword?!"

Dan nodded "When I went back in time I lost everything."

"Oh no!" exclaimed the boy they were at "It appears neither of you are very well equipped."

Dan looked down and saw that Kiya had the daggars she aqcuired on her journeys, and a whip (he assumed she had picked this up at his crypt).

"That's right!" said the boy "I did get my crossbow back! I will give it to you again. And for the lady...oh! How rude of me, we haven't been introduced!"

"I am Kiya." Kiya bowed.

"Canny Tim." stated the boy.

"Woden the mighty." came the voice of the man with the broad sword.

"Bloodmanoth skullcleaver." the thick hispanic accent.

"Alright then!" said Tim. he presented her with a samll, dart-shooting device. "It's a handheld dart gun! Not nearly as strong as Dan's crossbow, but lighter and faster ; you can shoot more darts without having to reload."

Kiya took the device "Thank you."

As they went to the platform from whence they came, the heroes waved goodbye to them, and their spirits drifted back to earth.

This is kinda an appetizer for the next level, which features Kiya and a dragon. Sorry it's so short, I'll update soon!