Thank you all for reviewing the first poem. I have to admit that I actually forgot about this one until I received a review off DreaminofLorien which remind me. So thank you and here it for you to enjoy, I hope.

A Shining Light

Now, Mr Frodo

I can see your pain

You are lost in the darkness

Although I shout your name

I try to help you recall

The days that have gone past

I try to shine a guiding light

But the darkness is too vast

I see the weight you carry

I see the end before you fall

So let us be rid of ring

Forever now, once and for all

I see you are too weak

I taste fear in the air

But don't give up now Frodo

And leave me, don't you dare

The end is growing close

We have no time to loose

Between carrying on or giving up

It is now we have to choose

As last the light I see

And I know what I must do

I can't carry it for you

But I can carry you

Thank you again for everyone who has already reviewed and anyone who hasn't, please let me know what you think.