Only a Shadow. PF: hey. First things first. The 'he' in this is Toguro, the younger. Which I don't own, his creators do. Second, this is based on my YYH character, Angelina, who I created. She belongs to me. And I am also dedicating this poem thingy, which are her thoughts on her life, to all my friends, and to Explosion. Third, the 'them' are the YYH boys, who she travels with now. Thanks for being my friends, guys. And the thing he did was kill her family, causing her to be an orphan. ^__^ please review! If you want to...

This path I walk,

This pain I hold,

I'm forced to bear it alone.

No one knows,

They don't care.

They've never seen it,

They've never held it.

The one who did this,

He is dead.

His blood on my hands,

His death in my mind.

I've had my revenge,

But I'm not satisfied.

I want to cry,

I want to scream.

But I hold it in,

I trust no one.

No one to watch my back.

In the dark, all alone.

I can't trust them,

Can't bring myself to let go.

Let go of the hate, the anger.

It's all that's kept me going.

Inside, I'm lifeless, I'm dead.

My eyes are lifeless,

My body, soulless.

No one here for me,

All gone away.

All have died by my hand,

Or by my love.

Thus, I must stay distant.

I'm always there,

Yet not there.


Yet not existing.

Love and hate,

All in one.

Melding, mixing,

Swirling into one being.

I'm just a shadow.

You'll see me in dreams,

You'll see me at night.

Because I am darkness

And light,

Love and hate.

I am only a shadow...