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Chapter Nine: Metallic Macho Man

Raven had been living with Robin, Starfire and Beast Boy for two days and in those two days she was able to get a brief idea of what living with them would be like for longer than two days. Much longer.

Robin was competitive and almost driven to be something that he wasn't. Raven assumed that living in Batman's shadow might do that to someone.

Starfire-if she were human-would fit right up there with Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Ritchie as one of the least intelligent people in the world. But she was alien and this was a new planet for her to explore. So if she didn't know what Chicken of the Sea or Wal-Mart was…she had her reason.

And finally, Beast Boy was…Beast Boy. Ever since she had arrived, the green teenager was acting like he was trying to make her stay there as comfortable as possible.

He's going to be happy working on a cruise line one day, she would always think to herself whenever he did something kind for her.

And at times she found him to be an immature little cretin. It seemed that if he had the option, he would sacrifice his own life just to bring the Three Stooges back to life. His jokes were crude and unfunny (to her) and at times she just wanted to put a telekinetic barrier around his mouth. But then again, it was much easier to go into another room and just not listen.

That night, the four teens were watching an old movie, which Starfire had requested they all watch.

"I am curious," she announced during a commercial break. "Why does the one Colonel hate the other one?"

"Because," explained Robin. "Nicholson-in a way-holds Saito's life in his hands. If Nicholson orders his men to build the bridge, he's proving British superiority over their Japanese captors. And if the bridge isn't built, Saito will kill himself because of the shame."

"It's a no-win situation," explained Raven.

"Dude," exclaimed Beast Boy. "You're so right. Man, that Saito's lucky I wasn't in that camp. I'd tear him a new one. That'll teach him to obey the Geneva Convention."

"Tear him a new what?" asked Starfire.

Before Beast Boy could answer that question in a way that would be appropriate the general alarm rang out.

"What is it?" asked Raven.

Robin raced the computer console. "Break in at the electronic store."

"Let's roll," said Beast Boy.

"Would it not be easier to fly?" asked Starfire.

JC Electronics silent alarm had been triggered just nanoseconds after Dr. John Light's blaster had destroyed the front windows. He stepped in over the broken glass hoping that he would find what he wanted quickly.

Years ago he had been fired from the governments weapons R&D for illegally making weapons that his superiors described as 'too risky'.

The risk is mine to take now, he thought.

He moved towards the back of the store where the necessary equipment he needed would be located. But just as he reached the back, something whirled through the air and struck the wall, just inches from his face. His head turned to the object. It was red and shaped like a bird and a boomerang.

He turned and saw the four teens that almost all of Jump City was talking about.

Giving a toothy smirk he said, "Well, well, well, if it isn't the brat pack."

Robin gritted his teeth. 'Brat pack' was a name a left-wing columnist had used to describe him and the others.

"Go," called Robin and the four heroes charged at the villain.

Light raised the weapon that was in his hand. It looked like a laser pistol that you would see in the old sci-fi movies from the 50's.

The four stopped where they were.

"Dude," Beast Boy said moving towards the villain. "Are you really gonna threaten us with your toy phaser from when you were five? Give me a break."

The next step Beast Boy took would be his last before being sent to the front of the store again.

Light's weapon emitted a beam of light and high-intensified energy, which would render a human being unconscious for sometime.

Raven raised her eyebrows.
Starfire gasped.

"Beast Boy," cried Robin.

"Merely unconscious," stated Light. "Although…I am thinking of adding a 'kill' setting."

Before anyone knew what was happening, all three teens were on the ground in physical pain.

"Too easy," muttered Dr. Light. But he knew that he would go down as the man who had defeated the Brat Pack. He turned his back on them only to hear a voice behind him say,

"Don't even think about it."

Light whirled around and aimed his weapon at the unknown male. Whoever he was, he was big. Light could only see an outline of him but something told the doctor that this must have been an athlete.

"Who are you?" he barked. "Step into the light where I can see you."

The man did.

Light gasped and almost dropped his weapon.

The man-if you could call him that-looked like he was half machine. You could see parts of his dark skin on his arms but the one thing that stood out was that a small portion of his head was covered by electronics. His left eye even was covered by a red ocular implant.

The machine man smiled. "I'm me. And by 'me', I mean the one who's gonna kick your sorry ass back to the Stone Age!"
Light put his finger on the trigger of his weapon. "You see what happened to them. Do you want to risk the same fate, Mister…?"

"Cyborg," he replied. "Just Cyborg."

"Well, Cyborg, prepare to meet thy doom." He aimed his weapon at the teen's head.

Cyborg smiled. "That's a nice gun you have there." There was a sound of metallic clicking. Cyborg raised his right arm, which had now converted into a large cannon that put Dr. Light's weapon to shame. "But this is what I like to play with."

Before Dr. Light could even think about an alternative, a sonic wave hit him and slammed him against the back wall of the store.

Behind him, Cyborg could hear the sound of the teens stirring from the sleep. He walked over to Robin and offered him a hand up.

"Thanks," the Teen Wonder said wearily. He shook his head a few times and then looked at who had helped him up. "Who are you?"

Cyborg smiled. "I'm Cyborg. And I take it you're Robin?"

Robin nodded. "C-can you help me with the others?" He gave a cough and looked at his rescuer.

Cyborg nodded. He moved toward the front of the store where Beast Boy had been knocked. Using his optical implant, he scanned the green teenager and found out that the worst he would probably have was a bad headache. He offered his hand to him and pulled him up.

"Dude," said Beast Boy groggily, "are you The Terminator?"

Cyborg frowned. "I don't know. Did somebody spill Pepto Bismol down your costume?"

Beast Boy grumbled something under his breath as Starfire and Raven regained consciousness.

Police sirens could be heard in the distance.

"Let's go," Robin said. "You coming?" he offered Cyborg.

Cyborg smiled. "Thought you'd never ask."

Dr. Light had been taken to local prison and Cyborg had been brought to the tower.

"So you've been looking for us?" asked Robin.

Cyborg nodded. "Yea. See, everywhere I've gone I get looked at like I'm some kind of freak. So I heard about your adventures and decided to come here."

"With the rest of the freaks?" asked Raven.

"With the rest of the superheroes," corrected Cyborg. "I wanna join this…team of yours."

"Hmm," said Beast Boy. "Why should we?"

Cyborg's nostrils flarred. "Because if you don't, I'll kick your green ass!"

Beast Boy smiled. "Oh, I like him. He's got my vote."

"Plus," added Cyborg. "This team needs a black guy. You've got the white kid, the white alien girl, the really white Goth girl," he said while Raven's eyes shot daggers at him, "and the green annoying kid."

"Hey," cried Beast Boy.

Robin sighed. "What can you offer us?"

Cyborg shrugged. "I dunno. I'm good with electronics, computers and building things. And I think you should take me on right now, cause I've scanned the security this place has and I can only sum it up in one word: Damn!"

Robin looked at Starfire then back at Cyborg. "You're in."

To Be Continued…

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