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What About Love?
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Woman in need...

Serena Cabell is in trouble. She is poor and lives in a broke down apartment. Her child, Brad, has cerebral palsy. She's always working for more money. Money for bills, for treatment's on Brad, money for food. It's starting to seem like all she ever does is work. Then when Brad has a seizure, what is she to do?

Man willing to help...

Enter Darien Shields. Famous, not to mention rich, doctor and her best friend. She hasn't seen him for almost 6 years. Now he is back and like always, trying to be her knight in shining armor. But, amour or not, he can take his cash and stick it were the sun don't shine. She and Brad are not a charity case.

What About Love?

But when Serena turns down his money, Brad keeps getting worse, and Darien can't help but offer something else. Something big. So, when Darien asks Serena to marry him for the sake of her child, she has no choice but to accept. They married for convenience, but what about love? Will Serena ever be Mrs. Shields in more than name?

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A.N.-I wouldn't really call this a prologue. It's more of a brief on what happens before the story starts.
Please don't judge the story or my writing on this.

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On Saturday morning, October 9, a boy by the name of Brad Cabell was born to his proud parents, Serena and Marc Cabell. The young boy lived his first few weeks of life in bliss. He was pampered and spoiled by his family. Hugged and loved by all who meet him. His parents saw him to be the perfect child.
Then his baby sitter, Mrs. Johnson, lost her mind. She beat little Brad. He ended up with head injuries and a broken arm. Mrs. Johnson was sentenced to life in jail.
Soon his bruises were gone and his head injury was barley showing. Serena quit her job and became a stay at home mom. Marc and Serena vowed never to leave their child with a babysitter again.
A year later, Serena awoke to the sound of trashing and whimpering. Rising from her bed she ran to her son's room. They child lay on his floor having what seemed to be a seizure. She called Marc, who worked a night shift, and rushed Brad to the hospital. After hours of waiting and gallons of tears, Brad was found to have cerebral palsy. The doctor told them that Brad would have trouble growing up. He would have muscle contraction and delayed development in his legs, these may cause him to have gait, walking, abnormalities. He would also have a problem speaking.
As the doctor said, Brad had problem in his legs and with his speech. He didn't learn to walk until the age of 4 and his foot is twisted making him walk with a limp. He is a bright child who can not talk normally. He wears glasses from a side affect of disorder. But his parents still love him.
At least, they thought Marc loved him.
On Brad's 6th birthday Marc was found dead. He had crashed into the a mountain and died instantly. It was found that he was under the influence of marijuana.
He was found with a lady passenger.
In conclusion, Marc's infidelity had broken Serena. She now works part-time at a restaurant in town. Brad has a teacher come to the store and teach him. On Monday and Wednesday nights, Serena sings at 'Laine' for more money. While she is there, Brad stays with the only person she can trust, her cousin Andrew.
As Serena strives for money at 'Laine', Brad has an attack. This causes her to go into more debt than before. Now she is broke and lives in a rundown aparment.
What more could go wrong?

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Chapter 1 will be up soon!