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Of Emeralds And Demons

Chapter 1: What's been happening and what will be

It has been nearly a year after the defeat of Metal Sonic aboard Eggman's air fleet. Since then, things have been pretty quiet. Sonic and Shadow now share an apartment in Station Square and are still competing to see which one of them is the superior even though they are friends.

Tails still lives in his workshop at the Mystic Ruins, working on his numerous inventions.

Rouge gave up treasure hunting for the time being and is making a good living on Angel Island with Knuckles, who is still guarding the master emerald.

Tikal and Chaos are now living on the outside of the emerald on Angel Island as well and so far, they couldn't be happier.

Big is still living near the mystic ruins in his house, fishing with Froggy by his side.

Omega is no longer starved for revenge and basically goes where he pleases. But he never goes beyond the Mystic Ruins.

Espio, Charmy, and Vector are still in the detective business. But, it has bee pretty slow lately.

Amy is still living in her apartment in Station Square and is still trying to get Sonic to marry her. Cream the rabbit and Cheese the chao are new sharing her apartment with her.

As for Dr. Eggman, he grew tired of his plans always failing and gave up on world domination. He now seeks to better mankind in any way possible.

Anyway, the story begins on Angel Island one normal day...

Tikal sat on top of a stone that overlooked the emerald shrine with her legs crossed, the breeze ruffling her dress a little. She sighed. "I'm bored."

She was about to jump down when she saw none other than her friend, Chaos. Chaos sure had changed over the years. It was hard to believe that this gentle water demon with a heart of gold had leveled half of the city a while back. Chaos waved at her and beckoned her down from her sitting position to the ground.

She slid off of the stone and landed in front of Chaos. She gave a polite wave which her readily returned. "Hello, Chaos. What's wrong?"

Chaos sighed. Over the time he had spent with Tikal and her friends, her had learned how to speak English quite well. "It's Knuckles and Rouge again."

Tikal sighed again. Ever since Rouge had decided to come and live on this island, Knuckles and her had been fighting constantly.

"Where are they and what is it this time?" she asked her liquid friend.

Chaos pointed one hand towards a clump of trees and stated, "Over there, by the lake. Knuckles accused Rouge of trying to steal the master emerald again."

Tikal shook her head as she began walking towards the spot where Rouge and Knuckles were fighting. "This is the fifth time this week."

Chaos nodded. "I know. And the sad part is, it's only Monday."


Knuckles stared defiantly at Rouge. "Would you stop denying it already? I know that you were trying to get at the emerald again!"

Rouge put her hands on her hips. "God damn it, Knucklehead! I already told you that I wasn't going to take it. You already made me promise about a thousand times not to take it when you let me on the island!"

This was nothing out of the ordinary. First, the argument would start and either a fist fight would break out between them, or Tikal and Chaos would come and break it up. Luckily for both their health's sake, this time it was the latter.

Tikal and Chaos stumbled into the clearing where they were just in time to hear Rouge defending herself. Tikal walked in between Rouge and Knuckles, extending her arms to keep them from getting any closer to strangling each other. "Guys, knock it off. Knuckles, she already promised that she wouldn't try and take the emerald."

Then, Chaos looked at Rouge. "As for you, Rouge, I think that you should watch your language."

Knuckles and Rouge looked at each other. Then, Knuckles scoffed. "Fine. But if you do come anywhere near the emerald, I'm not gonna let Tikal and Chaos talk me out of tying your wings together and throwing you off the edge of the island."

Rouge turned away. "I'd like to see you try!"

Everyone was about to go back to their regular tasks when Tikal clutched her head and fell to the ground.

Everyone rushed to her side and Chaos bent down and helped her to her feet. "What's wrong, Tikal?" asked Knuckles.

Tikal was still clutching her head as she said, "Something is wrong with the master emerald."

No one needed any further motivation. Knuckles and rouge were off in an instant and Chaos picked up Tikal, carrying her bridal style.

When they arrived, they discovered that Tikal had been correct. Something was indeed wrong with the emerald. It was glowing brightly and it was changing colors from green to red and back again.

Knuckles knew that they wouldn't be able to figure this out on their own. "Rouge, you still have your cell phone, right?"

Rouge nodded. Knuckles said, "Then call up Tails and tell him to get up her fast with whoever else will come!"

Rouge nodded again and took out her phone. She dialed a few numbers and the dial tone began ringing.


Sonic and Shadow were down at Big's place. They were, as usual, having another race. Big was just watching, considering that it was his place they were racing at. The Chaotix detective agency was there as well to act as judges.

Vector was going over the rules for the race. "Now remember, it is one full lap around the jungle. The first one back here is the winner."

Sonic and Shadow nodded.

Espio stood before them and so did Charmy, holding the flag that would signal them to star. Espio said, "One more thing. No shortcuts are allowed during this match. This is nothing but a friendly footrace. You are also not allowed to use chaos attacks either."

Sonic looked toward Shadow. "Just be ready to lose, bud."

Shadow nodded. "Of course. But, it is you who will be losing before this day is out."

Charmy held the flag above his head. "On your mark, get set..."

"Sonic!" shouted Tails.

Sonic and everyone else looked up to see Tails, and Amy in the X-tornado and Cream, Cheese, and Eggman in his slightly modified Egg Walker.

Sonic smirked. "Yo, Tails! What's up?"

Shadow, however, was less hospitable. "This had better be important, Tails. We were about to start a race before your little intrusion."

Amy jumped out of the plan and landed in front of Shadow. "Forget your stupid race! We just got a call from Rouge and it looks like something odd is going on with the master emerald!"

The fact that she was right up in his face was enough to humble Shadow for the moment. He had learned through experience not to cross her.

Vector hopped into one of the extra seats that Eggman had installed into his Egg Walker. "So, what exactly is going on up there?" he asked.

Eggman turned to his former detective employee and said, "According to Rouge, it just suddenly started to change colors and glow. Add to it, my radars have picked up the seven chaos emeralds. They are moving on their own towards the master emerald."

Just then, Omega emerged from the bushes. He approached Eggman's vehicle. "Disturbances were detected. Primary mission: find and stop disturbance."

Eggman nodded, glad that he was back on good terms with the robot.

Tails and Amy hopped back into the X-tornado. "With the Egg walker, the X- tornado, and Omega, we should have enough seats for everyone.

Everyone else nodded. Even though Charmy was capable of flight, he couldn't keep up with the machines, no matter how hard he tried. He hopped onto one of the seats in the X-tornado. Espio joined Vector in the Egg Walker. Sonic and Shadow hopped onto Omega's shoulders.

They were all about to take off when they heard someone say, "Wait for me!"

They all turned to see Big running towards them. He now had Froggy on his head and he was carrying his lucky umbrella and fishing pole.

Placing the umbrella into a strap on his back, he grabbed one of Omega's hand with his free one.

Shadow looked at the oversized cat and then to Omega. "Omega, are you sure that you'll be able to lift him?" he asked.

Omega answered, "Do not worry, Shadow. Censors indicate that total carrying wheight is only 784.94 lbs. I am capable of lifting up to twenty-five hundred pounds."

Shadow nodded. Then, everyone took off.


After about ten minutes of flying, they reached the Angel Island. They all landed near the emerald shrine.

Everyone except for Eggman got out of the vehicles. Instead, he switched it to mech mode and took it toward the emerald.

Sonic and Shadow were the first to reach the point where Knuckles, Rouge, Chaos, and Tikal were standing.

Sonic looked toward the emerald to see that Rouge was not exaggerating when she had said that something strange was happening to the emerald. "You guys sure weren't kidding about that emerald."

Cream, with Cheese in her arms, approached Chaos. "Mr. Chaos, what's going on?" she asked.

Chaos looked down at the child with soft eyes. "We are not sure. But I hope that it is nothing serious."

Tails and Eggman came up from the rear. "What is going on?" asked Tails.

Omega answered, "It seems that there is a huge flux of energy coming from the emerald."

Eggman nodded. "And to make matters worse, the chaos emeralds will be here at any moment!"

Big looked at the emerald in fasenation before commenting, "Wow, it sure is pretty."

After that, just as Eggman had predicted, the chaos emeralds landed and set themselves down near the master emerald. The energy increased from there and it looked as if it was going to blow.

Sonic turned to address everyone. "Guys, we need to get out of here!" he shouted.

No sooner had he said that then the glowing ceased and exploded. Everyone saw nothing but that white flash, and then, all they knew was darkness.


Meanwhile, in feudal japan, Kagome felt a huge burst of energy. "Inuyasha."

The half demon known as Inuyasha turned and looked at the human girl. "What is it now, Kagome?" he asked, agrivated.

"I just felt a big blast of energy over by those mountains."

The lecherous monk, Miroku nodded. "Maybe it is another shard of the Shikon jewel."

Sango the demon exterminator nodded in response. "That seems reasonable."

Shippo, the Kitsune said, "Well, let's go and check it out!"

Inuyasha said, "Feh! Fine. But if this turns out to be nothing but a wild goose chase, there's gonna be hell to pay!"

The small group veered off their original course towards the odd burst of energy that had taken place, not knowing that they would find much more there than they expected.


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