Chibi-Kari: Hey everyone is welcome! There is no Davis bashing and this is a Takari!
Davis: What?!?
Chibi-Kari: Don't worry Davis I have a surprise for you in it! This is my first Takari! Hooray!!!
Davis: Chibi-Kari does not own Digimon or anything else!
Chibi-Kari: I own this plot, my laptop, my CDs, my CD player…
Davis: Oh No!!! I've created a monster!!! On to the fic…
First Date

'I can't believe that T.K. asked me out! We told everyone that we were just friends. I'm ready and he will be here in five minutes!' Kari thought very happily. She was wearing a short tan skirt and a pink shirt. Her hair was just like it always is.
Five Minutes Later
"Where is he?" Kari exclaimed.
"Be patient, sweetie!" Her mom tried to calm her.


Kari ran to the door and opened it to see T.K. standing there.
"Wow, Kari, you look-ho- nice tonight!" T.K. had to stop himself from calling her hot.
"You look equally hot tonight! Let's go!" Kari giggled.
They then walked out the door, walked down the street and into a restaurant. It was quite fancy yet not expensive. T.K. pulled out a chair and then scooted Kari in. Then he took a seat across from her. A waiter came up and then took their orders.
"Kari, would you like to be my girlfriend?" T.K. asked in a low tone.
"Oh course, I would love to be your girlfriend! But I thought we were just friends?" Kari replied in an ecstatic tone.
T.K. then breathed a sigh of relief, "I thought we were just friends. Then when you said yes to my dinner invitation, I thought I would ask you to be my girlfriend!"
"Oh, T.K., I've loved you since we were eight! The first time I saw you- I was breathless!" Kari exclaimed.
"I love you my Kari!"
"I love YOU my T.K."
They ate the rest of their dinners and paid the check.
While they were walking back to Kari's T.K. asked, "How will we tell the rest? Especially Davis!"
"Oh, well we will tell them that we are a couple!"
"And Davis?" T.K. said.
"I don't think we have to worry about him!" Kari slightly laughed and pointed under a tree where Davis and a young blonde-haired girl were kissing.
"Who is that with Davis?"
"I dunno! We'll find out tomorrow!" Kari shrugged.
They continued to walk and giggle until they got to Kari's house.
"Goodnight, Kari!" T.K. said.
"Goodnight, T.K.!" Kari replied.
They then pulled each other into a passionate kiss. When they were done Kari smiled and walked into her house.
Chibi-Kari: …my pictures, and finally my sound system.
Davis: Okay! You own things that are not public, besides the fics! And you said house?
Chibi-Kari: Well, I meant apartment!
Davis: It's okay we all make mistakes.
Chibi-Kari: (Jaw drops open) What?!? Why did you say that?
Davis: I was not bashed or left alone and hurt! Thanks!
Chibi-Kari: …(faints anime style)