New York City


Sasami was asleep in the bed when she heard someone knocking on her
window. She gasped in fear. She knew about America's infamous reputation for
crime. She was about to wake up Ryo-ohki, who was asleep on a pillow at the
foot of the bed, when a familiar voice called out her name.

"Bonjour, Samy. Don't tell me you're scared of little old me." Pixy Misa
peeked in through the window. "Don't worry about waking, Ryo-ohki. I'm only
here to give you a message and a gift." Sasami hesitated for a moment. "I'm
telling the truth," Pixy Misa reassured her, "if I wanted to do anything to you,
I wouldn't let anything like a window get in the way." Sasami unlocked the
window. As she came inside, Pixy Misa handed Sasami a diary with Misao's name
on it.

"What did you do to Misao, you little slut?"

"Nothing, yet. But if you want it to stay that way, BOTH you and Ryo-ohki
to meet us up this street at the first junkyard up this street by 2 PM, and
we'll return Misao to her mother."

"How do I know you'll keep your word?"

"I swear to you she'll be there. Take care, mon ami." Sasami watched
Misa climb back out the window and float towards the sky.

"Oh, how sweet of you, Petey. You waited up all night for me." Pixy Misa
said as she climbed back into her bedroom window.

Peter Parker switched on the lights. "So, where were you at three in the

"Setting up the grand finale of my mission. I've scheduled it during your
world literature class, so as not to inconvenience you. Just remember, keep out
of the way or else everyone will know you're Spider-Man."

Peter Parker made his way out of the door. "Oh, you do know if the world
finds out that I'm Spider-Man, you'll be putting Aunt May's life in danger? "

"Wait!" Pixy Misa ran in front of Peter. "How would I be doing that?"

"If people know that I'm Spider-Man, they may decide to get to me through
someone in my family. You know, like an aunt for example."

Pixy Misa had never thought about that. Ramia had told her to pretend
they had Misao so to get Pretty Samy to fall in her trap, so such a thing wasn't
out of the question. "I don't know anyone who would want to hurt someone like
Aunt May."

"99.99% of the people I met as Spider-Man that who!"

"She has me to protect her now. She managed to do well with just you, so
she'll be okay."

Sasami stampeded through the dense crowd of pedestrians towards the auto
junkyard, fearing what might happen to her best friend, Misao. Her mind ran
through all of the things Ramia and Pixy Misa would do to if she didn't come.
She knew it was a trap, but the only other choice she had was to let her closest
friend die.

"Here you are, Sasami." From below, Ryo-ohki pulled out Sasami's baton.
Without looking down, Sasami snatched it up.

"This is the last time, Ryo-ohki, Ramia will terrorize this world again.

Ryo-ohki barely managed to hop onto Sasami's shoulder while she was
running. "You're not going to fight her by yourself! She's a master sorceress.
It'll be like fighting that alien that took her powers only we won't have Pixy
Misa to help us or an Achilles' heel like the psychic link to exploit."

Sasami stopped running. "If Tsunami cares at all for this world,
Juraihelm, or us, she'll have to come and help us. That's why I want you to
contact Tsunami at the Magic Kingdom, and get her to come to the fight."

Ryo-ohki nodded his head. "It'll be almost impossible to tell her since
she's about the only one besides Ramia that can go back and forth through
Juraihelm and Earth...Wait! I know one other person on Earth as strong at magic
as Tsunami or Ramia: the Sorcerer Supreme of planet Earth, Dr. Strange. He
could get the message to Tsunami."

"Do you know where he lives?"

"I can feel the magic from his mansion in town. It's too far for me to
make the deadline though, unless." Ryo-ohki took his human form. "It'll be
faster to take a cab." Ryo-ohki fished through his pockets. "No money."
Sasami shoved her purse in his chest.

"Thanks, Ryo-ohki." Sasami grabbed Ryo-ohki around the waist and kissed
him. "In case this doesn't work, I love you." Ryo-ohki took Sasami by the
hands, with a tear running down his face.

"Sasami, please wait to face Ramia, at least until I can reach Tsunami."

Sasami raised the baton in the air. "I'll try. PRETTY
MUTATION, MAGICAL RECALL!" Once transformed, Pretty Samy flew off.

Just then, Tenchi and Flash Thompson came around the corner.

"Flash," Tenchi said nervously, "you don't have to come with me to look
for my sister if you don't want to."

"Forget it, Kawaii, I'm making sure you don't drag your feet around while
I flunk world lit. And I thought you said you saw your sister a second ago."

"I could have sworn I did." Tenchi then caught site of that weird boy
that was with Sasami climbing into a cab. "Hey! Wait up! I wanna talk to
you!" But it was too late. The cab was already halfway across the block.
Tenchi was about to run after it, but he didn't get two steps before Flash
grabbed him by the collar.

"Kawaii, I'm letting you hunt down your sister and that's it."

"But Flash, he was with Sasami. He might know where she is." Flash
paused for a second.

"He better know." Flash released his grip on Tenchi and told him to move

It was almost sunset and the ground was covered with the shadows of the
columns of crushed cars sacked onto of each other. From her hiding place inside
a junked Yugo, Pixy Misa took a deep breath and snorted out the foul, oily
fragrance that filled the entire junkyard. This was it. Pretty Samy's defeat
and humiliation was near and so was her freedom. She would be Pixy Misa
forever. She was thinking of what to do with her newfound freedom. She thought
about first dropping in on Misao's school and having a good time demolishing the
dump and paying back some of the school bullies who gave her so much trouble.
She could travel and see the world; particularly Paris. That wouldn't be a
problem for a magical girl. She'd always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower with
Rumiya, no not him, not the way he let her down. With that thought, Misa
thumped Rumiya on the head as he perched on her shoulder and gave him the same
dirty look that she gave him on Titan. She wouldn't want anything to do with
either him or her deadbeat dad or her work-aholic mother. Wait, a sec. She was
off subject. Now, where was she? Oh yes, Paris. She thought about how nice it
would be to repay Aunt May for letting her stay with her and figured she
couldn't go without taking her there. She certainly deserved more that louse of
a nephew ever gave her. "No wait, Pixy Misa," Pixy Misa said to herself,
"there was Carnage." Ramia told her he wouldn't go out of his way to hurt Samy,
but he seemed a little bloodthirsty. There were times during their training
that Carnage seemed to be trying to kill her. At first, Pixy Misa thought that
it was a professional rivalry, but when the symbiote unwrapped itself from
around Cassidy's face, Pixy Misa could see this look in his eyes that she could
only describe as evil. She might just have to pull Carnage off Samy before
things got too serious. Pixy Misa then caught sight of Pretty Samy overhead.
"Ready, Cassidy."

"All set, daughter." Carnage cracked a mock smile at Misa, which she
responded to by making a face and sticking out her tongue.

Pixy Misa and Carnage jumped out of the car and walked toward a clearing
in the forest of scrap metal. Pretty Samy spotted them and landed twenty feet
from them.

"Where's Misao," demanded Pretty Samy.

"Be patient. You'll see her soon enough (hopefully never, at least as the
Misao you know). You know that this is all a trap to defeat you right."

"I know Misa. I'm not clueless like you. I can see that ugly LoveLove
Monster at your side."

Misa was a little crossed that Samy would think that thing over her
shoulder would be one of her creation. "That isn't a LoveLove Monster, that..."

"Daddy. I'm her daddy."

Pixy Misa let that one slip, on account this fight was too important to
waste her time with that lunatic.

"Ready, Sasami. Wait, where's Ryo-ohki?"

"He's coming." As Pretty Samy was speaking, Ryo-ohki ran onto the field.
Samy stared at Ryo-ohki waiting for an answer. Ryo-ohki shook his head.

"We have a another problem," Ryo-ohki whispered, "and it concerns Dr.
Strange. I'll explain later if we make it."

"Aw, Samy. I'm so glad to finally meet you in person." Stepping out of
the shadow, Ramia laughed haughtily at Pretty Samy. "Come to save your friend
Misao, right?" Samy didn't respond to Ramia's taunt but kept in her fighting
stance and glanced back and forth between the Misa, Carnage, and Ramia. Ryo-
ohki got behind her and served as the pair of eyes in the back of Samy's head.
"Well, Samy. Let me bring her out for you."

"What are you talking about Ramia?" Pixy Misa yelped out. Then, a sudden
pain formed in her head, just like the ones Misao had when she turned into...

To Pretty Samy's shock, standing in a brilliant flash of light where there
was once Pixy Misa was Amano Misao. "Pretty Samy, where am I? What going on
here?" Misao screamed when she caught site of Carnage and started to run away.

Ramia screamed, "Now Carnage! Kill her!"

A black tentacles shot out of Carnage's costume and wrapped itself around
Misao's body. Rumiya was thrown off Misa's shoulder and knocked unconscious by
the symbiote. Ramia smiled in glee. Her plan was working perfectly. Sasami
just dropped to her knees staring in a daze at what she thought was her best
friend. Ryo-ohki stooped down trying to help her up. It'll be an easy kill for
Carnage. Ramia turned her attention to Misao. She was struggling on the ground
to get the tentacles off of her, but they managed to consume her whole body.
Misao got up and stood still for a second. Something wasn't right. She should
be dead by now. Misao turned to face Ramia with the same horrid face and tooth-
filled grin of Carnage.

'Misao' gazed up in the sky and stretched out her hands to the heavens.
"LIGHTENING RAGE!" In seconds, a thundercloud formed in the middle of a clear
sky, and dozens of lightening bolts struck Ramia. The first volley was stopped
by a spherical forcefield surrounding the sorceress, but the rest of them
successfully hit their target. Ramia staggered to the ground, her clothes and
hair singed.

Ryo-ohki witnessed the exchanged. Only a master sorceress like Ramia
could perform the Lightening Rage attack, especially if the weather was calm.
Pixy Misa couldn't perform a task like this and certainly not Misao. And how
did she get involved in this? Ryo-ohki got his answer soon enough.

"You used us like a puppet, Ramia," 'Misao' said as she marched to Ramia
and picked her up by her blouse. "You brainwashed us into fighting our best
friend, and then you were going to kill us." 'Misao' revved back her fist.
"Now we'll make you pay for everything you done to us."

"Wait up honey pie." Carnage caught her fist. "Let me introduce you to
everyone first. Can I have everyone's attention, please? Now, before we go off
on our Sunday drive running over the pedestrians on the sidewalk, I want to
introduce to you to my new daughter, Pixy Venom. Named after her loser grandpa,
of course"

"Daddy, can we kill the mean lady now."

"Please, don't kill me," Ramia begged.

"Ramia, please. Try dying with some dignity." Carnage turned to his
daughter and patted her on the head. "You're so eager to take after your old
man; a little too eager in fact. You see the best kills are the ones you take
your time with." As Carnage was giving his lecture to Pixy Venom, he grabbed
Ramia by the hand and crushed the bones in her hand. Ramia cried out in agony.
"Don't you get a thrill seeing them squirm like bait on a hook?"

Pixy Venom licked their lips with their lizard-like tongue and drooling
over their victim. "We see what you mean. Let us try."

"She's all your, pumpkin." Pixy Venom stomped their foot into Ramia's
left leg; her shinbone sticking out the side of her leg. Ramia let out another
blood-curling scream, but it wasn't enough retribution for Pixy Venom. She dug
their fingernails just below the skin under Ramia's leg and peeled the skin off
her leg leaving a bloody strip across her leg. In the middle their lesson, Pixy
Venom and Carnage felt something slamming into their backs knocking them over.

Pretty Samy snapped out of her catatonic state. A stream of tears ran
down her face. "Why Misao, why did you betray me?" Sasami's voice was cracking
up under the anguish she felt upon seeing the true identity of her mortal enemy.

"We said it before, we were being controlled by Ramia. Now, we're going
to make sure she never hurts you again."

"And now, you being controlled by that thing. I won't let you be
controlled anymore. PRETTY CROQUETTISH BOMBER!"

Samy's attack was stopped by Pixy Venom's outstretched hand and thrown
back at her. The force of the attack threw her off of her feet. "Samy, we told
you we are your best friend, and we didn't want to hurt so. So, STOP TRYING TO
KILL US! Now to get back to Ramia." To Pixy Venom's surprise, Ramia was gone,
and Carnage was still sprawled on the ground pulling webbing off of himself.

Carnage picked himself saying, "Spider-Man." Sure enough, the webslinger
had Ramia over his shoulder and disappearing into the jungle of scrap metal with
Pretty Samy and Ryo-ohki.

Behind a pile of refuse, the heroes took time to catch their breathes and
come up with a plan to find the symbiotes. Spider-Man was making a makeshift
brace for Ramia's broken leg out of scraps of wood and shredded clothes. He
reached over and tapped Samy on the shoulder. "Pretty Samy, could you tell me
who was that over person wearing the symbiote?"

"My best friend, Misao, or at least I thought she was,"
Pretty Samy sulked.

"What do you mean by that?"

"She was also Pixy Misa. She said she was being controlled by Ramia, but
I don't know anymore."

Ryo-okhi knelt down by Sasami. "When Pixy Misa turned into Misao, she
acted like she didn't know anything, and she was scared to death of Carnage who
was her partner. She had to be."

Spider-Man yanked Ramia's head by her chin forcing her to face him.
"Well, Ramia, can't you get back control of Misao."

"Don't you think I tried to when she was torturing me? The symbiote is
shielding her mind. I can't touch it anymore. How she got so powerful is what
I can't figure out."

"The symbiote is enhancing its host's abilities. She's not only
physically stronger; her magic powers are also hyped up. You played around with
fire, sister, and got us all burnt."

The rumble of falling piles of garbage was heard at a distance. "Spidy,
Ramia?" Pixy Venom taunted, "We want to spend some quality time together."

Pretty Samy started to get out of her hiding place.

"Pretty Samy," Ryo-ohki asked, "where are you going?"

"I'm going to face Carnage and Pixy Venom." Spider-Man grabbed Pretty
Samy's wrist. "Don't tell me you're better than me. Just because I'm the
magical girl and you're the superhero..."

"Samy, that the same sort of crap that got Pixy Misa into my very home.
Come on. This goes beyond bragging rights. Pixy Venom and Carnage together is
not only a threat to us, but every man, woman, and child in this city. We've
lost enough with this silly rivalry." Peter extended a hand to Sasami.

Sasami stared at Spider-Man's outstretched hand disdainfully. "Do you
really think I'm..." She suddenly turned her attention to the sound of a
familiar voice calling for her in the same direction as Carnage and Pixy Venom.

"Sasami, please come out. This isn't a good place to play in," Tenchi
cried out.

"Tenchi!" Pretty Samy couldn't conceal the shock of her brother strolling
casually into a war zone looking for her. Sasami grabbed Peter's hand. "Deal.
We gotta attack now or else..."

Spider-Man nodded his head. "I understand. I'll take on Carnage while
you, what's his name..."

"Ryo-ohki," replied Ryo-ohki.

"Ryo-ohki, and Ramia to take on Pixy Venom."

Ryo-ohki was taken back by Ramia's name being mentioned. "You're kidding.
She's the one that was trying to kill us."

"Yeah, but she's better off with us than with her flunkies. Ain't that
right Ramia?" Ramia nodded reluctantly.

Tenchi and Flash walked up a small hill inside the junkyard hoping to get
a better view of the place, despite Flash's objections. "I told you we shoulda
split up, Kawaii," Flash Thompson reprimanded.

"I know she's on this block," Tenchi said while climbing a mound of
transmission parts. When he got to the top, he started looking over the
junkyard underneath him. "Wait, Flash, I think I see something. It's a guy in
a red suit, and a little kid in bla..." A bolt of energy hit the base of the
trash heap; an avalanche of auto parts rumbling like rolling thurder sending
Tenchi crashing into the ground and burying Flash Thompson under the refuse.
Tenchi took off in the opposite direction from the energy bolt. Pixy Venom
teleported in front of him. "Not you again."

"That and more, mon ami," Pixy Venom taunted. Tenchi tried flanking Pixy
Venom, but he was cornered by Carnage.

Carnage licked his lips. "Now, your second lessons for today is don't
always try torturing all of your victims." Carnage sent a thread of his
symbiote and grabbed hold of Tenchi's leg and started dragging Tenchi to him.
Cletus Cassidy was holding Tenchi by his legs. "No, there's not enough time in
the world to torment all of your prey. And besides, he fainted." Sure enough,
Tenchi was hanging limp in Carnage's grip. The symbiote formed long claws on
Cassidy's hands while he ran his fingers over Tenchi's stomach. "So, you wanna
tear a nice clean cut at least a foot or more across and give'em a good

Pixy Venom tapped their finger on Carnage's shoulder. "Uh, Daddy, we got
to wait for the lesson 'cause company's coming." Just coming into sight were
Pretty Samy and Spider-Man.

Carnage threw his intended victim at Pretty Samy. Spider-Man dove between
them trying to catch Tenchi, but only managed to get the wind knocked out of him
when Tenchi hit him square in the chest. "Lesson three," mocked Carnage in his
best PBS nature show's narrator's voice, "the superhero has a tendency to do
really stupid s*#t when trying to save the life of an innocent."

Pretty Samy powered up her baton and sent several small bursts at Carnage
stunning for a second. Pretty Samy knew that some of opponents were too fast to
use her finishing move on and had to get in some 'jabs' on them, first. Samy
concentrated her magic in her baton. "PRETTY CROQ..." Pretty Samy's hand was
caught by Pixy Venom's symbiote and pinned to the ground. Pixy Venom snatched
Samy's baton, and Samy transformed back into Sasami.

Pixy Venom stared down at Sasami. "Do you think we can you safe from
Daddy if you try getting in our way?"

"That thing isn't your father, Misao."

"We are not Misao. We are Pixy Venom, and Carnage was more of a father to
us than Misao's."

"Stand back, hun," yelled Carnage. "Daddy's going to kill himself a
magical girl."

"Daddy, don't," pleaded Pixy Venom. "She's our friend."

"You respect your elders young lady or else..." Carnage shaped his
symbiote into a club. "Don't make Daddy discipline you in front of the

Pixy Venom tensed up; unable to turn on her best friend or abandon the
symbiote they were spawned from. Pixy Venom felt Pretty Samy yanked out of her
grip. Spider-Man jerked her out of the newborn symbiote's grip with his
webbing. Pixy Venom charged up her baton yelling, "Pixy Sexy Fire" nailing
Spider-Man in the gut with an energy blast. Spanks, pieces of costume, and
blood splattered off his chest. The blow sent Parker reeling a good twenty feet
before skidding into a pile of oil filters. Carnage and Pixy Venom waited for
Spider-Man to make his next move, but Spider-Man wasn't moving. Pixy Venom ran
in front of Carnage. "Do whatever you want with Spider-Man, but let Sasami

Sasami smiled at her friend. "I should have known Misao wouldn't betray

Pixy Venom smiled, sporting her rows of needlelike teeth. "Let her join
our family instead. Misao always wanted her for a sister, and we do too."

Sasami face faulted. "I think I rather she killed me."

Carnage stroked his chin. "I don't know, she hurt Daddy really badly,

"No, wait, let me join you instead." The voice came from above. It was
Rumiya. He landed in front of Carnage and Pixy Venom and took his humanoid

Carnage said, "Look kid. This isn't the 4-H. We don't let you join
because you feel like it."

"But let me prove to you I'm worth keeping."

"Daddy, ignore that little pest," Pixy Venom protested.

"No, Daddy wants to see this. This could be funny, and then we'll kill
him." Pixy Venom grinned devilishly upon hearing Carnage's words.

Rumiya choked back his tears. "Did I hurt you that bad, Misao, that you
want me dead?" Rumiya pressed his hands together and against his chest. "That
day on Titan I stood by and let my sister hurt you was the last time I'd ever
let you down, even if you hate me for the rest of your life." Then, Rumiya
provoked Ramia's sound spell.

Both symbiotes let out a wail. The pain was too much for them to bear.
It forced Carnage to his knees, but Pixy Venom was only partially affected.
Pixy Venom still seemed to be standing, barely. Rumiya clutched onto a piece of
the symbiote trying to pull it off of Misao. Pixy Venom didn't take kindly to
this though, and started hitting Rumiya in the face. "Why isn't it working?"
Rumiya thought. He knew that the symbiotes were vulnerable to loud noises, and
this should be able to force it to separate from its host, unless they were
completely bonded.

"No," Rumiya's mind shouted. "Misao can't be like this forever." Rumiya
tried thinking of another way to free Misao as she tried to bite and kick her
way free. Then, he remembered that other thing; the other weakness the
symbiotes had. He called up a fire spell and set the alien costume ablazed.
Rumiya managed to pull the symbiote off Misao. Both costume and Rumiya tumbled
down a bankment out of site of the rest...

"On the count of three, Sasami, pull. One, two, three pull." Sasami
pulled Flash Thompson out of the pile of rumble he was buried under while
Spider-Man held it up.

Flash shook Spider-Man's hand. "Spider-Man, thank heavens, you came. I
thought I was a goner."

"No problem, Flash."

"By the way, where's Tenchi."

"He's out back." Sasami winked at Spider-Man. "If we came a minute
later, Carnage would be taking a dirt nap by now."


"Your friend, Tenchi. He beat the ugly off him, and for Carnage, that's
saying a lot."

Flashed chuckled. "Your kidding right?"

Spider-Man shook his head. "Why would I lie about a thing like that? I
mean, look what he did to my costume. The quiet one are always the ones you
don't want to turn your back on."

"No way that little wimp is...there..."

"Hi, Flash." Tenchi said waving to Flash.

"Tenchi, good buddy." Not wanting to take chances, Flash took a couple of
steps back and putting on his best face, and occasionally looking back at the
gate behind him. "Look, I've been a little too hard on you, you being a
freshman and stuff. How about we order pizza at our dorm; my treat?"

"Sure." Tenchi turned to Sasami. "See, I told you Flash would come
around." Sasami smiled. "I wouldn't be grinning if I was you. You're in big
trouble. Now, come with us. I don't want you slipping off again." Tenchi
tapped Flash on the shoulder causing him to jump ten feet in the air. "Hey,
Flash, my mom'll going to probably send her to bed without anything to eat for
slipping off. Can you order extra for her, Misao, and Ryo-ohki?"

"Sure buddy. Anything you want." Flash wiped his sweaty forehead.

Sasami was happy to see that at least that overbearing jock stop picking
on her brother. But that was a small consolation prize for what was done to her
beloved Misao who was sitting on the black, smutty ground with her knees bent
and her forearms under her legs. "Misao," Sasami called out in the gentlest
voice she could muster stroking her friend long, black hair, "It's ok, Misao.
It's all over now. There's nothing to worry about."

"NO! IT ISN'T OK! NOTHING IS OK!" Misao screamed out to the top of
lungs; her head buried in her blouse now moist in tears. Sasami flinched back;
she was on the verge of breaking down in tears herself. "How can you say 'It's
ok'? After all that had happened to us for the last six months; the last hour?
Sasami," Misao looked up at her former friend, "I betrayed you, almost killed
you, and if it got any further, turned you into a monster. Nothing will be ok

Sasami placed her hand on the side her mouth yelling out, "Tenchi, could
you wait for us? This is going to take awhile..."

Under his mask, Spider-Man smiled to himself. "I'm glad that all worked
out. Carnage is going to be shipped back at Riker's Island as soon as the cops
come, and Samy isn't so bad."

"Things are far from working themselves out." Spider-Man knew all too
well who that was. Madam Webb appeared from behind the cheap theatrical fog (or
at least that was what Peter thought about it) that announced her arrival,
sitting in spider-like chair.

"Madam Webb, think you can give me a break for saving the day."

Madam Webb crumbled up her mouth as if she bit into something sour.
"You've saved nothing," she spat. "This part of my plan has yet to be fully

"What plan is that?"

"Bringing Pixy Misa to our side in a fight for the lives throughout the

"That's it. I thought it was serious."

Ramia stumbled out of the junkyard. She managed to slip out while Pixy
Venom and Carnage fought with Spider-Man and Pretty Samy. She then saw, leaning
against the fence surrounding the battlefield, beaten and bloodied, Rumiya.

"You wanted to kill Misao."

Ramia wanted to tell the little waste of flesh off but she wasn't in any
condition to get back home to Juraihelm and needed some help opening the portal.
"Rumiya, my little brother. You know that Misao and Misa are one in the same.
Deep down inside, that shy girl's a man-eater, and I couldn't let my little
brother be taken advantage of by that girl."

"But you could let us take the blame for trying to oust Tsunami from the
throne. By the way, where's our diary."

"How did you know?"

"When you told Carnage your plan to kill Misao, his symbiote already
reproduced and that symbiote was on Carnage when you told him to betray us. We
know everything, Ramia."

How could she have missed it? Rumiya referred to himself as we. Ramia
screamed as the symbiote engulfed itself around its new host.


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