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Song lyrics: "This Is The Last Time" by Keane.

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Worlds Apart

This is the last time
That I will say these words
I remember the first time
The first of many lies
Sweep it into the corner
Or hide it under the bed
Say, these things they go away
But they never do

Something I wasn't sure of
But I was in the middle of
Something I forget now
But I've seen too little of

The last time
You fall on me for anything you like
Your one last line
You fall on me for anything you like
And years make everything right
You fall on me for anything you like
And I, no I don't mind

She felt the tears rushing down her face in large currents, and quickly swiped them away, feeling ashamed at her own weakness. "I'm such a wimp…" Alearie thought bitterly to herself, burying hear face into her knees and hugging them to herself tightly.

She had just gotten into an irrelevant fight with her boyfriend again, the third one in a day, and things didn't seem to be getting any better. Alearie was starting to question her own sanity, wondering how in the world she could lose her temper over something as small as her boyfriend not having enough time for her.

Sure, she didn't exactly see him for more than an hour everyday…but he was busy, and rightly so. He had work all the time…or so that was what he told her. She had started to get suspicious when she found him hanging around a bar, drinking away to his heart's content, and slightly flirting with the attractive bartender.

Alearie wasn't one to hang around someone who cheated…it wasn't the way she was. Lately, however, she had found that she was lonely, she wanted somebody, even if that somebody was a liar and a scumbag. To know he was there was of an odd sense of comfort, to know that she at least belonged with someone.

She had never mentioned finding him at the bar, nor did she mention seeing the bartender (which she had realized was coming around to visit him a lot recently). Finally, she had gotten so tired of pretending that she seemed to fight with him about stupid things that would somehow turn into a full blown argument. Not that it really mattered to her, although right now she was crying her eyes out for being a stupid dependent person who was having relationship issues that included her not being able to let go.

But today was different, because for once, she did let go. She called it off, and for the most part, she seemed so nonchalant about it that she almost believed herself when she told him she never really cared. Sure, her feelings for him were almost as good as gone, but the sickening feeling of emptiness that met her surprised her.

It wasn't until two hours of walking alone on a pathway in a remote forest, getting lost, pricking herself on every single type of thorn possible by her own clumsiness, feeling miserable, and stumbling upon a beach she had never been to before, that the feeling overtook her body, causing her to cry herself into a painfully exhausted state.

Who knew there could be so many trees in one area? She could've sworn she passed by the same brush about twenty times in twenty minutes.

And why was her leg so itchy all of a sudden?

Red bumps started to form on Alearie's ankles, and she inspected the green, pointed-leaf plants under her. She scrutinized the mass of green for a couple minutes, still scratching, until her mind recollected something about them. Yes, she had definitely seen them before…she remembered some event that had happened to her when she was younger, but she couldn't quite remembered what exactly happened to her, that would cause her to remember the plant.

She inhaled noisily, attempting to remember what it could be, until she realized that the red bumps on her ankles were becoming more of a large red rash.

Alearie slapped her forehead in disbelief, groaning.

"Poison Ivy…" Alearie mumbled with disgust. Alearie had never been a nature person, except for a couple favorite flowers. She had been in a nature-type group when she was younger, but there was an incident that involved her to go outside and pitch a tent.

With her abounding amount of luck, the weather turned so horrid that, not only did she get lost because she read the moss on the back of a tree backwards, but she also got caught in a thunderstorm, erroneously put up the tent, causing it to fly into oblivion somewhere off the coast of Neverever land, and she caught a cold and had to stay in bed for a week.

It would be an understatement to say she had a few bad run-ins with nature.

Even more so, she was stuck on a beach, (although it was a very pretty beach, it was secluded) and she had absolutely no way of contacting anyone. How was she supposed to get home?

What the fuck was she thinking when she walked for miles and miles?

Not to mention, it was getting cold, creepy, and things were creaking around her. The three "c" words she hated the most.

What could possibly be worse, anyway?

Instantaneously after the thought crossed her mind, she fully regretted it. It was raining. No, not even raining; it was storming. Of course, that was luck for her.

The only thing that seemed to be calming her anxious was the ocean in front of her. Shimmering in the moonlight, it seemed to have an eerie, but heavenly effulgence about it that seemed to call her to it.

It was such a peculiar color…almost as if it was originally tinted silver, with a pink-ish luster.

The sand itself was nice, a pleasing, soft, light, beige color. It felt almost velvety as it ran through her fingers, (it would probably feel even more velvety if it wasn't storming, producing slight clumps in each handful of yellow she picked up) each grain very fine, which was bizarre, because the beach seemed to be untainted by shells, or…anything, for that matter.

Alearie sniffed, wiping away her long, ebony colored hair that matted to her face, shivering a bit, due to her drenched clothing, and walked over to the ocean water. As she approached, almost, as if on cue, the water began to illuminate in a peculiar way, with a sudden appearance of large, exotic orange-pink flowers floating to the surface, and a multitude of cyan-violet splashes of light erupting from the water.

It was a spectacular scene; the ocean creating its own splendor of fireworks, as soon, a whirlpool of orange-pink danced in a melody only known to the waters of blue-indigo that accompanied it.

Suddenly, in the midst of everything, a gathering of light emitted from the sky, and fireflies (or what they seemed to look like to Alearie) began to form together. Alearie stared in awe at their waltzing light, as they spun around, slowly creating a human figure, (which, if Alearie wasn't so curious, she would've gone into a full scream at this point) which materialized into a lady with compassionate eyes, after a burst of white light and ocean mist.

Her clothing…or…lack of clothing was very…odd, (according to Alearie) but ornate, and there was no doubt of her beauty. Her hair seemed like a refreshing mix of lavender, the sky, and silver mingled together. She had an elegance that was present to Alearie, and after many moments of gawking at her, Alearie inhaled softly, blinking at the spectacle.

"Who…are you?" Alearie asked slowly, deliberately whispering, afraid to break the comforting silence, and besides, her throat was aching from all her crying.

The woman turned around, giving Alearie a mysterious smile.

"Yunalesca." Her voice had a gentle ring to it…soft, but clearly defined and serene. With that, she slipped another mysterious smile, turned around, and was gone as the 'fireflies' dispersed, the sound reminding Alearie of murmuring leaves in a summer breeze.

She was brought back to reality when a strong gust of wind blew past her, nearly knocking her over from the brute force exerted. Alearie noticed something shining in the water near her, and hastily snatched it before the currents came again.

They were necklaces; both made from a silvery gleaming substance she couldn't identify. "Definitely not something from here." She concluded, eyeing them both with inquisitive interest.

One was shorter than the other, so she put the shorter one first. It had a single charm of something that looked like a dragon-like creature with large, feathery wings, and a circular halo on its back.

The other was a circular locket. From a first glance, it seemed more recent than the other necklace. On the cover was engraved a name that was too worn to be legible.

Inside were two clear pictures.

The first one picture was older, one of a little boy with an olive complexion, honey-colored eyes, and undeniably illustrious, white hair.

Alearie wanted to sigh at the young boy's sweet appearance, but then she noticed the more mature version of the little boy with the same features, but a more pensive, sagacious, and…did she trace a hint of melancholy in this picture? She could see a headband wrapped around his head, and the traces of a green-ish jacket.

Alearie slowly closed the locket, focusing her attention on the ground as she hooked it around her neck as well.

Alearie sighed. She had a feeling that she was supposed to find this enigmatic male, since he seemed to maintain an unknown significance. After all, why would his particular picture be there in a locket, in the same place that Yunalesca was previously?

Her mind was lost in an immense train of thoughts; therefore, she didn't comprehend the shadow falling upon her from an upcoming wave that was reaching great heights, gaining foot after foot above her, threatening to engulf and assimilate her.

This is the last time
That I will show my face
One last tender lie
And then I'm out of this place
So tread it into the carpet
Or hide it under the stairs
You say that some things never die
Well I tried, and I tried

Something I wasn't sure of
But I was in the middle of
Something I forget now
But I've seen too little of

The last time
You fall on me for anything you like
Your one last line
You fall on me for anything you like
And years make everything right
You fall on me for anything you like
And I, no I don't mind

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