.....Before a Fall
a Pretty Samy/Spider-Man crossover

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Part 1 No Need for an Arranged Encounter


"Sasami! Misao! I have a letter from Tenchi," yelled Chirio. The two girls wasted no time heeding their mother's call and ran through the hall to the stairways.

Sasami ran over to Chirio and started grasping and jumping for the letter her mother held in her hand.

"If you just wait a second Sasami I'll read it out loud for everyone," said Chirio. Sasami stopped trying to take the letter from Chirio but was too excited to "calm down" and was pacing around her mother.

Chirio took the letter from the envelope and began reading it out loud.
The letter was rather lengthy; seven pages and five pictures of famous sites in New York City to be exact. The letter told about Tenchi's classes at Empire State University, dorm life with his roommate Flash Thompson, New York City, and its scenery. But what grabbed everyone's attention was one sentence in particular. It said, "An anonymous person mailed me four round trip tickets from Tokyo to New York City and said for me in a letter to give them to my family as a part of a cultural exchange program."

Chirio hastily dug through the bag and found, as the letter stated, four round trip tickets. Sasami asked her mother if Misao could use one of the extra tickets. Chirio agreed to Sasami's request if Misao's mother gave her permission to come. Misao walked over to the cordless phone dialing her mother's beeper number. In a few minutes, Kotoe Amano, Misao's mother, called on the phone. Misao handed the phone to Chirio. Misao had a concerned look on her face. "Whom am I fooling," she thought to herself, "Mrs. Kawaii can't talk my mother into letting me go to America for the next two weeks."

Chirio saw the look on Misao's face and knew what she was thinking, covered the transmitting end of the phone, and said to Misao, "We'll just tell Kotoe that it will be educational." Chirio then answered Kotoe on the phone. "Hello. Ms. Amano-san, this is Mrs. Kawaii, and I am calling to ask.... I'm glad you said yes, but I didn't say what it was I was asking for...... I want to know if Misao can go to with us to New York City to see my son Tenchi at the college he's attending for two weeks. Oh! Did I mention it a part of a cultural exchange......Ok. Thank you,

Ms. Amano-san. Bye, bye." Chirio turned to Sasami, Ryo-ohki, and Misao whom were attentively listening on the conversation, smiled, and replied with a yes. Sasami and Misao ran over to Chirio, embraced her and said thanks in unison.


At the same time just a block away from the Kawaii's house, Ms. Amano was standing idly by her car with the phone to her face. She stood there in a daze looking at a small, purple hawk who was in reality Rumiya, Ramia's little brother in hawk form, perched on top of her car. The hawk's eyes were glowing an eerie dark, red color. "Please forgive me Amano-san," begged Rumiya, "and don't worry about Misao, I'll watch out for her."


New York City

In an apartment, in an area of the city where abandoned buildings occupied a third of the land and shootings were the norm and not the exception, one of its residents began contemplating how to address his old grievances; to punish the one responsible for ruining the one thing in life he was good at: killing. Cletus Kasady a.k.a Carnage felt restless in the "normal" life he was forced to live thanks to Spider-Man. How he longed to prey upon the sheep of this city, but Carnage still remembered the defeat he suffered from the wall-crawler. Cletus Kasady's clothes, a fast food restaurant uniform, turned red and numerous small, red tentacles extended from his wardrobe. The anger Carnage felt was intense enough for the symbiote, Kasady's living costume, to partially transform from its usual form, Kasady's clothes, to its real form of a red, leather-like skin that completely covers Kasady's body. Calm down, he thought to himself, bottle up the rage, and save it ......

Carnage stopped suddenly in midthought when a portal opened in the middle of his apartment. Though the portal, he could see a lavishly decorated room. And standing next to a desk in the room was a woman. She had long red hair and wore a white full-length dress with blue sleeves. Carnage smiled with a devilish grin. "Let me guess, there's a victim delivery service just starting in town, and they're giving out free samples." The symbiote took its true formed and wrapped itself around its host. Several tentacles formed from Carnage and extended to the woman. However, the woman looked on smiling and began reciting a phrase in a foreign language, and a deafening noise like that of a siren alarm surrounded the room with no definitive source. Carnage wrapped his hands around his torso and dropped to the floor screaming in agony. The alien costume unraveled itself from around Kasady's face and limbs, and the symbiote's tentacles began swirming around. His mind flashed back to the time when Spider-Man used an ultrasonic noise generator to exploit his weakness to sonics. And as abruptly as it began, the noise suddenly stopped. The woman came through the portal with a haughty and smug look upon her face. She strolled nonchalantly toward the serial killer still on the floor recovering from his ordeal. The woman stood over Carnage, bent down, and introduced herself.

"My name is Ramia," said the woman, "and I could be your enemy or your ally. It all depends on how well you cooperate."


Empire State University

Sasami ran down the hall of the dormitory to the room her brother was occupying. She stopped at the door, calmed herself down, and gently knocked on the door. Sasami smiled upon hearing footsteps coming towards the door. She had a surprised look on her face when the man answering the door was not her brother but a tall, heavy-built man with curly brown hair wearing a sports jacket.

"Hey kid! This is a college dorm, not kindergarten class," said the man in an annoyed voiced.

"I'm just here to see my brother Tenchi. Is he here?" asked Sasami in perfect English taught to her by her father, Ginji, a former NASA pilot.

The man turned around and yelled out. "Hey, Kawaii! Your kid sister is here to see you."

"Tenchi!!!!" Sasami ran pass the American to her brother and hugged him as he stooped down and embraced her as well.

"Hey Kawaii. I don't let children in MY dorm." He would not tolerate any snot-nosed brat in his room even if they were from his roommate's family.

"Flash, it not going to hurt to have her come in our dorm," replied Tenchi defensively.

"What do you mean OUR dorm? This was mine before you came."
Flash stepped in front Tenchi, whom was a head shorter than Flash, and poked his finger in Tenchi's chest.

"Well, I paid for the room too," cried Tenchi. Flash lowered his head and began staring down at Tenchi. Tenchi stepped two steps back.
"And I've been here since last semester." Flash walked up to Tenchi and got into his face again.

"Tenchi." A voice called from the hallway. It was Chirio. She was accompanied by Ryo-okhi, Misao, and Ms. Amano.

"Tenchi, Mom and I are staying in a motel a block from the school? How about staying with us?" asked Sasami in Japanese.

Tenchi looked at Sasami and then at Flash and replied in Japanese, likewise, "Sure, I will. I'll start packing." Tenchi hastened to a bunk bed, yanked his suitcase out from underneath it, and threw his clothes in it.



It was the usual night for Peter Parker. After homework, Peter would go on his nightly patrol as Spider-Man surveying the city as he swung from the webbing he would shoot to the heights of Manhattan's skyscrapers.

Spider-Man heard screams coming from the roof a nearby building. He changed course and shot a web line in the direction of the screams. It was a security guard, in his sixties, at least, and armed with only a nightstick that was more for show than for a weapon. There was another figure on the roof. In front of the security guard was a wiener dog; a nine-foot long wiener dog that was three feet high on all fours. Spider-Man swunged by and caught the elderly security guard and set him on the roof of an adjacent building. And then Spider-Man, holding on to his webbing, launched himself off the wall of the building and dropped kicked his opponent.

Opponent. What a joke! He thought to himself. The giant wiener dog had large, saucer-shaped eyes and a goofy looking smile. It looked like it came right out of an old Disney short.

Spider-Man whistled at the dog. "Your mother didn't by any chance had your litter anywhere near Three Mile Island did she." Spider-Man was about crack another joke when the creature charged at him at lightning speed and caught Spider-Man by surprise. Despite its short legs, the wiener dog leaped to the height on its opponents' head and almost biting it off if the Web Slinger didn't put his arms in between its jaws. Both of them fell to the ground. The wiener dog was standing over Spider-Man still attempting to bite Spider-Man who was holding his jaws open. For the next fifteen minutes, the two were locked in that position. Parker's arms were sore from holding the creature's mouth for so long, and blood was running down his forearms from the bite wounds on his arms and hands. His hands were trembling and started to bend and give way to the steel-trap-like jaws. In desperation, Peter buried his right foot down the LoveLove Monster's throat. It widened its mouth gagging on the obstruction in its throat. It let off of its grip long enough for Spider-Man to roll backwards on the ground. The LoveLove Monster charged at Spider-Man again, but this time the superhero was not off-guard. He webbed the forelegs of the creature together causing it to trip and cocooned the LoveLove Monster in webbing.

Exhausted from his ordeal, Spider-Man leaned up against a ventilation port. No sooner he sat down his spider-sense was triggered. He hastily looked first at his incapacitated opponent to see if he got loose from the webbing, but it was still held secure in its restraints. "What could of set off my spider-sense," he thought. "There nothing here ---- except that girl on the balcony of that apart----." Spider-Man was knocked halfway across the roof by what felt like the impact of a sledge hammer hitting him in the left side knocking him on the ground. "What just hit me?" asked Spider-Man. "Let's just see who tried to hand me my a--". Spider-Man looked in utter shock as the girl on the balcony was floating towards him hanging on to what appeared to be an exotic Oriental fan. She landed ten feet away from him. She was around ten years old and had blond hair and gold eyes. She sported a leather blouse and mini-skirt, knee-high high heel boots and gloves that were also made of leather.

She looked up at Spider-Man with a condescending glare as if he was underneath her and wasn't deserving of her attention and concerns. Well, Peter Parker wasn't let some under-dressed preschooler know he got the best of him." If this about the money I owe the girl scouts for cookies for their gold diggers merit badges which you obviously won, I've already paid up."

With an angry look on her face, the girl pointed the fan at Spider-Man. "For that insult alone, I would squash you like the spider you claim kinship to "mon ami", threatened the girl, "but because you kept me from my target, Pretty Samy, I will take my sweet time with you and let you die a slow, agonizing death."

Spider-Man raised both arms pointing at her, shot out webbing, and entangling her in it, but before he had the chance to say anything, she faded away and webbing fell to the floor. Spider-Man's spider-sense went off again. The girl was behind him. Instinctively, Spider-Man shot a pair of web lines at her again, but this time, she held her fan up, which turned into an ivory-colored baton, twirled it around, and said, "Magic wind," and a small tornado came from the baton blowing the webbing back into Spider-Man. Spider-Man was tangled in his own web. "Good work Peter, shoot a web at someone you know that can teleport at will and let'em get you caught in your own webbing," thought Spider-Man to himself.

"Is the best the great Spider-Man can do. I'm, barely keeping myself await," taunted the girl. Spider-Man's anger turned from his own careless mistakes to his opponent. He struggled, trying to break free. As he struggled, the girl was on the ground laughing at the sight of her captive wiggling like a worm on a hook. After a minute, she forced herself to stop laughing and put a serious look on her face. "It only fair to let you know who is going to end your life. The name's Pixy Misa." Pixy Misa put her hands together, and a small, green-glowing orb formed between her index fingers and thummbs. She yelled out, "Magical Beam," and the orb was coming toward Spider-Man growing in size and brightness.

Suddenly a voice rang out from behind Peter Parker. "Pretty Home Run," and another girl jumped between Spider-Man and the orb hitting it with a pallet that had a heart on the end. The newcomer to the battle, Sasami Kawaii or Pretty Samy, donned an even more outrageous wardrobe: Pink blouse, green sleeves, and a white miniskirt. But what got Spider-Man attention was the hair. It was blue and fastened into ponytails that almost touched the ground.

The orb went racing toward Pixy Misa and exploded on impact. Pixy Misa was tossed in the air. Defying the laws of physics, she came to a complete stop and teleported back on the roof. She faired quite well for someone whom thrown half a block in an explosion, only some minor scratches and a slight ringing in her ears. "You took long enough to get here Samy," said Pixy Misa. "Now I going to finish our rivalry once and for....." She stopped to listen to the sound of a dozen footsteps coming up the stairs. It was the NYPD. The fight was too intense not to be noticed by the residents in the area who have informed the police of the battle taking place above them. "How to do I face Ramia with another defeat, especially with him around?" Pixy Misa nodded her head, closed her eyes, and faded away.

Pretty Samy wasn't planning to stay around all of this to the police, either. She yelled out, "Pretty Wings", and flew off. But not before she grabbed Spider-Man by the web cocoon in which he was encased in.


Pretty Samy and Spider-Man landed in the park. There Pretty Samy tried freeing Parker from the webbing but was cursed at by Spider-Man.

"Who do think you are putting your nose where it doesn't belong?" cursed Spider-Man.

"But I was only trying to help." Sasami had a look of innocents in her pink eyes and in her voice unable to comprehend the reason for his anger.

"You can help by staying out of my way you little brat." Spider-Man broke free from the web cocoon. Spider-Man's webs only last an hour before they disintegrate, and he had enough time for the webbing to weaken. He threw an angry glare at Sasami and limped toward the high-rises in order to swing home. As for Sasami, she just simply stood there in shock.


Nexus of All Realities

Madam Webb looked on in concern upon the realm of Earth. The plans of her and her cohort, the Watcher, depended on the cooperation of both Pretty Samy and Spider-Man. Oh to lay such burdens on someone so young as Pretty Samy and someone as buffoonish and self-centered as Spider-Man was being more than even she could take. No, she said to herself, Spider-Man will come through. He always has. This is but "a kick in the butt", a lesson in the journey called the life of Peter Parker. And Sasami, she'll eventually forgive Spider-Man's outburst. Madam Webb then saw Peter Parker as Spider-Man kicking over a newspaper stand and sending it flying across the sidewalk almost hitting an early morning jogger. It was 5 A.M. and the early editions were just coming out. Inside the busted stand was the front-page headlines that read, "SPIDER-MAN DEFEATED BY 10 YEAR OLD, RESCUED BY 10 YEAR OLD: IS SPIDER-MAN WASHED UP?" It had a photo of Pixy Misa standing over Spider-Man while tangled up in his own webbing. If she had a physical form Madam Webb would be slumped over, and her head would be hanging down by now. "All is loss," she thought.


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