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What about love?

Chapter 4
A week later Brad was released from the hospital. Darien and Serena went together to get him. Over the past few days the two of them had begun to get closer. They had went on various dates and Serena was actually starting to feel like Darien was courting her for real.

She was beginning to feel like he actually meant it when he grabbed her hand or played with her hair. Like he actually meant it when he whispered senseless but none the less sweet things to her. And she liked it.

Sometimes when she was alone with him, Darien would get really quiet and stare at her. Those times she thought he would kiss her. Wished he would. But then he would just turn away and the moment would be ruined. It was times like that when she would wish things were real between them.

But she knew that things weren't and she had begun to accept it.

Serena knew that for any innocent passerby who was to see them, at the moment would think they were some happy family. Where the child was perfect and the parents were happy and in love.
Well, that wasn't their case at all.

But, as it was, they were walking home from the hospital and Darien had Brad on his shoulders. They boy was laughing and pulling on Darien's hair. Darien was trying tug his hair away in a playful manner. Serena could tell that Brad wasn't hurting him a bit.

Serena was walking next to Darien but was barely in arm's length of him. He seemed to realize this and he reached over and grabbed her hand, tugging her closer. Once she was close enough he threw his arm over her shoulder. It seemed natural for her to wrap her arm around his waist. When she did he smiled down at her.

"This is better." Darien said. Serena nodded in agreement. If only he meant it...

A few days later, Brad got up from the table where he had been coloring and walked over to Darien and Serena who were sitting on the sofa. Brad climbed onto Darien's lap. He seemed to prefer his over Serena's. But, how could she blame him?


"What do you want little monster?" Darien ruffled his hair. Brad giggled.

"I have a...qu...quest..tion..." Brad swallowed.

"What's that?"

"How...how co-me...you" he paused and swallowed a few times. "and momma ne...ver...k...kiss?" Brad finished with a small smile.
Both Darien and Serena were shocked by the question. Darien, seeing the boy's puzzled gaze, quickly recovered.

"We do, silly. Just not in front of you."

"I...would...no-t...ca-re...if you...k-kiss...ed." Darien came to realize that Brad needed proof. So he shifted the boy on his lap and turned towards Serena. Her eyes were wide and she already knew it was going to happen before he began to lean toward her.

Needing this more than he realized, Serena closed the distance between the two of them. The feel of his lips against hers was shocking. They were softer than she expected and the sparks that shot all the way down to her toes, made her shiver.

Darien deepened the kiss and Brad slipped of his lap. The boy had a satisfied look on his face as he walked back to his table.

Kisses of the same manner and more were repeated days after, all the time. They seemed to always be kissing, or wishing they could be. Brad had apparently, made then discover a spark, that they hadn't known was there. Until know.

On the day of their wedding, they were both going crazy with need. It had been 2 months since Brad's attack and the Boy was healthier then ever. And happier. He had begun calling Darien daddy and Darien really seemed to like it.

Now instead of him looking at her and her thinking he was going to kiss her, it was much different. Now, he would kiss her and then look her in the eye. She knew he was going to say something. Then he would kiss her again. I was so confusing.

She paced her dressing room in her wedding gown. Could she really go through with this? She was betraying her self and her heart. And it was starting to hurt. She had fallen in love with Darien. She figured she always had been.

But now was not the time to contemplate it. She had to get married. For Brad. Besides she was marrying someone she loved. Even if it was one sided.

Someone knocked on her dressing room door.

"Come in." Her mother opened the door and come in followed by her four closest friends, Amy, Raye, Mina and Lita. The girls all squealed and threw their arms around her.

They all told her how good it was to see her, how beautiful she was, how much they missed her...

"Serena..." Mina said around twenty minutes later. "Do you remember that time I told you that you and Darien were meant to be together?"

"Yea!" Serena laughed.

"You laughed then to and told me I was crazy. That you to were best friends and best friends only."

"Serena!" Her mom broke into the conversation. "I need to be going. I have to check on something." Then she walked out of the room.

"Guys..." Serena started with a sigh. "It was nice seeing you but...I'm getting married in thirty minutes and I'm not even ready!" They all laughed and finished helping her get ready.

After they were married, Serena and Brad moved in with Darien in his really big house. It was a lovely place and Brad had a lot of fun. Serena no longer had to go to 'Laine' for money, but still went their every now and then for the heck of it. It was three months into their marriage and Serena never told Darien about her loving him.

A week after they were married, he had driven him self into a whole. He stayed in his workroom for most of the day and came out for supper. Only other times he was seen was when Brad asked him to play. Which Darien always did. He seemed to really love the boy.
Other than that, she only saw him in bed. Where they got along very well. But Serena wanted more than that, not that she was going to tell Darien, but she did want more. A lot more.

But she didn't expect to get it.

Darien kept pulling himself further into his hole. Almost a year after they were married, he had resorted to coming to bed and then getting the job done quickly. He slipped in, did the job, and then was back out. Then he went to sleep. It hurt so much.

One night he came to bed and when he went to get in Serena was already asleep. She had marks on her cheeks from where her tears had dried. She had cried her self to sleep.

Darien had asked her about ti the next day and she had told him that she was just in intense pain from her period. He had nodded his head in belief and then walked back to his workroom.

But that was so far form the truth. She couldn't have been crying over that, because she hadn't had her period for about 2 months.

The same day that he had asked her about her tears, he came stomping into the kitchen in the afternoon. He had a angry look on his face.

"Guess who I just talked to?" Darien barked.

"I don't know, Darien. Who?" Her tone was passive and she hid her surprise at his appearance in the kitchen. She wasn't even sure he knew where it was. She ran the buttered knife over the toasted bread.

"Your doctor. Odd conversation we had. Me and him." He had an evil tint to his eye. "Want to hear what it was about?"

"I...uh..." She struggled for words.

"Good. Let me tell you. He called to ask me how you were doing. I told him fine and then he wished us the best of luck. Before I could ask the man what in the hell he was talking about, he hung up."


"Oh? Is that it? How about you tell me why you went in to the doctor's? How about you tell me when you went and why I haven't heard about it yet. Why I had to find out for the doctor?" Darien walked around the island and stood close to her. The look in his eye was beginning to scare her.

"I never thought you would care." She said strongly, not letting her voice waver.

Darien simply rolled his eyes. The glint in them softening. "Of course I care."

"Funny way of showing it." She said folding her arms across her chest. His glare returned.

"Tell me why you where there. And when you went." He demanded again.

"Yesterday. Remember how you found me crying?" She asked, he nodded. "I told you it was stomach pains from my period? I lied."

"What do you mean?" His voice rose slightly.

"Calm down. My son is in the other room." She ordered and thinking of Brad he did.

"What did you mean?" he asked again, this time calmer.

"It's impossible for me to be on my period right now. I'm pregnant."

This story is really not going as fast as you all think. The story plot thingy wasn't for Darien and Serena to get married...it's for Darien to realize that he is still head over heals for her.
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