OK, I should warn you right now that the Titans won't enter into this right away. It'll take time and don't worry, I will finish this story. Anyway, everyone argues about which Robin it is. Is it Dick or Tim? In this story, it's Tim.

Why, some people argue that Static Shock episode where he asks where Robin is and Batman says he's with the Titans. But then in a later episode we see him back with Batman (That was the new season opener, where he goes into the future). I'm just gonna have that story take place before the one I mentioned earlier. If this makes no sense to you…please email me and I will try to ease your confusion to the best of my abilities. Now, on with the fic.

Chapter One: The Decision

The sun's rays had finally found their way into the high office of Bruce Wayne.

Wayne sat back in his chair, thinking of what had just happened in the past 72 hours. He and Robin had apprehended some villains with some help (Though completely unnecessary, thought Bruce) from Static. The trio of Superheroes had returned to the cave. Everything was normal until Static had gotten himself thrown through a temporal vortex.

Thank god Gear was able to bring him back, thought the billionaire.

Virgil was about to tell him about the future when Wayne's alter-ego had instructed him not to.

But now after sleeping on it, Wayne couldn't help but wonder what the future was like? Was he still alive? Obviously since Virgil had told him that he was old. But what about the city, Barbara, Dick and Tim? Were they still fighting the good fight or had they fallen victim of the criminals they had sworn to stop?

Bruce pounded his desk.

You can't know. If you try to alter the timeline, you could erase yourself from history and make it even worse.

But if he did know, he knew he could stop a lot of devastating events from occurring. What if something worse than 9/11 happened? What if Tim was shot to death while at school? What if Barbara…?

A sigh escaped the mouth of Bruce Wayne. It was just too much for his mind to handle. He was might be damned if he did know or damned if he didn't know.

Looking at his watch which was firmly located on his left wrist, he saw that is was too early for school to be out. Gotham City and Dakota were in the same time zone.

But would Virgil tell him?

He worships you, to an extent. He'll tell you all you need to know.

In the meantime, Wayne had to wait two and a half hours before he could call Virgil Hawkins. And knowing teenagers-having raised one and currently raising another-they didn't stay home long unless something important had to be done.

Picking up his phone, Bruce punched in three numbers.

"For what area?" asked a recorded female voice.

"Dakota," answered Bruce in that cold voice that almost the whole world knew him by. Though he often made it sound friendly, it put intimidation into a lot of his competition.

A few seconds later the female voice returned. "For what name?"

"Virgil Hawkins."

There was another pause which was followed by an exaggerated, "Thank you," making it sound like name had made this recorded voice's day.

An operator now came on the line and said, "Ok, we have only one match to your request: Virgil Hawkins. Is that the one you're looking for." The voice sounded like it very dedicated to giving the right information in the fastest way possible.

Bruce now used his calm gentle voice and said, "Yes thank you."

A few seconds passed again and then Bruce could hear the familiar dial tone one heard after dialing a phone number. Two segments of the tone passed before it was picked up and acknowledged with a deep but friendly, "Hello?"

"Hello," greeted Bruce back still with his friendly voice. "May I speak with Virgil Hawkins, please?"

"I'm sorry," apologized the voice on the other end, which Bruce guessed to be Mr. Hawkins, "but Virgil's at school right now. If you leave your name and number, I'll make sure he calls you as soon as he gets back from school."

"All right," agreed Bruce. "If you could have him call Bruce Wayne—"

"Wait a minute," said Mr. Hawkins. "Bruce Wayne the billionaire?"

"That's me."

Mr. Hawkins voice now turned from kind to stern. "I don't know who you are," he began, "but if you so try to trick me like that…I'll beat your ass."

Bruce now had little time to convince Mr. Hawkins that he was who he was.

"Mr. Hawkins, you don't understand. I am Bruce Wayne. I would like to meet with your son Virgil for a little while so that I can—"

"Wait," said Mr. Hawkins. He now sounded a bit stunned by this. "I've heard someone say the exact same thing. His name was Michael Jackson."

"Mr. Hawkins," said Bruce quickly. "If you could grab a pen and paper, please copy down this phone number. It'll connect you to my secretary. Just tell her your name and she'll connect you to me."

There was a pause on the other end. Finally after what seemed to be almost a minute Mr. Hawkins said on the other line, "All right."

Bruce gave the number and said his goodbyes. As soon as he replaced the phone, he pressed a button on his intercom which connected him with his secretary, Caroline.

"Yes, Mr. Wayne?" replied her mechanical voice over the intercom.

"Caroline, if a Mr. Hawkins should call, please put him through to me."

"Certainly, sir."

Wayne switched off the intercom and patiently waited.

Forty-one seconds after he had last spoken with Caroline, Wayne's phone began to ring.

Just as he was about to pick it up, he stopped.

Let's leave him thinking for just a second…

Finally on the third ring he picked up the receiver rather quickly.

"Mr. Hawkins?" he said in his friendly voice.

"I'm so sorry," gasped Robert Hawkins on the other end. "I thought you might be some sort of…"

"It's all right," said Bruce. "I'm raising a teenager myself. You have to be very careful with the people they hang around with."

Robert laughed. "That's true. And Dakota's equally dangerous with all these Bang-Babies around. But anyway, you want to talk with Virgil?"

"That's right," replied Bruce. Before Robert could ask why, Bruce had already come up with a good enough lie which would fool any parent. "You see, Virgil wrote me a letter some months ago, asking me about my entrepreneurial skills. I only got it now because I get lots of letters and it's so hard to sort it all."

Robert sighed. "I'd say I understood what it's like but unfortunately, I can't."

Wayne gave a sincere laugh. "Anyway, I'd just like to talk with Virgil and give him an answer to his question. Judging by the letter he wrote me, he sounds like an intelligent young man."

"I wouldn't tell his sister that," argued Robert. "She says that the only smart thing about Virgil is his mouth."

I should tell Tim that, thought Bruce. "We'll see about that," said Bruce with a chuckle. "Anyway, will you tell Virgil for me?"

"Of course, of course," said Robert. "He's gonna love this. Thank you, Mr. Wayne."

"Thank you, Mr. Hawkins. Goodbye."

Bruce waited for the other line to go dead before he replaced the receiver. The message had been delivered. There was no going back on his task now. He would ask Virgil what he saw in the future, and then would try to change anything that would be damaging to his family.

"May God have mercy on my soul," he whispered to himself.

To Be Continued…

OK, I know there weren't any Titans in this chapter and there won't be for quite a while. This story is about their origin and formation if I were to write about it.

Next Chapter: Virgil makes a phone call and answers some questions.