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Worlds Apart: Chapter 10 A Night To Remember

Rapidly, the whole room fell silent, and the door swung open. All the Yevonite women parted to stand by the walls of the room, and Alearie peaked through her fingers and slowly brought down her hands. A young woman dressed in a kimono, decorated with a slight few Yevonite symbols rushed through, nodding to the women, and thoughtfully smiled to Alearie. Taking charge, she began ordering the other women to do this and that, pointing to various sections of the room, then came up to the coy Alearie, giving her a reassured smile. "Hello! I'm Beth!"

Walking behind her, she placed her hands on Alearie's shoulders, and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, we'll make you the fairest lady in the land!" Alearie chuckled, "That'll be pretty hard to do. By the way, I'm Alearie!" Beth nodded, pretending to have not heard the first part. She scooted Alearie to shower, but notified her not to wash her hair. Afterwards, Alearie came out in a white robe and Beth scooted her to a chair.

"Baralai really chose a good one." Beth turned around, gathering a light purple tube which looking like lip gloss. She applied a small bit to Alearie's lips. Making disapproving grunting noises, Beth turned back around, grabbing a clear tube and a napkin. Beth rubbed off the other lip gloss with the napkin and put on the other. Alearie was left blushing at that last comment, to embarrassed to say anything.

Beth nodded at Alearie's lips, examining them for a few seconds before rolling Alearie's chair over to the sink, where she washed, dried, and combed her hair until it seemed to be silky and smooth. Beth signaled another woman to apply light powder on Alearie's face, and another to start bringing in the dresses.

Beth gave an approving "cluck" noise and a sweet smile as she helped Alearie up from the chair. Alearie gasped as she felt her hair swing around her in one fluent motion. Grabbing a tuff of it, it almost felt like a bunch of soft feathers! Amazed, Alearie looked up as Beth prodded her with an elbow, pointing forward. Immediately, Alearie let go of her hair, her mouth forming a wide "O" as well as her eyes. She was frozen in time as she saw all the dresses in front of her.

"This has GOT to be a dream. This can't be real. I'm dreaming. I MUST be dreaming. Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, oh my." Making sure she was unnoticed, Alearie pinched her arm. "Ouch!" Okay, so maybe she wasn't dreaming after all. Closing her mouth and gulping, she stuttered to Beth all she could manage, "W-w-what?" giving a sharp point to the dresses. She could not wear that! Those dresses were made for angels, namely not her!

As if to read her mind, Beth just said, "Those dresses are made for angels!" pausing, she continued, "Perfect for you!" Alearie's mouth swung open again. She had GOT to be kidding! Beth just cocked her head, laughing, and closed Alearie's mouth while walking past her. Holding out her arms to dresses, she flipped around again, and to Alearie, seemed to have mustered up a TV-like commercial voice, "Which one?"

Baralai investigated all the rooms, storming into each one which a concerned look, only to be told that, "She's in the next room." After running around in circles, Baralai finally threw his arms up into the air. "I give UP!" he thought, and sighed. He wanted to at LEAST get a glimpse of her, to see if she was okay. He didn't know what she was thinking when she decided to face that fiend. All he knew was that he practically had a major panic attack seeing her sprawled on the ground unconscious.

Spotting Gippal, he had stopped pacing and hindered to wait as Gippal waved and jogged towards him. "Hey man! What's up? You look tense." Gippal patted Baralai on the back as Baralai swung his arms around, trying to breathe. "Ease down a bit…what's wrong?" Gippal continued.

"Ah, nothing, just a lot of things on my mind, it's a pretty busy night." Raising a brow, Gippal started to smirk, and faced Baralai, looking him straight in the eyes. "Yeah, right, whatever it is, don't worry about it, I'm sure everything will be fine. Anyway, I've gotta go. Cid's girl will have a fit if I'm any later."

Striding away, Gippal slowed after a few steps. "She'll be fine. Stop worrying your ass off, you wuss." With that said, Gippal continued on, as Baralai chuckled. "Same old Gippal," Baralai murmured quietly, then taking another deep breath, strolled to the ballroom.

It was magnificent. White sparkling curtains hanging across the balconies, and white roses hung in the center of each fold. The chandeliers glowed with a natural bright white-yellow from the white candles. Vines of the white flowers were wrapped around the marble staircases. The tables had an amber glow to them, and the walls also glowed a heavier amber. Lush green plants with stunning multi-colored flowers decorated some of the corners of the huge room.

On one side of the ballroom, the wall was a transparent glass that revealed the stars and full moon twinkling fantastically. The pastel green marble floors shone, and he marveled at how well they decorated. It was not completely finished, for the food tables were still be filled up and a large cake was coming his way.

It was a highly layered cake, all chocolate, decorated elegantly with frosting, but it looked like it was about to tip over from any slight disturbance. Lucky for him, he ducked, then caught it, making sure it was unharmed. Some waiters noticed the cake, and ran to him, saying a thanks over and over again to Baralai, who just grinned it off, waving his hand saying, "It was nothing."

After about an hour of waiting, everything was finally set up. Everyone came to greet Baralai, whose was seriously having a boring night. Standing around idly, he made small conversation and tried to ending it quickly, but politely. He was half listening to Gippal, who was talking about something, who knows what it was, and Baralai nodded every know and then, pretending to have understood.

Right then, he noticed a figure walk in. Very shyly, she clasped her hands together, looking around. She seemed like one of those perfect dolls. Getting a good look at her face, his mouth instantly opened in disbelief, and he immediately started to walk towards her. His mind was screaming, "WHAT!? She's supposed to be in BED! She's too weak to be here! What's she doing here! What if something happens?!" All these questions swarmed his mind as he was pushing his way through to get to her.

Gippal, finally realizing that Baralai was gone, looked at what Baralai was walking towards, then began to smirk, and eventually chuckled as the amusing scene played out. Baralai just gave Beth a look, who was also smirking and placing a hand on her hip, mouthing a, "Anything for a friend in major need of a girl," then turned away, walking out.

At first, Baralai gave her a blank, startled look, then he mouthed a "HEYY!!" to her back. He wasn't in major need of a girl! …Well, maybe he was if it was Alearie. He didn't know WHAT he'd do without her. Then he remembered the lady standing a few yards away from him, and cast a glance, or more like he began to stare at the dazzling maiden who spotted him.

Alearie had her hair up in a braided bun, with pale blue-white flowers in a circle around it while her bangs rested innocently over her forehead in an almost unruly fashion. She wore a long pale blue dress, the top was spaghetti strapped, and a thick pale blue silk bow was tied around the waist, and in the back, hung the large bow, its ends curving like a butterfly's, trailing to the floor.

Her shoes were also the same pale blue (Beth REALLY likes to match everything) and were high heels. It closed over the toes, but the rest was open. They were lace up shoes, lacing up over her feet once, and lacing up three times up her legs to her shins.

The skirt was not thick and puffy, but flowed, and was the pale blue cloth, not thick, but like the top, and a very thin pale blue silk was sewn over it. From the elbows to her wrists, see-through netted pale blue arm warmers hugged her arms. Baralai took it all in and could only stare, then looked back up as she smiled brightly at him, her lips shining from the lip gloss.

Alearie immediately locked eyes with Baralai, clearly seeing the shock written all over his face. Then, shouted his name, while running towards him, ignoring the bewildered and strange glances she was getting from guests around her. She was causing quite a stir as she fell into his awaiting arms.

So I'm a little left of center
I'm a little out of tune
Some say I'm paranormal
So I just bend their spoon

Hugging him tightly, she heard him start to laugh, but then whispered, "You should be in bed." Her smile turned into a disappointed look, and she began to pout, giving him puppy-dog eyes. Baralai laughed again. "I'm kidding," he reassured her, and Alearie continued to glomp him. "Good, 'cause I wouldn't have left anyway, whether you would've liked it or not. You're stuck with me!"

Who wants to be ordinary
In a crazy, mixed-up world
I don't care what they're saying
As long as I'm your girl

Hey, you are on my side
And they, they just roll their eyes

At this, Baralai looked down at Alearie, who was staying entertained by tugging on the strings on his clothing. "I am, am I? Well, it looks like there's no other thing to do then to dance, since you're stuck with me." Smiling boldly, Baralai offered his arm, while Alearie looked up into his clear chocolate eyes, which were now sparkling. Entranced, all she could do was sheepishly look up at him.

You get me
When nobody understands
You come and take the chance, baby

You get me
You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find
And still you want me all the time
Yeah, you do
Yeah, you get me

Regaining composure, Alearie smirked at him. "Sneaky," Alearie replied, putting her hands on her hips. Taking her arm in his, he poked her side, where she "eeped" loudly and jumped, then quickly looked up at Baralai, who pretended he didn't do anything. Alearie looked away, and Baralai, not able to contain his mirth, started to burst out laughing.

Blushing madly, Alearie pouted and kicked Baralai in the shins. From this unexpected counter, Baralai hollered a loud "Ouch" and winced, making Alearie giggle to no end, leading to Baralai poking Alearie some more for revenge, who tried to prevent the poking, but that just lead to more, receiving fits of laughter from both Baralai and Alearie.

It was quite a funny scene to see, Baralai poking Alearie, would was trying to block him and kick at the same time, making Baralai laugh when she missed. "Awww, look, they're flirting, how cute!" Rikku tugged on Gippal's arm, pointing out the scene. "Darnit! Should've brought a recording sphere. Nooj would've LOVED this. You don't get to see the praetor attempt to flirt like this everyday." Gippal snapped his fingers in disappointment, and Rikku rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "Gippal…." she said, aggravated. "What?" Gippal put up his arms to match his question. "It's TRUE," he continued.

So what if I see the sunshine
In the pouring rain
Some people think I'm crazy
But you say it's okay

They passed by others who were already dancing, and got near the middle of the ballroom floor. Getting into position, Baralai put an arm around Alearie's backside, and the other held her hand. Alearie looked at the hand that was holding hers, and moved it to her backside, moving both of her hands around his neck. Looking up at Baralai, she explained, "I like this better," smiling mischievously at him, while he blushed, nodded swiftly, and looked to away, causing Alearie to laugh even more at his cute bashfulness.

You've seen my secret garden
Where all of my flowers grow
In my imagination
Anything goes

I, I am all you want
They, they just read me wrong

This seemed too much like a movie, or a story, it just was almost too good to be real. Alearie felt like she was dancing in air, in the arms of her knight, or prince. It was reminding her a lot of Cinderella, or a faerie tale like that. She didn't want it to be too much like a faerie tale, because faerie tales just didn't have enough spice in them, not enough and suspense. Closing her eyes, she let herself be swept off her feet, in both ways, by Baralai. She could get lost pretty much just get lost staring into his eyes, or stay in his warm arms forever.

You get me
When nobody understands
You come and hold my hand, baby
You get me

The quick and lively songs had evaporated into the night air, as the last few slow songs were playing to end the dance. Alearie rested her head on Baralai's chest, feeling the beat of his heart sound softly in her ear. They swayed like this for a couple of minutes, and when the song ended, a shooting star flew across the night sky.

You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find
Still you want me all the time
Yeah, you do
'Cause you get me

Hey, you are on my side
They, they just roll their eyes
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Alearie raced out the double doors of the ballroom, to a large balcony outside, pulling Baralai with her. Alert, Alearie pulled away from Baralai and closed her eyes, making a wish to the quickly fading star. Baralai observed her silently for a few seconds, then went over and wrapped his arms around her neck, resting his head on hers.

'Cause you get me
When nobody understands
You come and take the chance, baby
You get me
When none of the pieces fit
You make sense of it

He felt her smile into him, as she reacted and brought her hands up and laced her fingers into his. This moment of peace couldn't last, however. The crowd yelled, "Praetor Baralai!" from inside, and a speech was beginning. Baralai reluctantly pulled away, rolling his eyes and groaning in defeat, holding a hand up to his head in a position like he was suffering from a migraine. Alearie just stood there laughing at the whole thing, practically falling over when she saw how irritated Baralai looked from the interruption.

You get me
You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find
And still I want you all the time
Yeah, I do
'Cause you get me
Yeah, oh, yeah, oh

Baralai looked up at her in disbelief, raising an eye brow, then started laughing himself at her laughing. They were one weird couple! "C'mon, might as well, " motioning to the doors with his head, Baralai ran over and held a door open for her, who picked up her skirt and ran through, nodded in agreement to him.

In the ballroom, hundreds of people cheered, the cacophony of loud whistles and clapping could probably be heard from miles away! Baralai took a way up the stairs to the center balcony while Alearie waited patiently right below, watching his every movement.

Reaching the top, a man as tall as Baralai bowed respectfully, then whispered something in Baralai's ear, who just looked at him and nodded. "I wonder what that was about…" Alearie couldn't help but wonder, then the man turned, catching eye contact with Alearie, who was staring straight up at him.

Alearie gazed into bright, clear, icy blue. The man smiled gently, but his eyes were cold and unfeeling, but had a small hint of sadness, very distinct from his raven hair. She almost was sure that she saw traces of some scars or something near his forehead, but it was covered up by his jagged bangs.

Alearie thought it odd, he wasn't wearing Yevonite clothing. He seemed pretty important, like maybe a high priest or something. Instead, he wore a olive green shirt set off with very dark navy pants. Remembering her manners, Alearie gasped softly and looked away, averting her eyes. That man sure did seem familiar. She had an uneasy feeling that something was going on.

Baralai's voice broke through the loud audience, and everything fell silent as he spoke. Alearie wasn't paying attention. She was deep in thought, and her mind was racing through vague pictures and details. She was absolutely sure she had seen that man somewhere, but her mind was closing its doors faster than she could run to unlock them.

Before she knew it, loud clapping broke through, and Baralai announced a "thank you" before turning to walk down the steps, then the man grabbed Baralai's arm again, whispering something, like a reminder, whereas Baralai spoke a few words to him, and they both nodded. The man released Baralai, who walked down the steps to Alearie. The crowd was leaving in huge swarms, and the huge ballroom was soon only occupied by Alearie, Baralai, the man, and a few guards.

"Good evening, I am Apollumi," introducing himself, he bowed deeply. Straightening up, he shook Baralai's hand firmly, then took Alearie's hand, lingering slightly longer, his eyes flashing with a certain intensity that made a chill run down Alearie's spine. "I'm sorry, but, I need to talk to Baralai in private," Apollumi never let his gaze falter from Alearie. "Uh, of course" Alearie backed away, not daring to look back at Apollumi, then gave Baralai a sweet smile and walked outside back to the double doors.

Once outside, Alearie crouched, listening through the door. At first, all talk was normal, then she heard a loud "Thunk" and some shouts. She heard Apollumi's voice, then the sound of many feet shuffling, then Baralai groan in pain. Alearie's eyes widened as she shoved the door open.

Baralai was sprawled on the ground, his face being pressed to the ground by on of the guard's hands. Another came up, and Baralai took them all by surprise by using a great amount of force and decking the first guard and turning fully, giving the second guard a good punch that sent him flying. Giving a quick turn, Baralai elbowed another guard, struggling. Alearie could believe this. Running in, she avoided the guards' attempts to grab her, and instead, they were rewarded by hard kicks.

Baralai fought off the guards on the right side, punching as hard as he could, while cursing under his breath for not bringing his weapon this time around. By this time, Baralai's overcoat was torn in tiny strips on the ground, resulting in him wearing a white muscle shirt. His face was covered in cuts and bruises.

Alearie was dodging blows on the left side, kicking the right places, her dress torn in other pieces. A few guards all came at her, and she grabbed a stone heavy vase. When the guards were only seconds away from her, running at full force, she threw the vase up and ducked and rolled away as the guards bumped into each other and the hard vase, causing them unconsciousness.

Fighting them off, many of the guards were soon on the ground, yelping in pain. Alearie breathed deeply, then saw a shadow appear behind Baralai. It was Apollumi. "Baralai!" Alearie yelled, just in time for Baralai to duck out of the way and kick him to the ground, but then Alearie was picked up by a guard who was grinning maliciously behind her, and she was thrown to the opposite wall in full force. Her head connected to the wall with a sickening "thud" and she started to slide down the wall to the floor.

Reaching a hand up to the back of her head, she felt liquid pouring and brought her hand back down. She looked down and was disgusted to see crimson red oozing in her hands, dripping all over the floor and tainting her dress. All she could make was a low moan, hardly audible, the pain was so excruciating. Her head started to spin, the room was starting to fade as well as her vision. Everything became blurry and she blacked out.

Baralai heard the "thud" and turned to the sound. "Alearie" he shouted, then started to run to her, only to be held back by guards. He flung them all off him, but then Apollumi appeared beside her, scooping her up, and faced him, smirking. "Hold him" he commanded, and Baralai was held back by the guards again, with a stronger force. Baralai began to struggle, and yelled a, "Let her GO! Leave her out of this!"

"I don't think so…" Apollumi chuckled, reaching into his back pocket where a weapon glistened. Baralai struggled even more, and Apollumi inspected the knife for a painstaking few minutes, then held it up to Alearie's throat and gave a tiny cut. A tiny pool of blood dripped from Alearie's neck. "Stop, or you know what will happen next," he commanded to Baralai, who immediately ceased and glared at Apollumi with hate.

"Why are you doing this?" Baralai whispered with a silent fury. "You'll find out soon enough. Take him away," Apollumi grinned maliciously and watched as the guards brought Baralai away. Baralai watched Apollumi with disgusted fury and hate as he was reluctantly brought away. Apollumi waited until Baralai was completely out of site before repeating "You'll find out soon enough…cousin."

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